Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 76

Cheng Lan spoke to him about serious matters because he had talked to her a couple of days ago, saying that he only suffered some minor injuries to his back and it wasn’t a big problem.

Now he can wear clothes again, except for a slight weakness due to the previous blood loss, and he believes that in another two or three days, he will be able to run and jump normally. So, he privately mentioned two things to Cheng Lan.

First, he wanted to invite the fans who helped him fend off the kidnappers at the hospital to have a meal with him personally. Second, he wanted Cheng Lan to find him a relatively easier job.

The drama “Boundless Frost and Snow” has already filmed most of its scenes, with only a few remaining. However, because it is a light fantasy martial arts drama, about five or six scenes out of ten involve fighting or wire stunts. In addition, the costumes are heavy, and considering Lian Qing’s current physical condition, he is unable to continue filming the remaining scenes.

DIrector Li and the others have already discussed this with him and Cheng Lan, agreeing to resume filming once his injuries have fully healed. However, these injuries take more than a month to fully heal. During such a long period of time, Lian Qing cannot just sit idle in the hospital or at home, doing nothing.

After all, he still receives a basic salary from Sister Sha’s studio. It’s not right to just take the money without doing any work! Moreover, he wants to earn more money. First, his youngest child will start kindergarten next year, and he heard that kindergartens are quite expensive nowadays. Second, now that he has a wife, even though his wife seems to be wealthy, it doesn’t conflict with his desire to earn money to support the family. Both of their apartments are single units, especially Lian Qing’s, which was assigned by the company and doesn’t belong to him.

After confirming his relationship with Yu Wenning, Lian Qing started thinking about buying a three-bedroom apartment, which is quite important. He and Yu Wenning will have one room each, and their Shifu, who is his teacher, should also have a room.

So, he approached Cheng Lan and asked her to arrange some work for him.

At that time, he spent a lot of effort and had to convince her with his words. Finally, she has given him a response.

“I have contacted all the fans, and two of them are unable to come, but the other five said they can. I have already arranged round-trip tickets for them, and I have also asked them. One of them can only come and go on the same day, while the other four expressed their desire to explore our city for two days. Regarding this, I have already booked hotels for them. Now, let’s talk about the food. I have arranged for you to have lunch the day after tomorrow near the hospital, and I will accompany you.”

The arrangement seems reasonable, but there is one thing Lian Qing asked, “What about the fan who can’t come? We can’t just ignore her, right?”

Cheng Lan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I asked her, and she said as long as you give her a signed photo, it’s enough. But I plan to customize a thermos and other small gifts for her and send them together.”

Lian Qing finally relaxed and said, “Thank you, Sister Cheng.”

“It’s not troublesome at all. It’s within my scope of work,” Cheng Lan paused and continued, “Also, regarding work, I’m currently negotiating a variety show for you. If everything goes well, you will be able to participate in the recording next week. But if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay, I’ll find other jobs for you. However, considering your current physical condition, it will probably be short-term and less demanding variety shows…”

Lian Qing didn’t mind at all. As long as Cheng Lan arranges work for him, it’s good enough.

Cheng Lan then asked, “By the way, Mr. Yu doesn’t oppose you going back to work so soon? The matters with his group haven’t been completely resolved yet, although the Shifumind has been captured, there may still be other people…”

Lian Qing hesitated for a while before saying, “I haven’t told him yet. He has been busy these days.”

Cheng Lan replied, “…You’d better talk to him about it. I don’t think he would let you go out to work with your injuries.”

“It shouldn’t be a big deal…” Lian Qing said uncertainly.

Yu Wenning has been busy these days, and he wasn’t present when Lian Qing discussed these matters with Cheng Lan. Even now, he wasn’t at the hospital. He had left to handle some matters after they finished watching a program in the evening.

Cheng Lan rolled her eyes over the phone and said, “I hope so. Anyway, I don’t want him to think that I’m forcing you to work while injured. Mr. Yu isn’t as lenient with outsiders like us as he is with you.”

Helplessly, Lian Qing almost swore to the heavens, “Don’t worry, sis. I’ll take care of everything!”

After finishing their conversation and hanging up the phone, Lian Qing sighed with some distress. He had a feeling that Yu Wenning wouldn’t easily let him go out to work. What should he do?

“Shixiong, are you going to work again?” Xiao San’er raised his head from his pile of toys, looking puzzled and worried.

Lian Qing forced a smile and said, “Not for now.”

The little one nodded and said, “Shixiong, don’t always think about work. Take good care of your health.”

The earnest expression of the little adult successfully lifted Lian Qing’s mood. He couldn’t help but smile and say, “You’re mature beyond your years!”

The little one chuckled and continued playing with his toys, lowering his head.

Later in the evening, Yu Wenning came back, and Lian Qing tentatively asked, “How about we go out for a meal together?”

Yu Wenning poured him a glass of warm water and said frankly, “Not a good idea. Your injuries are so severe that you can’t even be touched. Do you still want to leave the hospital?”

“No, no, I was just suggesting.” Seeing that Yu Wenning seemed a little displeased, Lian Qing quickly changed the subject and said, “Do you usually use Weibo? Let me tell you, you’re trending.”

Trending? Yu Wenning has been busy recently and hasn’t had time to pay attention to this aspect. He asked in confusion, “Shouldn’t it be you trending instead?” As an ordinary person, why would he trend?

“They haven’t lifted the ban on my Weibo yet, so my name can’t make it to the trending list. But you, appearing on a variety show, made it to the trending list. I guess I’m riding on your popularity this time…”

As he spoke, Lian Qing couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He never expected that one day, as a celebrity himself, he would actually ride on the popularity of his own lover. When he saw the trending topic #Yu Wenning taking care of the child#, he clicked on it and couldn’t stop laughing while scrolling through the screenshots and comments from netizens.

Impulsively, he posted a tweet with that topic: “[#Yu Wenning taking care of the child# Riding on the popularity, hehe~ Didn’t expect you to be such a dominant CEO!]”

Naturally, the replies were filled with laughter. Some people were puzzled why Lian Qing’s topic was more popular and why it didn’t make it to the trending list. Lian Qing didn’t reply to this question. Did he have to tell the netizens that his brother, Comrade Yu Wenning, paid to buy out all his related trending topics?

Speaking of this, Yu Wenning suddenly remembered and said, “At that time, it was to prevent some people in my company from targeting you. We deliberately didn’t let your related information appear on those social media search rankings. But now, I’ve dealt with those people almost entirely, and you…”

“No rush, no rush,” Lian Qing waved his hand. “Cheng Jie said it’s better to continue the ban, so that those random people won’t bother me.”

Cheng Lan’s consideration was that Lian Qing had been in several accidents recently. If his Weibo ban was lifted, he might dominate the trending lists every few days. At that time, some random people would start calling him annoying, and certain celebrities or fans would complain that he was blocking their way.

As he thought about how his lover hadn’t had any recent works, Lian Qing knew something was off as soon as he heard Yu Wenning’s suggestion. He glanced at Yu Wenning and said, “What? You want me to quit?”

Yu Wenning nodded. “Yes, I want you to quit.”

“If I don’t work as a celebrity, what will I eat? How will I support my family?” Lian Qing pouted. “Don’t say you’ll support me or anything like that. As a responsible man, it’s my duty to earn money and support my family. Besides, I still have to set an example for my shidi.”

Yu Wenning remained silent. He silently swallowed the words “I’ll support you” and digested them within himself. He should have known that Lian Qing was always independent and had his own thoughts.

He softly said, “As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

Lian Qing smiled warmly at him, then lowered his head to look at his phone. It was almost time for his daily video call with their Shifu, so he called for Xiao San’er.

Yu Wenning skillfully helped him take off the hospital gown and draped a coat over him. He took out a folded backdrop from under the bed and set it up behind Lian Qing.

The video call connected quickly, and the two little monks obediently called out to the elderly person on the screen, “Shifu~~”

The elderly Shifu happily waved his hand. “Good disciples, why are you still on the set?”

Lian Qing replied without changing his expression, “No choice, filming takes time. It’s not over that quickly.”

“It’s so tiring… Ah, why is your complexion pale these days? Your lips lack color? And Xiao San’er, why isn’t he wearing a hat? He might catch a cold with his head exposed…”

Lian Qing continued to lie, “I’m wearing makeup. Xiao San’er just took off his hat. Maybe his long hair was itchy, so he asked me to scratch his scalp…”

The Shifu and his disciples chatted via video for a while before ending the call. Yu Wenning diligently folded and put away the backdrop behind them, tucking it under the bed.

After completing these tasks skillfully, he helped Lian Qing take off the coat, made sure he was lying comfortably, and covered him with a light blanket. He gently placed a kiss on his forehead and whispered, “Goodnight.”

Lian Qing held his right hand and kissed the back of it, his eyes shining with affection. He sweetly said, “Goodnight.”

Just as they finished speaking, a little bald head suddenly appeared between them. Lian Qing affectionately kissed the forehead of the little one who came closer and softly said, “Goodnight, Xiao San’er.”

The little one touched his own head and smiled, his eyes curving. “Goodnight, Shixiong.”

Then he climbed onto the adjacent bed where the caregiver was and patted the spot next to him. “Yu Gege, come here quickly.”

Yu Wenning and Lian Qing shared a smile, walked over, and lay down, allowing the little monk to snuggle into Yu Wenning’s embrace.

The little one sighed contentedly. “It’s so warm.”

Lian Qing looked at them longingly, feeling a bit envious. He also wanted to sleep huddled together with his big brother. His big brother’s body temperature was slightly higher, so it must be very comfortable to sleep close to him in this weather…

At this moment, Lian Qing couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of his Shidi. After all, his big brother was supposed to be his wife…

Two days later, early in the morning, Yu Wenning sent him a message saying that he had a social engagement at noon and couldn’t come back to have lunch with them.

Lian Qing happily thought, what a coincidence, he was just wondering how to tell his big brother about lunch!

So he didn’t mention to Yu Wenning that he was going out to treat fans to a meal. He let Chen Qi and Cheng Lan, who had come early in the morning, help him and Xiao San’er get ready, and then they set off.

Originally, Lian Qing didn’t plan to take the little one out to meet the fans, but the little one was probably frightened by his recent injury and refused to leave his side.

Lian Qing thought it was fine. With Cheng Lan and Chen Qi taking care of him, and the little one being well-behaved, he could bring him along.

Cheng Lan had arranged for them to go to the best hotel near the hospital. When the party of four plus a driver arrived at the private room, they saw several fans already seated inside, arranged by Lian Qing’s assistant.

Seeing their idol up close and personal, the fans seemed a bit excited. However, everyone remained composed, considering Lian Qing’s injury, and didn’t dare to get too close to him.

The fans warmly inquired about Lian Qing’s health and brought out small gifts for him and Xiao San’er. Lian Qing looked at the little dolls and neck pillows, then glanced at Cheng Lan. Seeing that she didn’t object, he accepted them. Cheng Lan had mentioned before that as a celebrity, he shouldn’t casually accept gifts from fans, especially valuable ones or anything edible.

But these fans were special. Faced with their expectant expressions, Lian Qing found it difficult to refuse. Fortunately, the gifts were not expensive, or else he would have been in a dilemma.

Lian Qing first sincerely thanked them, then chatted and laughed with them, eating and drinking together, occasionally taking photos with them.

After everyone had a great time, Lian Qing’s assistant sent the fans back first, and then Lian Qing and Cheng Lan prepared to leave.

However, as soon as they stepped out of the private room, Lian Qing caught sight of a familiar figure from the corner of his eye, followed by another graceful figure.

Lian Qing narrowed his eyes and turned his head, covering his stomach. He said, “Sis, please wait for a moment. I need to use the restroom.”

Ignoring Cheng Lan’s words from behind that the private room had a restroom, he quickly caught up with the two figures that had already disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Cheng Lan held the puzzled little monk and said, “Your Shixiong seems to have recovered quite well, but with that anxious look, someone who doesn’t know might think he’s going to catch a lover!”

The confused little monk, still holding tightly onto his small dinosaur plushie, asked, “What’s catching an adulterer?”

Cheng Lan said, “Ah… you misheard. I said catching fowls.”

“Catching fowls? Is Shixiong going to catch chickens for me to eat?” The little monk’s eyes lit up with excitement and anticipation.


The little one immediately got excited and started counting on his fingers. “A chicken has two legs, so one leg for me and one leg for Shixiong… Then Yu Gege won’t have any. No, sister, put me down. I want to ask Shixiong to catch two…”

Cheng Lan: “……….”


Cheng Lan says Jian – have an affair, and the second time Ji – fowl.

Good thing kids are easy to fool haha.


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