Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 90

Before disciplining the mischievous child, the first priority should be ensuring the child’s safety.

So, Yu Wenning reluctantly got up first, walked over to the little guy who was only wearing pajamas and barefoot, and tucked him into his excessively large coat.

At first, the little one struggled a bit, but then he might have realized something, coupled with his Shixiong appearing calm, so in the end, he obediently settled down.

Yu Wenning was somewhat surprised by his docility and asked softly, “Why? Aren’t you afraid that this homewrecker will take you away and sell you?”

The little one nestled in his warm embrace, only showing a small face. As he reached out to touch Yu Wenning’s mask, he said, “Shixiong isn’t worried at all, so you must not be a bad person. Homewrecker Uncle, your voice sounds so familiar, and you smell the same as Shixiong and me…”

After removing the mask, he was momentarily stunned but then excitedly grinned, “Yu Gege!” So, the homewrecker uncle is Yu Gege!

Yu Wenning smiled lightly, gently pressing the little hand back into his coat and said, “We use the same shower gel, so the scent is the same.”

Ever since that night when Lian Qing stayed at Yu Wenning’s house and took a shower, he had become particularly fond of their shower gel. Later on, Yu Wenning naturally took charge of the shower gel at Lian Qing’s house. Even on this business trip, Lian Qing didn’t forget to bring a small bottle of it.

Yu Wenning liked using the same products as him, so even on this rushed trip, he made sure to bring the same shower gel.

He continued, “From now on, don’t casually use the term ‘homewrecker,’ it’s not a nice word.”

“Okay,” the little one replied softly, then happily tapped his bald head against Yu Wenning’s chin. Finally, he looked at his Shixiong.

His Shixiong, Lian Qing, was shamelessly burying his face and devouring the chocolate. When he came out just now, he clearly only took a small bite, but now, there was only half left!

Little Monk Lian felt wronged, “Shixiong, you’re eating it right in front of me!”

Only then did Lian Qing spare a moment to look up at him, thought for a moment, turned around to face away from him, and couldn’t help saying, “Alright, I’m not eating it in front of you anymore.”

Little Monk Lian: “Ying!” He buried himself in his Yu Gege’s embrace, feeling aggrieved.

Yu Wenning chuckled and lovingly patted his back, reminding him, “You’ve already eaten quite a bit of chocolate today, so let’s leave this piece for your Shixiong, alright? It’s not good for little children to eat too much chocolate.”

But the little one misunderstood, pitifully facing his shixiong’s back, he said, “I used my New Year’s money to buy that chocolate, and I was going to give it back to you. Shixiong, can you share a little with me?”

Lian Qing cruelly said, “Dream on! When you were eating my chocolate, why didn’t you think of leaving me a piece?”

Blaming the irresistibly delicious chocolate, the little one looked up at Yu Wenning with a dejected expression.

Yu Wenning leaned close to his ear and whispered, suggesting a clear path for him, “Throw a tantrum.”

At first, the little one looked puzzled, but then his eyes lit up. He cleared his throat and, in a cutesy voice, pleaded with his Shixiong, “Shixiong~~ please, just eat a little bit~”

Lian Qing, who was instantly covered in goosebumps, remained speechless.

He finally understood how his Shifu felt when he heard his sweet confession—definitely not pleasantly surprised!

In the end, Lian Qing softened and broke off a small piece for him.

That night, Lian Qing didn’t let Yu Wenning leave. He insisted that they all squeeze together on the bed. After all, tomorrow would be the end of the recording, and everyone would be going back to their respective homes. There was no need to worry about the staff suddenly rushing over for a live broadcast.

That night, the family of three slept soundly. The next day, when someone knocked on the door, Lian Qing groggily got up and went to open it, only to find that it was his assistant calling him, asking him to get ready to go to the airport.

It was then that he realized they had slept until noon. The other buddies in the villa had already left and rushed off to other schedules.

The assistant even said, “Everyone wanted to say goodbye to you, but Mr. Cai was afraid you hadn’t woken up yet, so they left a message saying they’ll see you next time in China.”

The next episode of the show was planned to be filmed in China, but the specific location and time had not been finalized. With their popularity, if they were to film in China, it probably wouldn’t be just a simple vacation, as there were too many people who knew them in the country, and they wouldn’t be able to quietly enjoy their trip.

That was also one of the reasons why some celebrity travel shows chose to film in foreign countries.

Lian Qing nodded and asked, “What about Cai Tou?”

“Mr. Cai left earlier as well. His flight was scheduled earlier than ours.”

“Oh…” Lian Qing felt a little disappointed. Fortunately, they already had each other’s contact information, so they wouldn’t lose touch. He quickly adjusted his mood.

The show’s staff had also left, so now only their family of three and the assistant remained in the villa. After finishing the breakfast left for them, Lian Qing and his group went to the airport to return home.

Originally, Lian Qing had booked an economy class ticket, but Yu Wenning directly upgraded it to first class, just so they could sit together. As for the assistant, being a single dog, it was only natural for him to be cruelly abandoned in the economy class.

They arrived back in China after more than ten hours. It was already past 9 PM, and when they arrived home, it was already 11 PM.

Just as he arrived home, Lian Qing sent a WeChat message to his Shifu, informing him that he had returned to China and was now at home. Before long, his Shifu called him.

“Shifu, no rush, you can come over tomorrow at your own pace. Or you can tell me where you are, and I’ll bring Xiaosan over to your place tomorrow.”

“You come over? Just arrived back in the country and still running around with injuries. Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Ever since his Shifu found out that his beloved disciple had concealed his injuries and continued to work despite being hurt, he hadn’t been in a good state. These past few days, his words were filled with resentment, occasionally taking it out on Lian Qing. However, beneath those resentful words, there was a profound sense of care that couldn’t be ignored.

Lian Qing hurriedly stroked his fur. “Alright, alright, I won’t run anymore. Shifu, I’ll be waiting for you at home and won’t go anywhere.”

“That’s better.” After grumbling, the old man added, “I’ll be there tomorrow. Don’t go anywhere, and ah! Don’t take on any more work. Wait until I get there to make sure your injury isn’t serious before discussing other matters.”

Without personally checking on him, the Shifu couldn’t rest assured no matter what.

Lian Qing naturally couldn’t refuse and repeatedly agreed.

“What time will you rest?”

Lian Qing glanced at the clock and honestly replied, “I still need to take a shower and have a late-night snack. It should be past midnight before I can sleep.”

“So late…”

“I can’t sleep on an empty stomach, Shifu,” Lian Qing explained. “Besides, I don’t have anything to do tomorrow, so I can sleep in.”

The Shifu seemed lost in thought for a while before finally saying, “Then go ahead and take care of what you need to do. Try to rest early.”

“Alright, goodnight, Shifu.” After finishing the conversation, Lian Qing hung up the phone.

Coincidentally, Yu Wenning had already finished bathing Xiaosan and brought him out. He quickly turned on the room heater and took care of the child catching a chill.

Later, Yu Wenning took a shower as well and realized that his clothes were still in the neighboring house. He forgot to bring them over. He remained calm and wrapped a large towel around his lower body before coming out.

“Where are your clothes?”

“Forgot to bring them,” Yu Wenning said as he towel-dried his hair, too lazy to go to the neighboring house himself. He continued, “Just find me a pair of underwear, no need for a top.”

Lian Qing nodded and since the room was warm, the two young men could manage without a top. He went into the room and took out a brand-new, unopened, discounted four-cornered underwear he had bought on his last visit to the mall. He gave it to Yu Wenning, then proceeded to take his own shower.

When he came out with a warm towel, intending to ask Yu Wenning to help him dry his back, he saw Yu Wenning cooking noodles in the kitchen. Little Lian, wearing frog-printed pajamas, stood on tiptoe, leaning against the marble countertop, asking him, “Yu Gege, why does your butt have a heart shape on it? Mine only has a little frog, and Shixiong’s doesn’t have any pattern. Why does yours have a big heart?”

“…” Yu Wenning sighed helplessly. “Ask your Shixiong. He bought it. I really don’t know.”

At that moment, Lian Qing, who had been mentioned, had already walked past the marble countertop and caught sight of Yu Wenning’s lower body. He was wearing a short four-cornered underwear, and on the back, there was a large heart shape.

Lian Qing: “Pff… Hahaha…”

One hand pointing at Yu Wenning’s butt, Lian Qing laughed so hard that he couldn’t stop. When he bought it initially, he only briefly looked at the front, which was plain black. He felt the material and thought it was good, so he asked the shopkeeper for two pairs to keep at home. Unexpectedly, the back of these underwear had such a big heart shape that almost covered half of Yu Wenning’s butt.

“No wonder it was on sale… Ahahaha…” Lian Qing laughed so hard that he squatted on the ground, one hand holding his stomach, and the other hand pounding the floor.

Yu Wenning was speechless and on the verge of tears. Whose fault was this? Did he, as a grown man, want something like this?!

When Lian Qing finally managed to stop laughing, Yu Wenning had already served three bowls of noodles on the dining table. He waved at Lian Qing, took the lukewarm towel from his hand, dipped it in hot water again, and came out. He gently wiped Lian Qing’s back.

“Seems like it’s healing quite well. We’ll go to the hospital tomorrow for a check-up,” he said while applying medicine to Lian Qing’s wound and bandaging it to prevent the ointment from staining the sheets.

“Tomorrow won’t work, my Shifu is coming,” Lian Qing said, occasionally glancing at Yu Wenning’s lower body and unable to hold back his laughter.

Yu Wenning slapped his arm lightly and said, “How come I remember that when we were tidying up the room together, there were two identical underwear packages?”

Lian Qing’s gaze became evasive in an instant. “There were? Are you mistaken? Who would buy the exact same thing? It’s not like it’s buy one, get one free.”

Yu Wenning suspiciously stared at him, and suddenly, he bent down and lifted Lian Qing onto his shoulder, walking towards the bedroom.

“What are you doing, put me down, Big Brother…” Lian Qing protested.

Yu Wenning lightly patted his butt and said, “Behave yourself, don’t fall.”

“Yu Gege, why are you carrying Shixiong?” Little Lian asked curiously as he followed along.

Lian Qing hurriedly patted Yu Wenning’s back. “Yes, Big Brother, don’t mess around. The child is here!”

Yu Wenning ignored him and turned around to face Little Lian, speaking innocently, “It’s alright, Big Brother is going to change your Shixiong into the same style of underwear. Xiaosan, go ahead and eat your noodles. We’ll be out in a moment.”

The little one nodded, seemingly understanding, and watched as Yu Gege carried his Shixiong into the room, closing the door behind them. Then a bunch of miscellaneous sounds came from the room. He touched his own little head, as if the sight of Big Brother carrying Shixiong was even more fun than being lifted high in the air…

The little one climbed onto his own seat, holding his chopsticks and preparing to eat when he heard Shixiong’s phone ring.

He skillfully tapped it and then spoke into the phone, “Hello, who is it?”

“Xiaosan, it’s Shifu.”

The little one’s eyes brightened. “Shifu!”

“Oh, Shifu is here. Be a good boy, open the door quickly, Shifu is outside.”

“Okay!” The little one said and hurriedly ran to the door, opened it, and smiled brighter than the sun at the elderly man outside.


“Sigh.” Shifu picked up the little one with one hand, weighed him, and sighed, “Heavier, it seems our San’er has grown a lot again.”

“Yeah, Shifu, I missed you.”

“Be good, Shifu missed you too.” Shifu finished speaking, moved his ear, and asked, “What sound is that?”

“It’s coming from the room, Yu Gege and Shixiong’s voices.”

Shifu closed the main door and walked to the outside of the room, listening intently.

“Don’t, let go, Big Brother…!”

“Don’t take off my pants, I really…”

“Listen, cooperate with me quickly, or I won’t be polite!”

“Big Brother, please… If you keep doing this, I’ll call for help!”

“Call for help…!”

Hearing this, Shifu’s expression darkened, and he put down the little one. First, he ran to the back of the main door and picked up a broom, then he returned to the outside of the room and turned the doorknob.

Immediately, he witnessed a scene that made him furious—his beloved eldest disciple was being pinned down on the bed by Yu Wenning, wearing only a provocative pair of underwear. At this moment, his eldest disciple’s upper body was wrapped in white bandages, and his pants had been half-pulled off by Yu Wenning. He struggled helplessly.

In that instant, Shifu became extremely angry and shouted, “Beast, I’ll kill you!”

At the same time, he raised the broom in his hand and fiercely struck the man.

Lian Qing’s laughter was abruptly silenced as he stared blankly at his big brother, who was beaten by their suddenly appearing Shifu and fell to the other side of the bed. Meanwhile, their elderly Shifu, still holding the broom, wanted to continue hitting Yu Wenning.

He hastily yelled, “Shifu, please, stop hitting him *ao!”

*ao- sound of wailing


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