Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 91

Lian Qing knows best about his Shifu’s strength. How could he just stand by and watch his beloved being beaten up! He yelled at the top of his lungs, but Shifu didn’t stop and immediately struck his big brother.

What else could he do? Lian Qing could only desperately use his body to press down on his big brother. He himself could withstand the hits, but his big brother couldn’t!

From the moment Yu Wenning pushed him when he tried to push him away, Lian Qing anticipated it and firmly grasped the bedsheet beneath him, making it impossible for Yu Wenning to push him off.

The broom that Shifu held high in the air suddenly stopped. Even if the elderly man was furious, he wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on his own disciple, especially when the disciple was still wearing bandages.

He growled in a low voice, “He committed such beastly acts, and you’re actually protecting him! Lian Qing, move aside!”

“Shifu, please stop. It’s all a misunderstanding, really!”

“A misunderstanding? He already pulled down your pants, what misunderstanding could there be! Step aside, or I’ll hit you both together!”

Outside the door, the young monk Lian Sang finally snapped out of his daze and started crying, “Waah!”

While crying, the little one dashed into the room and accurately hugged Shifu’s thigh. He cried loudly while hugging, “Shifu, please stop… If you kill Yu Gege, Shixiong will be left with no one… sob…”

Lian Qing: “*Pei, who said I’ll be left with no one! I have millions of fans!”

*pei – spit in contempt

“Hey, how dare you ‘pei’ at your shidi! Step aside, or I’ll kill you both!” Shifu seemed even angrier, ignoring the crying little disciple clinging to his leg, he picked up the broom and pointed it directly at the two of them.

Yu Wenning gently pushed Lian Qing and said, “Step aside, there will always be a time like this.”

These days, it’s not easy to be a son-in-law, and there are few who don’t get beaten up by their father-in-law.

Lian Qing firmly said, “No, if you get killed, I’ll become a widower!”

Yu Wenning felt both angry and amused. He whispered, “I think the term ‘widower’ suits you better.”

“What are you saying?!” Shifu, who overheard their conversation, finally realized that something was off. He tremblingly pointed at his disciple and asked, “What’s going on? Weren’t you forced by him?”

Lian Qing firmly pressed down on his beloved while closing his eyes, nodding heroically, “I did it willingly!”

“So… you were screaming for help just now?!”

Lian Qing told the truth, “We were just fooling around.”

“…………” Shifu was too angry to say anything.

He looked down at the little one hanging on his leg and then looked back at Lian Qing. He asked, “Except for your back, are you injured anywhere else?”

“No.” Lian Qing hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry, Shifu. It’s really just my back. If you don’t believe me, you can check later…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a sharp pain struck his buttocks. He cried out in pain and looked at his Shifu with teary eyes.

Shifu showed no mercy and continued to hit his big disciple’s buttocks with the broom.

“You useless brat! You let yourself be pinned down by a man! That’s not all, you dare to act like this while your junior is still at home! I’ll beat you to death, you unfilial disciple, teaching your junior bad things…”

Accompanied by Shifu’s furious scolding, the faint crying of little Lian Sang, and the rest were Lian Qing’s painful cries.

Yu Wenning was firmly pinned down by Lian Qing and inevitably received a few strikes as well. However, compared to Lian Qing, he fared much better. He did think of switching positions with Lian Qing, but his strength was simply no match, and he couldn’t flip over.

Ten minutes later, Shifu sat on the sofa, holding the sobbing little disciple in his arms. In front of him knelt his big disciple with teary eyes, and the mistress of the big disciple’s family.

He knew that his previous actions had frightened Lian Sang, fearing that the little one would be psychologically affected, so he temporarily comforted the little one. It wasn’t until the crying stopped and the little one obediently sat on his lap without saying a word.

Only then did Shifu look at the two kneeling in front of him and said with a cold face, “Speak.”

Lian Qing, with both hands pinching his own ears, pitifully said, “Shifu, let me explain first. We really weren’t doing that kind of thing. We were just fooling around.”

“Fooling around? Since when does fooling around involve pulling down pants?!”

“It’s true! My big brother was taking a shower on my side and forgot to bring his clothes…”

Lian Qing explained the cause and effect, looking at Shifu’s gradually calming face, and couldn’t help adding, “How could I possibly do that kind of thing in front of San’er? Besides… besides… I’m still a virgin.”

Yu Wenning beside him: “……”

Shifu: “…………”

Little Lian Sang: “What’s a virgin?”

“A virgin,” Lian Qing shyly replied.

As soon as the two words were spoken, they were interrupted by his Shifu’s furious roar, “Shut up!”

“Oh,” with a look of grievance, Li Qing glanced at his elder brother and then lowered his head, behaving like a submissive wife and remained silent.

His Shifu calmed down a bit before saying, “This time it was just playing around, but you two are really together, right?”

Lian Qing nodded, about to speak, but was interrupted by his Shifu.

“Mr. Yu, you speak.” Why should all the responses come from his disciples? This person was comfortably hiding in the background as if his disciples were flocking to him!

Yu Wenning instinctively licked his lips and said directly, “I’ve secretly loved Li Qing for a long time, and it just so happens that he likes me too, so we…”

“Just like that?” His Shifu’s face showed disbelief. In his eyes, Yu Wenning was no longer the refined, kind-hearted, ambitious youth he had previously imagined. He had turned into a despicable wolf who deceived and lured his disciple, using who knows how many tactics behind the scenes!

It must be said that his Shifu, being an old man, understood quite well. It was impossible for Yu Wenning not to play any tricks in this relationship. But his biggest trick was probably his silent companionship and timely appearances. And then there was the gradual and gentle approach.

No drugged drinks, no forced advances, and no overpowering behavior.

Therefore, he looked calmly at Lian Qing’s Shifu and said, “It’s just like this.”

“But he’s only in his early twenties!” His Shifu pointed at Lian Qing and said, “Look at him, so young and just entering society, he doesn’t understand anything! Yu, how could you bear to deceive him?”

“He didn’t deceive me!” Li anQing couldn’t help but take two steps forward while still kneeling, saying, “Shifu, it was me who took the initiative to confess to him.”

“You have no ambitions!” His Shifu said with a resentful tone, “What’s so great about him that you would be with him like this?”

What’s so great about him? There were plenty of things! Lian Qing started counting on his fingers, “He looks very handsome, with fair skin, and he’s also rich…”

“He’s also really good at cooking!”Xiao San’er raised his little hand high, afraid that his Shixiong would miss the most important point. After speaking, he added, “Shifu, are you feeling better? Otherwise, the noodles cooked by Yu gege will get overcooked.”

Shifu: “…………”

He could only let the little one go and have his meal first.

The little one took three steps, constantly turning his head back, reluctant to leave his shixiong’s side. He looked at his Shixiong and then at his Shifu.

“Shifu, you won’t hit shxiong anymore, right?”

“I won’t hit him, I won’t hit him.”

“Are you not going to fight with your older brother anymore, huh?”

“…I won’t fight!”

The little guy finally rushed to the dining table, relieved, and started eating the bowl of unfinished noodles.

Shifu’s gaze toward Yu Wenning was complex, filled with deep hatred. Look at this person! He’s really capable, not only deceiving his eldest disciple but also manipulating his youngest disciple to support him!

Lian Qing knelt before his Shifu, placing his hands on his Shifu’s knees, and said in a coquettish voice, “Shifu… Your disciple has grown up and can distinguish right from wrong. Don’t you also know that I have a talent for judging people accurately? My eldest brother is truly good, he treats me and Xiaosan well. Being with him is a gain for me, really!”

“You may gain something, but what about him?” The old man’s gaze directly shifted to Yu Wenning. “He has money, power, good looks, and strong abilities. If he is with you, is he not at a loss? If one day he feels like he’s at a loss, he might abandon you.”

“No, Shifu,” Lian Qing confidently replied, “I am more good-looking than him, and I will have money too. I have many fans who like me. Besides, they liked me first, they won’t abandon me.”

Yu Wenning also spoke, “Shifu, if you still don’t trust me, I can transfer everything I own, including shares in the company and real estate, to Lian Qing’s name. From then on, I will only be working for him, he will be my boss.”

“But, big brother…” Lian Qing wanted to refuse without thinking, but his Shifu interrupted him.

The old man stared at Yu Wenning intensely and asked, “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” Yu Wenning firmly replied.

This idea didn’t come out of nowhere; he had thought about it when he first got together with Lian Qing. He originally thought that Lian Qing’s Shifu would be like many parents, strongly opposing their child being in a same-sex relationship. And the most likely way for the old man to accept him, he thought, was to hand over everything he owned to Lian Qing.

In this way, he would truly become a son-in-law. Apart from the fact that he couldn’t bear children, he believed he wouldn’t be inferior to anyone else in other aspects.

However, he didn’t expect that the Shifu would discover their relationship in the worst-case scenario. Nor did he expect that the Shifu would be quite accepting. The old man didn’t dwell on Lian Qing’s sexual orientation but was concerned about Lian Qing being deceived, which was unexpected.

Nevertheless, Yu Wenning still presented the prepared argument and suddenly got up, running to Lian Qing’s room. Soon, he returned with a document in hand.

“These are the property transfer agreements. As long as Lian Qing signs them, I can take them to notarize, and they will become effective.”

Lian Qing looked at him in astonishment. When did this thing appear in his house!

Yu Wenning only responded with a smile. He had naturally made preparations in advance.

Shifu took the document, glanced at it twice, and then with a complex expression, he stuffed it back into Yu Wenning’s hand and fell silent.

This thing couldn’t be accepted by the disciple; it belonged to someone else. But the fact that Yu Wenning brought out these things, all signed with his own name, showed his genuine intentions towards Lian Qing and wasn’t a pretense.

The old man looked at the disciples in front of him, who were deeply in love, and fell into deep contemplation. After a long while, he struggled inwardly and asked, “Between the two of you, who will be the gong and who will be the shou?”

Lian Qing raised his hand and said, “Me!”

He answered decisively!

Yu Wenning tactfully didn’t correct him and just smiled without saying a word. It didn’t matter, as long as he gained practical benefits!

The old man breathed a sigh of relief and his expression became better. “That’s good, that’s good…”

It’s said that being on the bottom is suffering. It’s good that his disciple isn’t the shou… What a load of crap!

The Shifu suddenly jumped up and shouted at his disciple, “Aren’t you a virgin?”

How could a virgin know whether he would be the top or the bottom!


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