Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 92

In the cozy little house, a family of four sat together in the dining room, eating noodles and chatting.

The Shifu’s expression still didn’t look good. He said, “Since we are together, let’s live a serious life, understand?”

Lian Qing nodded busily, “I understand, Shifu.”

Yu Wenning also said seriously, “Shifu, don’t worry. Lian Qing and I will be fine.”

The Shifu glanced at him unkindly. His attitude was completely different from the previous appreciation and politeness.

His eyes swept over Yu Wenning’s left arm, and after some thought, he said, “Go to the hospital tomorrow.”

Yu Wenning was taken aback but quickly reacted, saying, “No need, Shifu. It’s just some minor injuries. Some medicinal wine will be enough.”

Lian Qing also ignored the discomfort in his own buttocks and quickly said, “I just checked. It’s just bruising. It seems that the Shifu cares about him and me and didn’t really go all out.”

The Shifu glared at him. He was afraid of causing serious harm and not being able to afford the medical expenses!

However… the Shifu picked at the vegetarian noodles that Yu Wenning had prepared for him and thought that the noodles tasted really good. They were not much worse than those made in the noodle shops outside. This daughter-in-law was indeed not without merits.

“Shifu, are you really not planning to return to secular life?” Lian Qing couldn’t bear to see himself, the third person, and Yu Wenning putting eggs and shrimp in the noodles while the Shifu’s bowl remained clean.

“No, I won’t.” The Shifu replied without raising his head. Unlike Lian Qing and the others, he was just an ordinary person before becoming a monk and had eaten all kinds of meat. Now that he had been a vegetarian for decades, he had already gotten used to the current diet. He had no interest in eating meat and drinking alcohol anymore.

Unable to persuade the Shifu, Lian Qing could only eat his noodles silently.

After everyone finished eating, he asked, “Shifu, didn’t we agree to meet tomorrow? And how did you come so quickly?”

He thought the Shifu should still be on his pilgrimage, probably in another city. It shouldn’t be so quick for him to come over. But unexpectedly, less than an hour had passed since the phone call, and the Shifu showed up at the door.

The Shifu hugged Little Lian Sang and said, “I’ve been waiting at a hotel nearby for a long time. How can I relax and travel when you’re in trouble?”

So, a few days ago, he had already arrived near the address Lian Qing provided, waiting for Lian Qing to return. That’s why he asked Lian Qing on the phone about the approximate time of his rest. If Lian Qing didn’t rest too early, he could come over directly.

Lian Qing was deeply moved and looked at his Shifu with teary eyes. He softly called out, “Shifu…”

The Shifu couldn’t resist the rare sight of his grown-up disciple acting spoiled and quickly changed the subject, “Tell me, what have you taught Xiao San’er Er during this time? He used to be so innocent and cute before going down the mountain. How come he now understands all this nonsense?”

Xiao San’er Er raised his head from the Shifu’s embrace and said, “Shifu, I’m still very cute, you know!”

“Show me your drawings.” The Shifu patted the little guy’s slightly stubbled head.

“Oh.” The little one continued to lower his head and look at his comic book.

Lian Qing blinked innocently and said, “Shifu, it’s not my fault. I made an agreement with him

 that he can only play on his phone for half an hour each day. But during that half hour, he’s watching those funny videos and stuff. When I tried to stop him, he got angry with me!”

“What kind of videos?” The Shifu frowned. He rarely went online, so naturally, he didn’t understand these things.

The little guy didn’t feel any sense of crisis. He casually picked up his Shixiong’s phone from the table, operated it skillfully, and opened an app.

“Shifu, look at this, it’s so funny!” The little one held up the phone for the Shifu to see.

The Shifu took a closer look and saw a cartoonish little monk in the video sticking out his tongue at a cartoonish old monk. “I don’t believe you, you naughty old man!”

The Shifu: “…”

Lian Qing: “…”

In the end, the two disciples were scolded. Xiao San’er Er was scolded for learning all sorts of miscellaneous things, and Lian Qing was scolded for indulging his Shidi.

Yu Wenning was washing the dishes in the kitchen, listening to the stern scolding in the living room and Lian Qing’s small voice of defense. He couldn’t help but smile softly.

Perhaps this was what a family truly should be like, with such an atmosphere.

After he finished, Lian Qing handed him a peeled orange. Xiao San’er Er looked aggrieved, “Shixiong, where’s mine?”

“Wait, I’m about to peel one for you.” Lian Qing spoke as he took another orange.

The little one was finally satisfied and went back to looking at his drawings.

After eating the oranges brought by the Shifu, Lian Qing said, “Shifu, you can sleep on the bed with San Er tonight, and I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“Why would you, with all those injuries, sleep on the sofa? I’ll sleep there.” The Shifu completely disagreed.

Lian Qing couldn’t let his Shifu sleep on the sofa, but before he could speak, Yu Wenning stopped him.

Yu Wenning said to the Shifu, “Shifu, you can sleep here tonight, and Lian Qing can sleep next door with me. The room next door is mine, and the bed is quite big.”

The Shifu hesitated and looked at Yu Wenning, who had an open and honest appearance, and then looked at his bewildered disciple. After some thought, he said, “You guys must have slept together when I wasn’t around. Go ahead.”

“Shifu, I’m still a virgin!”

“I’m talking about sleeping! What are you thinking?” The Shifu stared disdainfully at his disciple’s impure thoughts and then looked at Yu Wenning. “Until his injuries are completely healed, you two are not allowed to do anything like that!”

“Yes, Shifu.” Yu Wenning quickly replied. In fact, he wasn’t ready for it either. He was planning to ask the doctor tomorrow to make sure it was safe before considering that matter.

After settling the Shifu and little Lian Sang, Lian Qing and Yu Wenning returned to the neighboring house.

As soon as they entered, Lian Qing turned on the heating as usual and then lay down on the big bed in the bedroom, letting out a long sigh of relief.

He sighed, “That scared me. Thankfully, the Shifu finally agreed…”

Yu Wenning also entered the room and took off the temporary pajamas that Lian Qing had given him to wear. It was the one Lian Qing hastily found for him after the Shifu’s surprise visit. Everything else was fine, except that it was a bit small and uncomfortable to wear.

As he changed his clothes, Yu Wenning asked, “But what if the Shifu didn’t agree?

 What would you have done?”

Lian Qing remained lying on the bed and said sullenly, “Crying, making a scene, or threatening suicide. Those are the three tricks my Shifu fears. But I think he would give in after I cried a bit. Anyway, I haven’t used the other two tricks yet.”

Yu Wenning chuckled, “The Shifu really cares about you.”

“Of course, we’ve depended on each other for so many years.” Lian Qing turned over, sat up, and said, “Don’t worry, he’ll care about you too in the future. By the way, do you have any medicinal wine at home? Bring it over, and I’ll massage your wounds.”

Yu Wenning nodded, “Sure, and later I’ll help you massage as well.” He pointed to Lian Qing’s buttocks.

“No need, no need. The Shifu is just putting on a show. It’s all bark and no bite. I don’t feel any pain now, so there’s no need for medicine.”

“Okay,” Yu Wenning replied and went to fetch the medicine box.

While massaging the wound, Liang Qing couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you transfer your assets to me?”

“Because I want to give you everything I have,” Yu Wenning smiled, “including myself.”

These words gave Liang Qing goosebumps, a mix of being touched and feeling cheesy. He said, “But I only want you. The additional things are too complicated, so let’s forget about them!”

Yu Wenning didn’t insist and nodded. As he watched Liang Qing carefully massaging his injured area, he thought for a moment and couldn’t help but ask, “Will you regret saving that person during the college entrance examination?”

Liang Qing looked at him inexplicably, “Why are you asking this? I don’t have anything to regret.”

“But if you hadn’t saved that person, you wouldn’t have been in the car accident, and you wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to go to university.”

“But if I didn’t save him, I would have never found peace in my heart in this lifetime,” Liang Qing poured some medicinal liquid onto his wound and said, “Besides, if it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have become a celebrity, and I wouldn’t have met you.”

These words were incredibly heartwarming and eased Yu Wenning’s uneasy feelings.

Without raising his head, Liang Qing continued, “But you’re acting strange today. Come on, tell me, why did you suddenly bring up these things?”

After a moment of silence, Yu Wenning decided to confess, “Because the person who was saved by you back then, the person who caused you to miss the opportunity to go to university, was me.”

This statement shocked Liang Qing, causing him to accidentally apply too much pressure. He quickly released his hand and stared at Yu Wenning dumbfounded, as if he was trying to digest the information.

Yu Wenning remained silent, only gazing at him intently. He was waiting, waiting for a “verdict.” Until he heard Liang Qing reach out to touch his chin and mischievously say, “In that case, big bro, you deserve to spend your whole life making it up to me!”

Yu Wenning stared at him in a daze for a long time until he suddenly leaned forward, embracing Liang Qing and hiding his teary eyes in a corner where he couldn’t be seen.

Yes, he deserved to make it up to him for the rest of his life!

They had a dreamless night, and Liang Qing woke up early the next day. When he got up and looked around, it was already 6:30, and Yu Wenning was no longer by his side.

He groggily got up and went to the bathroom, only to see unfamiliar toiletries, realizing that this wasn’t his home. So he hurriedly went out and looked around, but Yu Wenning was nowhere to be found in the house.

I guess he went downstairs to exercise. Liang Qing used to exercise early every day, doing some boxing and such. But since becoming an actor, he hasn’t had much time for it. Especially recently, Yu Wenning wouldn’t even let him do any household chores, let alone exercise.

He ran back to his own adjacent home and opened the door to see Yu Wenning and his Shifu sitting on the living room sofa, seemingly discussing some important matters.

He was taken aback for a moment, dumbly calling out, “Shifu,” and then looked at Yu Wenning.

Yu Wenning smiled gently at him and said, “Go freshen up, we’ll go to the hospital together after breakfast to have your wound checked.”

Liang Qing subconsciously looked at his Shifu. Seeing that the old man didn’t object, he mumbled a response and walked towards the bathroom.

In the bathroom, with his excellent hearing, he could vaguely catch words like “future” and “plans.”

He thought that his Shifu wasn’t someone who liked to make things difficult, and his big brother wasn’t foolish either. They should be able to reach a satisfactory agreement.

Sure enough, when he came out, he saw his Shifu talking to Yu Wenning with a smile and a much kinder gaze.

After the third person woke up, the four of them had breakfast together before heading to the hospital.

The follow-up examination process was somewhat cumbersome, and when they finally sat in front of the doctor, over an hour had passed.

The doctor first looked at the data and then said, “Overall recovery is faster than I imagined. You’re young, so you’ve healed quite well. You can start taking showers now, but avoid taking baths. Also, you can have more nourishing soups, like chicken soup, to replenish your qi and blood. You lost some blood earlier, and your body is still slightly weak…”

After the doctor finished giving instructions, Liang Qing became a little nervous and asked, “Doctor, when can I resume work?”

“You mean filming?” The doctor understood his job well and thought for a moment before saying, “You can do other types of filming, but if it involves high-difficulty actions, I would recommend waiting for another half a month… No, given your recovery speed, another ten days should be enough…”

Ten days, that was just right for Liang Qing. He would have time to accompany his Shifu and also adjust his emotions, review the script again.

He informed Cheng Jie of this news and happily took his Shifu and Xiao Liansang out to explore and have fun. Yu Wenning was busy, so he couldn’t join them, which made Liang Qing feel a bit regretful.

A few days later, the Shifu said he wanted to take Xiao Liansang to meet an old friend and go on a two-week trip before coming back. Liang Qing thought he would soon join the filming crew, and it would only be a half-month’s time, not taking up too much of his Shifu’s time, so he agreed.

Liang Qing felt somewhat downhearted when he sent off the Shifu and Xiao Liansang. It wasn’t until Yu Wenning took him out for a hot pot dinner that he felt much better.

When he returned home at night, he didn’t feel like facing the empty room all at once, so he decided to bring his toiletries and stay at Yu Wenning’s place.

However, for some reason, Yu Wenning seemed serious that night, as if he was holding back some big secret. He appeared calm but also somewhat restless.

Liang Qing thought he was worried about work and didn’t disturb him, going to the bathroom to take a shower.

After freshening up, he lay on Yu Wenning’s large bed as usual, leaning against the headboard and reading the script. Although there wasn’t much left of this drama, he had put it aside for a long time, so he needed to go through it again from the beginning.

As he continued to gaze, he unintentionally got lost in his thoughts, completely unaware of when Yu Wenning entered. It wasn’t until the script was snatched from his hand that he belatedly raised his head and looked towards Yu Wenning.

At that moment, he froze—only to see his elder brother, Comrade Yu Wenning, draped in a wine-red silk robe with a deep V-neck, perfectly accentuating his fair and delicate skin tinged with a hint of blush.

Moving upward, his handsome face featured a pair of eyes that glistened like clear water, unbelievably beautiful. His lips were moist and appeared as bouncy and vibrant as the strawberry jelly he had bought for his lover that morning. His slightly damp hair hung loosely and messily, adding to his attractive appearance.

Unable to resist, Lian Qing swallowed unconsciously, pondering which phrase was more suitable for the current Yu Wenning: “visually appetizing” or “seductive package.”

His hands involuntarily clenched the bedsheet as he nervously and eagerly asked, “What… what do you want to do?”

A faint smile played at the corners of Yu Wenning’s lips as his voice turned husky and deep. He replied, “Can the script be more captivating than me?”

Lian Qing stuttered, “Uh… no, it can’t.”

Yu Wenning leaned in, his voice sensually gripping, “Then why were you looking at the script instead of me?”

The warm breath against his ear caused Lian Qing to instinctively shrink back, his gaze fixed on his suddenly imposing elder brother. After contemplating for a while, he finally recalled a word.

Trembling, he spoke in a quivering voice, “Bi-big brother, are you… in heat?”

Yu Wenning: “…………” Is he a female cat or something?!


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