Entertainment Circle’s Mascot
Entertainment Circle’s Mascot: Chapter 93

So, what’s the current situation?

Lian Qing lay propped up on the bed, biting the corner of his pillow, solemnly contemplating life.

Last night, he had no resistance against his suddenly aroused elder brother and ended up on the bed, completely bewildered.

But initially, he didn’t lose out. Pressing down on his elder brother, he playfully touched his brother’s face with a lewd look and shamelessly said, “Elder brother, let me be on top, okay?”

Yu Wenning stared at him blankly and after a long while, he helplessly asked, “Is that all you want to do?”

Lian Qing nodded confidently, “I heard being on top feels great. I want to give it a try.”

“Well, I also want to be on top. What should we do about that?” Yu Wenning teased him.

“In that case, I’ll be on top this time, and next time, you’ll be on top. One turn each, fair enough?” Lian Qing replied without hesitation.

“Seems fairly reasonable…” Yu Wenning raised an eyebrow and said, “Then, come on.”

In fact, this was far from accepting his fate. He had always believed that if Lian Qing were to be on top, this seemingly astute yet innocent little monk would probably freeze halfway through.

For example, he might say, “Is it too small to fit in? Will there be bleeding? I’m too scared to move.” “Why don’t we just give up, big brother? Let’s help each other with our hands instead.” Those kinds of things.

He was just waiting for Lian Qing to realize the reality. Of course, if by any chance Lian Qing dared to go through with it… well, he would accept it.

But he didn’t expect the situation to be more exaggerated than he had imagined.

After Lian Qing finished speaking, he initially had an excited expression, then pressed against him for a while, but his smile gradually became stiff.

Yu Wenning had a subtle premonition and asked, “Don’t you… know what to do?”

The answer he received was Lian Qing’s expressionless face.

Lian Qing hadn’t even thought about it until the moment they were about to do it, and he horrifyingly realized that he had forgotten to look up the tutorial for such matters!

His knowledge in that area was too shallow, and he hadn’t prepared anything. He simply didn’t dare to take action.

He blamed himself for always thinking that it was unlikely for them to do this before his injuries on his back fully healed, so he had no sense of urgency at all. But now, they didn’t even have condoms or lubricant, and he hadn’t even had a chance to learn from the tutorial!

So, in the end, he could only resign himself to lying on his side, limbs spread out, and said, “You should do it.”

He looked no different from a dead pig.

Yu Wenning was stunned for a moment, then quickly turned over and hugged him, burying his head in Lian Qing’s neck, bursting into muffled laughter.

His laughter was somewhat shaky, making Lian Qing feel ticklish from his neck to his heart. Annoyed, he said, “What are you laughing at? Are we going to do it or not?”

“We are, we are.” Yu Wenning laughed as he got up, took out a small tube from the pocket of his robe, and seven condoms.

“So, these are condoms?” Lian Qing curiously examined them for a while before asking, “Why do we have seven of them?”

Yu Wenning laughed without answering and directly pressed him down, igniting their passion.

Soon, Lian Qing understood why there were seven condoms.

If it weren’t for his crying, shouting, and kicking, nearly fainting in the process, those seven would have been completely used up by his elder brother. But even now, only three were left.

Gritting his teeth, he recalled the unsatisfied look on his elder brother’s face at the end and the still-erect little brother, feeling a sense of dissatisfaction.

His stamina couldn’t keep up with his elder brother! This fact was terrifying, terrifying enough to make Lian Qing resolve to resume exercising regularly.

When Yu Wenning entered with a bowl of porridge, he saw his lover nestled on the large bed, biting the corner of a pillow, wearing a sulky expression, emitting resentment all over.

With a satisfied smile on his face, Yu Wenning walked over briskly and placed the porridge down. He reached out and patted Lian Qing’s arm, speaking softly, “Get up, have some porridge before going back to sleep.”

Lian Qing glanced at him mournfully, then looked at the bowl of plain porridge, feeling even more resentful. He hoarsely said, “Why isn’t there even a piece of meat…”

Yu Wenning rubbed his hair unsympathetically. “You’re only thinking about eating meat, huh? Listen, eat something light for now. Later, when you’re feeling better, I’ll take you out for a nice meal.”

Lian Qing gave him a disgruntled look. “Don’t even mention it. It’s all your fault! I kept telling you to be gentle and slow last night, but you were even more forceful. If it weren’t for my good physical condition, you would have killed me.”

“It’s not my fault, blame it on your charm,” Yu Wenning said innocently.

“Oh my, elder brother, don’t say such cheesy things in the future. Look, I’m getting goosebumps.” Lian Qing raised his arm to show him.

Yu Wenning sighed and covered him with the blanket. Then he asked, “Are the goosebumps gone now?”

How could he forget that this person lacked any romantic sense? But it was also good this way. Being straightforward and honest was the best, especially in bed. Everything had its own expression. If it needed to be called, it would be called; if it was comfortable, it was comfortable; if it couldn’t be endured, it couldn’t be endured. And he would even take the initiative to entangle…

Thinking about last night when this person clung to him, begging for another round, Yu Wenning felt a familiar heat rising in his lower abdomen.

He quickly cleared his throat and pulled Lian Qing out from under the covers. His large hand reached his lower back, gently applying pressure, showing utmost concern. “How are you feeling? Is it still uncomfortable?”

“I feel terrible. It’s sore, painful, and a little numb,” Lian Qing directly rested his head on Yu Wenning’s leg and grumbled, “What’s wrong with you? You look delicate and tender, not as strong as me. How could you be so rough in bed!”

Yu Wenning looked at him with a pair of gentle and innocent eyes. Could he really be blamed? Last night, he had thought of being considerate towards Lian Qing for their first time, so he planned to take it easy after one round. But this person, he initiated and demanded another round without fully comprehending the situation.

Yu Wenning had always been able to remain composed when it came to affairs outside. No, nobody could even get close to his embrace. But when facing Lian Qing, he couldn’t resist his teasing, and it resulted in him overpowering him.

As a result, they had a second round and then a third, and things got a bit out of control. If it weren’t for Lian Qing complaining about back pain and soreness, he feared he wouldn’t have been able to stop.

But he couldn’t say that out loud. Indeed, after the second time, Lian Qing had hoarsely said he didn’t want to continue, but he couldn’t resist and pressed him for another round, unlocking a new position. That’s why Lian Qing had resorted to pretending to be in pain during the third round.

Softly, Yu Wenning responded to Lian Qing’s words, “Maybe all the meat I eat goes down there.”

“That’s possible,” Lian Qing glanced at his lower region, noticing that his little brother there was bigger than his own.

“But you know what, it feels quite comfortable down there,” Lian Qing said, savoring the taste and involuntarily licking his lips. Although it was uncomfortable at first, once they got through it, it was exhilarating!

Lian Qing thought that the so-called pinnacle of life that they talked about online was probably like this. So after their first time last night, he wanted to do it again. However, the second time became a bit challenging, and he couldn’t handle the level of comfort. By the third time, he was almost in tears as they reached the end.

Yu Wenning went along with it and said, “Actually, being on top might not be as easy as being on the bottom. It requires preparation, effort, and even assisting with your cleaning. It’s quite tiring. So, in the future, let me take care of that task, okay?”

Lian Qing thought about it carefully and found it reasonable. It seemed like last night, his elder brother was the one putting in most of the effort. As for him, he just had to cooperate a little, lift his legs, and even his elder brother was the one who got up to wash the sheets.

He wondered if they could buy disposable bed sheets online so they wouldn’t have to wash them every time they did it…

He raised his hand and touched Yu Wenning’s face, feeling a bit reluctant as he said, “Because it’s tiring to be on top, I can’t let you do it all the time. How about we take turns in the future? For example, I’ll be on top on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and you’ll be on top on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We can take a break on weekends…”

If this were a manga world, Yu Wenning was certain there would be a bowl of noodles hanging from his forehead. He pressed down Lian Qing’s counting fingers and sincerely said, “Let me be on top. Actually, it’s not as tiring as you might think. I

‘m more than willing to do those things for you.” He was extremely willing.

“Are you serious?” Lian Qing looked at him skeptically. Was there really someone willing to do the hard work?

“I’m serious,” Yu Wenning’s eyes were filled with sincerity. “I also enjoyed it, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Okay, then I’ll rely on you from now on.” Lian Qing patted his shoulder, his face serious as if he were a stern father-in-law giving his daughter away.

Yu Wenning nodded solemnly, as if he had just received a husband from the hands of his father-in-law.

After happily establishing their roles, Lian Qing didn’t forget to remind him, “But in front of my Shifu, you must firmly claim that you’re the bottom. Ah! Otherwise, my Shifu will think I deceived him and lose face.”

“Alright, alright. My ancestor, can we start having congee now? It’s almost cold…”

“After we finish, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“You can eat whatever you want, except for spicy food.”

“How about beef hot pot? Ah, it would be great if Cheng Yi ge were here. We could invite him to eat barbecue together. The meat he grills is especially delicious…”

“I grill pretty well too. Tonight, I’ll grill for you…”

“Really? Hey, isn’t it not so good for us to enjoy such luxuries while Xiao Saner has to eat vegetarian food with the Shifu? We’re feasting on meat and fish…”

“Do you want to eat vegetarian too?”

“No, no! Forget I said anything. Let him eat vegetarian!”

In the following three days, the two lovers who had just begun their romantic relationship were inseparable. Yu Wenning didn’t go to work and spent all his time with Lian Qing. Even if they didn’t engage in intimacy, they could happily spend the whole day cuddling at home, watching TV, and cooking together.

Until the fourth day, Lian Qing was picked up by Chen Assistant and taken to the set of the drama “Bondless Frost and Snow.”

Yu Wenning personally accompanied him to the airport and watched him depart.

After Lian Qing’s plane took off, he reluctantly turned around, preparing to leave. At that moment, his phone rang, and as soon as he answered, his expression changed. He hurriedly left.

After arriving at the set, Lian Qing was naturally welcomed with enthusiasm. He had already gotten along well with everyone on the set, and being the youngest, they treated him like a younger brother. Now, after such a long time apart, they were not only familiar with him, but also more enthusiastic and concerned.

Of course, how much of it was out of self-interest and how much was genuine care varied from person to person.

Since he had rested the day before and had reviewed the script, Lian Qing quickly got into the rhythm on the first day of shooting.

However, due to the incident last time, Director Li was quite frightened, so this time, whenever there were action scenes or difficult wire stunts, Lian Qing was required to use a stunt double.

Lian Qing didn’t force the issue. Firstly, he still had scabs from the previous injury on his back, and secondly, he had promised his older brother to take good care of himself.

As a result, his workload was significantly reduced. Moreover, the crew members would occasionally treat him to various snacks and drinks, making his life quite comfortable.

During his phone conversation with Yu Wenning in the evening, he listed all the things he had been treated to that day and complained about the small portion of the box lunch from the set. Only after he finished speaking did he realize that his older brother had been unusually quiet.

He asked straightforwardly, “Do you miss me?”

Yu Wenning on the other end of the phone was taken aback and paused for a moment before softly laughing and saying, “Yes, I miss you.”

Her voice was gentle and delicate, like a feather floating directly into Lian Qing’s heart.

For the first time, he smoothly uttered words of affection, “I miss you too.”

…Scattering dog food…

After ending the call, Lian Qing went to bed in a blissful mood. Meanwhile, Yu Wenning sat on the small balcony of his home, lost in thought while holding a document.

After days of investigation, they finally had some results. It was unexpected yet somehow within expectations.

He caressed a copied photograph in the document. In the old photo, a young man who bore a striking resemblance to Lian Qing embraced an elegant woman, who held a baby in her arms. The family of three looked warm and beautiful.


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