Golden Boy
Golden Boy Chapter 2

Chapter two

Translation: Finsock

  Bo Wenchen couldn’t care less about the undercurrent between the two old classmates. He dealt out a few meaningless words, and immediately made his way into Fang Ziling’s trailer. He was here to see his little songbird, afterall.

  That left Su Pei and He Yiming to face each other. 

  He Yiming was still tall and handsome, with a clean shaven face and dark eyes. When he wasn’t smiling, his expression was indifferent; cold even. Just like the last time they met, but Su Pei always felt that He Yiming looked the part of a rich person.

  They haven’t spoken since they broke up in that big fight a year ago. Su Pei watched him silently over the internet, the script this year kept him busy. So busy that he barely had time to talk to anyone outside of work. Plus it seemed He Yiming was busier than Su Pei was, anyway.    

  In those busy times, they could deliberately ignore the unpleasantness of their last meeting. 

  Su Pei didn’t expect He Yiming to show up on set so suddenly. He was silent for a while. He and He Yiming both blundered the last time they met, and had a bad attitude. He had been unable to actively contact He Yiming out of shame. But now He Yiming has taken the initiative to look for him… 

  He Yiming Spoke first, breaking the tension. “Your hair is growing.” 

  Su Pei smiled and mentioned that the crew took care of it usually. There are many stylists, but he has no time to sit down and get a hair. 

  ”Why? Does it make you nostalgic?” Su Pei asked. Medium to long hairstyles have become popular in men again, just like when they were both in college. 

  Neither of them mentioned the quarrel from a year ago, as if their silence meant they forgave each other. They both spoke tactfully, maneuvering around the minefield that was their first conversation in a long while. 

  ”I’ll show you around.” Su Pei motioned for He Yiming to follow him, and they looked around the set. 

  Because of Boss Bo’s visit, today’s shoot for  “Rongcheng Secret,” the name of the drama, ended earlier than the previous two days. The crew was packing equipment, and the extras were sitting in twos and threes on the side of the road to rest and drink water. Without the lighting engineer and the lens filters, the ordinary background actors seemed lifeless and grey. 

  ”Last night, Lao Yao sent me a message saying that you were going to be in town…But I have to admit, I didn’t expect you to come to the set with Bo Wenchen.” Su Pei was still a little nervous, but his voice remained gentle and calm.

[t/n: I’m assuming Lao Yao is their friend from the previous chapter. His nickname maybe?]

  He Yiming scanned the surroundings and replied, “Bo Wenchen and I met at the same mountaineering club. Next year we have a plan to climb Lhotse Peak… Recently he always wants to get me to invest in movies.” 

  Su Pei has to admit that he’s heard about this. The members of the mountaineering club are all billionaires. He Yiming has gained tremendous momentum in the past two years and is the most popular upstart in the IT industry. 

  Su Pei thought, ‘He Yiming’s words and deeds always show self-confidence so naturally, and occasionally he brings out a little laziness and indifferent arrogance. He’s like a young and beautiful lion, and we humans can only sit back and appreciate his wildness.’

  He Yiming spoke up again. “Since Bo Wenchen was so enthusiastic, I followed him to see the crew and check it out.” 

  Su Pei laughed and said, “Really, I thought it was Lao Yao who told you that I was here working. But I guess I might be overthinking things a little.

  He Yiming glanced at him “Lao Yao didn’t say which crew you are in.” 

  Su Pei nodded, “Then this is a weird coincidence.” 

  He Yiming shoved his hands into his coat pockets and slowly made a fist. This wasn’t a coincidence at all. Not even a little bit. He heard Yao Zhicheng say that Su Pei was under a lot of pressure as the script writer for this drama. That it was made more and more difficult by the director and actors as time went on. That’s why he came all the way here to check things out. 

  It’s just that he can’t be 100% upfront with Su Pei about his feelings and intentions, so he told a little white lie. 

  A group of people got together to have dinner at the hotel later. Fang Ziling came out of the trailer after she changed her clothes, wearing a sapphire blue off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, making her skin appear more delicate and soft. Everyone knows that Boss Bo is the one who is admiring Fang Ziling, and he has a tacit understanding to give Fang Ziling priority. She had a special table and a bottle of wine set aside just for her. Boss Bo was sitting next to Fang Ziling, watching her peeling shrimp while listening as she sang his praises. 

  Among the group of people, Su Pei seemed particularly quiet. He didn’t feel envious of Fang Ziling. She had a pitiful and pure face. Compared with the male lead, her acting skills were more than enough for this crew. He just didn’t want to say something exaggerated. He was already tired today, and at this time He Yiming was seated just opposite of him. 

  Su Pei looked around in a daze, and suddenly heard someone ask during the dinner, “…Am I right, Mr. Su?” Which forced Su Pei to come back to his senses. He saw Fang Ziling looking at him with a smile.

  He looked. A little sheepish and asked “What?” 

  Fang Ziling smiled and said, “Look at Mr. Su, so absent-minded. I said, this time the script depends entirely on Teacher Su, it’s not easy, especially because our hero really scuffed it up. How many times have you changed the script now?” 

  There was a smile in her voice, as if she was acting like a baby when she mocked her fellow actor. Bo Wenchen immediately patted the back of her hand. 

  Everyone’s eyes fell on Su Pei, including He Yiming, who frowned, silent and suspicious, as if evaluating Su Pei’s abilities. 

  But Su Pei didn’t care anymore. He had just drunk a few glasses of wine, and he didn’t care about anything when he was slightly drunk. The pressure and soreness that weighed on his shoulders dissolved along with the alcohol. 

  Su Pei smiled and raised his glass, “I am a third-rate writer, ashamed of a first-rate beauty.” He punished himself and poured another glass of wine and drank happily.  

  Fang Ziling was still not convinced, she wanted to speak, and He Yiming spoke. 

  ”Su Pei, if you are a third-rate writer. Then there are not many good writers in our generation.” 

  Everyone was quiet, knowing that He Yiming was helping an old classmate. But he was going against Fang Ziling, Boss Bo’s new love. It’s time for passion. One is the boss, and the other is the heart of the boss. Everyone dared not leave the game too soon. It is not right to take either side, it is better to keep smiling and watch the two gods fight. 

  He Yiming looked at Fang Ziling and smiled and said, “Don’t you believe it? My senior was an alma mater when he was in college. When he published his first novel, the critics called him a golden boy. ” 

  Fang Ziling replied ” I am not questioning Mr. Su’s talent, but I didn’t think Mr. Su also published novels.” Her tone had a hint of disapproval, as if He Yiming had the room to boast. She’s known many men in the same circle, and for every one point they have, she has ten. 

  He Yiming said “’The Other Side of Time’ is Teacher Su’s first novel.”

  There was a moment of silence in the banquet. Su Pei didn’t speak either. He felt that half of the people at the banquet suddenly  came to the realization, and desperately tried to remember the novel.   

  This was the novel he wrote the year he graduated. It was published for the first time as his debut novel. At that time, he thought it would be great to print 10,000 copies. “The Other Side of Time” was reprinted two months after it went public. It got reprinted three times that year and sold 200,000 copies. 

  At that time, the publishing house printed a variety of slogans  and road on the coattails of his success. “Co-Recommended by 15 Famous Authors”, “Glittering Supernova”, “Please join us to witness the birth of the Golden Boy” . 

  For a time, he was untouchable, and at that time he had an extremely fatal misunderstanding-he mistakenly thought that he would always be bathed in this halo of success. 

  Then ten years later, “The Other Side of Time” is just a book lost to time, as if it had nothing to do with his current life. 

  ”I’ve read this novel before and I really like it. I didn’t know it was written by Mr. Su.” Someone piped up in support. Others agreed, saying that their children had recommended this novel to them.

  Su Pei thought they praised the book as if they were talking about some unfortunate species that was about to go extinct. 

  Fang Ziling couldn’t help asking “Did Mr. Su ever publish novels?” 

  He Yiming immediately replied in a sarcastic tone. “Mr. Su has published more books than you have read.” 

  Fang Ziling blushed, but she still asked Su Pei “Mr. Su, really? You published a lot of novels?” 

  Su Pei just sat there smiling and listened to them going back and forth. Hearing Fang Ziling’s question, he replied quietly, drunkenly, “I, I have published…three novels.” 

  Several people laughed. 

  Fang Ziling couldn’t get angry with He Yiming, so she could only turn to Boss Bo, tears in her eyes threatening to fall. Boss Bo finally blocked his new love “Okay, well, you know He Yiming, he is a mean ghost, and anyone who meets him will be stunned. I was stunned by him too!” 

  He Yiming Smiled indifferently “This hurts me and my friends.”

  The Director made his rounds, and someone suggested singing another song. This incident was over. Su Pei was still sitting quietly, He didn’t care much about the gazes of others around him. He continued to drink, and the alcohol made him feel calm and slow. Gradually he couldn’t feel He Yiming’s gaze anymore, and whenever someone next to him spoke he replied with ‘Mmm’, ‘Mhm’ and ‘uh huh’.  

  When the banquet was over, he was still sitting at the table. After a while, a person walked up to him. “Su Pei, are you okay?” 

  Su Pei raised his head, his expression in a daze: “Ah, hey.” It 

  was He Yiming who stood beside him. 

  Su Pei slowly stood up, and He Yiming reached out to support him. Su Pei grabbed his arm and murmured “You’re too fierce with Ziling, she is… the heroine… If it doesn’t go well, the crew will be the ones to suffer. You are cold… and unreasonable. Boss Bo is right, you are a mean ghost… I didn’t dare to say that to you before, and you are so small-minded.You’ll be angry when someone says that to you, right?” 

  He Yiming sighed “Su Pei, How much did you drink?” 

  Su Pei murmured in reply “Not much.” 

  Unlike others, who blushed after drinking too much. After he was drunk, there was no flush to his cheeks, he looked pale and soft. Plus his face…It was delicate like the features of a person from a painting. With unexplainable emotions on his face, a delicate and slender nose, and soft lips. At times like this, he always looked like he was admired by many people. 

  Even worse, he raised his eyes, looked at He Yiming and said, “…We haven’t contacted him for a long time.” 

  If He Yiming hadn’t known Su Pei’s sexuality, he would really have thought that Su Pei was there to seduce him. But he knew too early in their relationship, and all too clearly. 

  He Yiming dragged Su Pei’s arm up and around his shoulder and grabbed him by the waist. “Where do you live? I’ll take you back.” 

  Su Pei slurred out his address, and He Yiming dragged him, not only to maintain his balance, but also try and keep some distance between Su Pei and himself. He didn’t let Su Pei rest his head against his shoulder. 

  As He Yiming was dragging Su Pei, Xiaoyan approached them. 

  ”Mr. Su!” Xiaoyan quickly supported Su Pei who was staggering.

  When Su Pei saw the familiar assistant, he also smiled “Xiaoyan, are you…coming too?” 

  Xiaoyan hadn’t sat at the same table as them, but had dinner with other people’s assistants and drivers. She saw that the banquet had ended, the Director and Fang Ziling had both left, and Su Pei came over before he came out. 

  Xiaoyan held Su Pei’s arm, and then looked at the tall man next to her “Thank you, sorry to trouble you. I’ll take Mr. Su…” She stumbled over her words as she spoke. 

  She recognized He Yiming, young, tall, handsome, and a billionaire. Some who perfectly met her boyfriend standard. But at this time, the aura exuding from He Yiming’s body was like an invisible pressure, and she had to be careful with her words. 

  ”The driver and I will send Mr. Su back.” She said politely. 

  He Yiming’s gaze swept over to the hand that she used to hold up Su Pei “Su Pei and I are going to talk about the past tonight, and we’re going to be together until very late. You go back first.” He Yiming replied. 

      Xiaoyan thought about how late Supei stayed up the night before to finish the script in time. He had been up until the early hours of the morning to get everything done. So he had rewarded himself with a drink in the evening. But he drank so much it seemed like he could fall asleep standing up. Wasn’t there an old story about a situation like this? She asked Su Pei “Mr. Su, can you make it? We have filming tomorrow morning.” 

  Su Pei didn’t seem to hear her, and only smiled at He Yiming “Hey, everyone is gone, let’s go. I want to go to a bar…” 

  He Yiming walked away with Su Pei, and Xiaoyan could only helplessly watch them as they left.

  Su Pei felt that he was being dragged away. He couldn’t tell where they were going. He was so relaxed it didn’t even matter. Seeing the smooth mirror surface in the elevator, he lost consciousness for a moment-there seemed to be several He Yimings surrounding him in the quiet elevator. 

  He leaned against the wall and slowly slid down, He Yiming quickly grabbed him so he wouldn’t be lying on the floor. 

  He Yiming took Su Pei to his room. Su Pei leaned on the sofa, He Yiming just turned around and took off his coat, Su Pei was already asleep. 

  He Yiming pulled on Su Pei’s collar “Su Pei!” 

  Su Pei frowned and said nothing, still asleep. He Yiming let go and tossed Su Pei back onto the sofa. 



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