Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful
Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful Chapter 1

Chapter 1: “Three years later, the golden finger is online.”

“Damn old man, if you don’t come back, your precious apprentice is going to starve to death.”

Chen Chang’an leaned against the stone statue behind him, rubbing his deflated stomach with his right hand, looking out into the endless darkness outside the temple with a lifeless look.

Three years ago, he crossed over from Earth to the Kyushu continent and became the heir of the Everlasting Life Sect.

And the dead old man he spoke of was the master of the Church of Eternal Life, his master.

A month ago, the Longevity Sect suffered the disaster of extinction, was carrying the Longevity Body, and suffered by countless demons and devils to fight for it.

And then, his master broke the void, brought him to this broken temple, laid a ban and left in a hurry.

And it has been a month now, and he does not know whether the old man is alive or dead?

Chen Changan sighed, “If only there was no Longevity Body.”

In this Kyushu continent, there is a legend.

The Everlasting Body breeds everlasting meat.

Whoever ate the longevity meat could ascend to immortality.

When Chen Changan learned of this legend, he can be said to be in a group of panic, depressed to vomit blood.

This nerve is simply the “Journey to the West” in the Tang Monk meat replica

And the more important point, although this eldritch body is so awesome, for Chen Changan, it is like chicken ribs, simply not any help.

Although he has the Longevity Body, he simply cannot cultivate, the old man and he tried many methods, but could not do it.

This meant that for three years on this Kyushu continent, he was always an ordinary person, a small ant that others could crush with one hand.

Therefore, during this month, Chen Changan met in the temple every day and did not dare to go out.

After all, there is a forbidden system laid down by the old man!

Unless the old man died, those spirits and monsters, demons and devils outside would not be able to enter the temple.


At this time, there is a gloomy wind blowing into the temple, so cold that Chen Changan shivered, wrapped his tattered clothes tighter.

“The end of another salty day, I hope to wake up tomorrow and see old man.”

Chen Chang’an yawned and shrank under the stone statue, closed his eyes, ready to sleep as before.

But at that moment, Chen Chang’an suddenly got a chill in his back, as if some horror was coming.

He was still sleepy and suddenly woke up, looking back.

He did not know when, but not far behind him stood a white shadow.

She was dressed in white, feet hanging in the air, cloak flowing, face white and hideous, fierce, sunken eyes and a red light.

Through her hair, he could see her blood-red eyes, which were now staring directly at him.

Those eyes were so wide that they all seemed to be about to burst.

“Let ~~ me ~~ eat ~~ you ~~”

She spoke quietly, her voice cold and chilling.

When Chen Chang’an saw her, the pupils in his eyes couldn’t help but suddenly shrink!

Instantly there was a feeling of cold from head to toe, making his spine chill, soaking with cold sweat


Bang Bang Bang!!!

Bang Bang Bang!!!

Chen Chang’an’s heart was beating so fast, his heart was almost ready to pop out of his chest!

It’s a ghost!

Master didn’t impose a ban on the broken temple?

How did this female ghost get in?

Chen Changan wanted to escape.

But his whole body was frozen in place, as if completely petrified, unable to even move a finger.

Chen Changan’s heart was crying out, why couldn’t he move?

He was Scared , his body was not under control and he was also weakened, how could he run away?

“Good,good,good,don’t move,let me eat your meat and your soul.”

The female ghost bared her teeth and grinned, revealing two rows of hideous sharp teeth as she approached Chen Chang’an step by step.

Chen Changan’s face turned white, his body trembled, his soul terrified, completely scared out of his wits!

As he watched the female ghost approaching, Chen Changan’s mind went blank.

There was only one thought in his mind.

Was he going to die today?

And just when Chen Changan was in despair.

An ice-cold voice suddenly sounded in his mind’s eye.

“Detecting the host’s encounter with a severe ghost, opening the invincible field system for the host.”

“Invincible field range: the current stone statue as the center, a circular area of two meters in diameter.”

As Chen Changan listened to the cold voice in his head, he froze, followed by a wonderful feeling.

At this moment, he was standing under the stone statue, right in the middle of that two-meter range.

Everything within this realm was instantly inextricably linked to him!

He had only one thought.

That was, within this two-meter range, he was invincible!

He was a god!

Chen Changan was in tears!

He had just said it, how could he cross to the other world without golden fingers!

It had been three years, and his golden finger were finally online!

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