Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful
Fantasy:This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful Chapter 2

Chapter 2: shaking the heavens

The ghastly female specter grinned and sauntered slowly, her sunken eyes radiating an icy glare, completely ignorant of the transformation that Chen Chang’an had undergone. Before long, she stood before Chen Chang’an, her razor-sharp teeth clacking, poised to sever his head from his body.

However, at that very moment, Chen Chang’an lifted his head and gazed at the female ghost, devoid of any fear. The corners of his mouth curled upward and he focused his mind on a thought.


the female ghost was frozen in place, unable to move an inch! The female ghost was stunned and bewildered, questioning Chen Chang’an, “You…you…what have you done?” Although Chen Chang’an appeared to be an ordinary person with no sign of magical abilities, the female ghost knew deep down that her inability to move was somehow related to him. Chen Chang’an smiled to himself, “This invincible domain is truly impressive.” Murmuring to himself, he clenched his right hand into a fist, declaring, “Let’s see how strong this invincible domain really is!”

Despite being a million times repulsed by fear, the female ghost remained defiant and sneeringly scornful of Chen Chang’an. The ghastly female specter sneered at Chen Chang’an, “I don’t know what trick you pulled, but it won’t change the outcome.”

However….Chen Chang’an responded with a powerful punch that landed on the female ghost.Though it appeared to be an average strike, the female ghost was suddenly consumed with terror and reduced to nothingness under Chen Chang’an’s fist. Astonished by his victory, Chen Chang’an mused on the impressive power of the invincible domain.

Meanwhile, high above the Immortal Temple, a massive fist shadow loomed across the sky with a majestic and formidable aura. The force of the punch blasted a gaping hole in the sky, raining down immortal light and stirring up the wilderness with its power. An immortal sword emerged from the hole and sliced through the fist shadow with the force of the sea, causing countless cultivators to tremble in fear. Even the demons and monsters in the hundred thousand mountains were subdued by the overwhelming immortal might.

In the Nine Swords Sect of Youzhou, a man in green cultivation suddenly sensed the terrifying immortal power and rushed out of the sect’s forbidden place in shock. He wondered if this was a sign of immortal treasures falling to the world. “A celestial phenomenon, it is undoubtedly a divine artifact descending!” In the current moment, numerous powerful individuals are gazing towards the direction of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains!

Above the Flying Immortal Mountain, at the ninth heaven, an immortal sword sliced through the sky, striking and cutting the shadow of the fist! Like the Milky Way cascading from the heavens, in an instant, the whole night was illuminated as if it was day!

However, at the moment when the immortal sword collided with the fist shadow, a sound was emitted. Click, click, click!!! To everyone’s bewilderment, the immortal sword cracked under the fist shadow, its light fading as if it had lost all its power, falling from the ninth heaven. The terrifying Immortal Might that erupted from the Immortal Sword before also dissipated as if it had never existed.

The shadow of the fist dispersed, the hole in the sky gradually healed, and the entire hundred thousand mountains returned to its former calm! Almost at the same time, several powerful forces sent their mightiest warriors to the place where the celestial phenomenon had occurred! It was clear to everyone that a divine artifact was descending into the world! They had only one goal, to seize the divine

In the Temple, Chen Chang’an remained oblivious to the fact that his seemingly insignificant punch had caused a gaping hole in the sky at the Immortal Temple. Little did he know that he had even brought down an immortal treasure from the upper world! Overwhelmed with the joy of killing the female ghost with just one strike, tears streamed down his face.

After waiting for three long years, his golden opportunity had finally arrived. He firmly believed that God would never forget him, especially in this treacherous world, where he could finally rely on the Invincible Domain System to feel safe and secure.Suddenly, a system alert interrupted his thoughts, “you had erased a Qi Refining Third Heaven female ghost and gained 10 points of Domain Value.”

Curious about what it meant, Chen Chang’an asked the system to explain.The system replied, “every 100 points of Domain Value could expand the invincible domain range by one meter,” and Chen Chang’an’s current invincible domain range was just two meters.

Realizing the shortcoming of his power, his eyes lit up with determination to expand and strengthen his invincible field, and become thick and powerful!

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