Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful
Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

“Damn it! My Lord’s Sacred Immortal Sword!!!” exclaimed a man in a golden palace. An angry roar resounded through the heavens and the earth, spreading like a furious sea and shocking countless creatures for ten thousand miles around, making them fearful.

Inside the palace, a gold-clad man’s face was hostile, his anger soaring, his eyes fierce, and his body filled with the most terrifying immortal might, causing the surrounding space to be completely distorted!

“Twelve Immortal Generals, Come here!” the man in gold shouted.

Twelve radiant immortal rainbows fell into the palace and transformed into twelve tall figures, who knelt down on one knee and spoke in unison. “See the Immortal Sovereign!”

The man in gold swept his cold eyes across the crowd and said in a deep voice: “All immortal generals listen to the order, the immortal weapon that I have been refining for ten thousand years has been left behind in the lower realm. Retrieve it at all costs! If there are any ants in the lower realm, kill them without mercy!”

“As you command!” the twelve immortal generals replied.

In the next moment, the twelve immortal generals turned into twelve immortal rainbows, leaving the palace and heading for the lower realm.

In the Temple of Immortals, Chen Chang’an asked the system if there were any other ways to obtain domain value besides killing demons and monsters. “The method to obtain domain value should be explored by the host,” the system replied.

Not receiving a response, Chen Chang’an shrugged slightly and said, “Alright then.” He wasn’t discouraged either. After all, he knew one way to obtain domain value, and in this world, demons and monsters were everywhere. Why worry about not being able to obtain domain value?

Chen Chang’an looked around the temple but found it to be dead silent. He cleared his throat and called out, “Are there more ghosts?” But he received no response. It seemed that there was only one ghost in the temple, which was a little disappointing.

Thinking about the ghost in the temple, Chen Chang’an’s heart began to worry again. The old man had clearly said that the temple was forbidden, and it was impossible for demons and monsters to enter. But tonight, there was a ghost in the temple, and it was only a small ghost from the refinement realm. Chen Chang’an had a premonition that something might have happened to the old man who had not returned in a month.

“Ah, old man, you must not die out there,” he said with concern.

Chen Chang’an muttered to himself, but he knew there was nothing he could do.

The only thing he could rely on now was his invincible domain, but once he left this realm, he was nothing.

Going outside meant certain death!

Suddenly, a sound rumbled from Chen Chang’an’s stomach.

His face twisted in bitterness as he rubbed his stomach and complained, “The old man’s dry food ran out two days ago, and now I’m starving.”

He peered outside the temple to see the rain pouring down, casting a deadly silence across the area. The wind was ominous, and he couldn’t see anything. It felt like a giant, hungry monster was waiting outside to devour him.

Chen Chang’an gave up on the idea of venturing out to find food. He shook his head, leaned against a stone statue, squinted his eyes, and muttered, “Never mind. I’ll just make it through tonight and find food tomorrow.”

He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, enduring the hunger pangs. After about half an hour, he opened his eyes and grabbed his hair in frustration, with a look of desperation on his face.

“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” he exclaimed.

He hadn’t eaten for two days, and his hunger was almost unbearable. His stomach kept protesting, and his body was aching. Although he had the invincible domain, it couldn’t solve his current dilemma of hunger.

“It would be too sad to die of hunger!”

Chen Chang’an woke up, walked to the edge of his Invincible Domain, hesitated, and reached out his hand towards the domain. Immediately, a cold aura enveloped him, and the hand he extended was so cold that his hair stood on end. He shuddered and quickly pulled back his hand. Inside the Invincible Domain, Chen Chang’an couldn’t feel any cold aura; everything was warm like spring. But when he extended his hand outside the Invincible Domain, he felt a stark difference between the outside world and the domain.

“Is it so bleak and cold? Is there still a cruel ghost hiding in the temple? I will definitely die if i go out!” Chen Chang’an gritted his teeth to contain his hunger. “Go out and look for food? no thanks!. I won’t go out even if they beat me to death!” In the end, Chen Chang’an deflated like a rag in front of the stone statue, with a face of hopeless life.

“Really hungry, if only one person, or a ghost, could bring me some food.”

Boom boom boom! Outside, the thunder was loud and deafening, and the rain fell even harder! And Chen Chang’an in the immortal temple, hungry, finally fell asleep. Wrapped in thin clothes, snoring and drooling, he laughed and spoke softly in his sleep. “Hot pot, skewer, spicy hot, barbecue, hey hey hey, all mine…”

Just as Chen Chang’an was dreaming his spring dream, two figures appeared outside the Immortal Temple. It was a middle-aged man with a scar on his face, burly, emitting a terrifying aura, powerful and frightening! And behind the scarred man, a loli girl followed him. The girl was barefoot and looked no more than eleven or twelve years old, wearing a purple dress and had big bright eyes. But she looked a little miserable altogether, pouting and reluctantly following the scarred man.

The scarred man entered the immortal temple and was surprised to see Chen Chang’an sleeping under the stone statue in the temple at a glance. “This broken mountain temple, I didn’t expect there to be a beggar.”

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