Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful
Fantasy: This Nerd Suddenly Become Powerful Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

The young woman stood outside the temple, gazing at the scarred man’s back as he entered. Her large black eyes turned catlike as she stood on her tiptoes to escape.

  At that moment, the scarred man let out a cold snort and a surge of mana caused a terrifying suction force to erupt from his body.

  The young woman screamed in shock, but before she could react, her slender body was sucked in by her temple and hit the ground with a loud “bang”.

  ”Ouch, that hurts, let go of me!”.

  ”Ling Bao’er, be honest with me!”

  ”Don’t even try to escape. If you make me angry, I’ll slap you to death, even if your father is the patriarch of the Nine Swords Sect!”.

  ”Well then, slap me to death! My father will make you repent just by lifting a finger!”

  Ling Bao’er was not afraid and glared defiantly at the scar man.

  The scar man was furious and was about to teach Ling Bao’er a lesson.

  The fight between the scar man and Ling Bao’er also woke Chen Chang’an from his sleep.

  He couldn’t help but let out a loud shout.

  ”My hot pot!!!”

  Just as he was about to enjoy the hot pot in his dream, he was unexpectedly awakened by the commotion in the temple!

  Chen Chang’an let out a gasp.

  It was then that he realized that there were two more people in the Immortal Temple.

  A man with a scar and a fierce face was looking at him coldly.

  Chen Chang’an saw the fierce face of the scarred man and was startled. The man looked too intimidating, and his appearance gave the impression that he was not a good person.

  However, he soon realized that he had an invincible domain, and as long as he was within it, he had no need to fear anyone.

  ”what a good dream, too bad!”. Chen Chang’an shook his head and his eyes sparkled as he looked at the scarred man.

  He wondered if he would bring something to eat. If so, Chen Chang’an would no longer have to go hungry.

Chen Changan shouted, “Hey, hey, hey, scar man, this temple is under the jurisdiction of this master. Who let you in without my consent?”

  ”And more importantly, because of you, I couldn’t enjoy my hot pot! If you don’t offer some food as compensation, you’ll be in big trouble!”

  Hearing Chen Changan’s words, Ling Bao’er blinked and looked at him sympathetically.

  This beggar was quite shameless.

  It was a pity that it was an ordinary person who had provoked Scarred Man.

  Given the Scarred Man’s character, he would certainly kill him.

  Hearing Chen Changan’s request for compensation, Scarred Man let out a cold snort and replied, “Compensation? You’re asking for death, beggar.”

He had no intention of wasting his time with a beggar.

  With a snap of his fingers, a black mist rushed out and formed a hideous skeleton that opened its mouth wide to swallow Chen Changan.

  However, as soon as the hideous skeleton entered Chen Chang’an’s invincible domain, it immediately disintegrated into nothingness.

  When the skeleton’s head dispersed, Chen Changan became furious.

  ”Damn it, I haven’t even tried to kill you yet, and you’re already trying to kill me, just because I’m about to starve to death doesn’t mean anyone can take advantage!”.

  Thinking back over the past three years, where he had had to live a life of worry and fear because of his immortal body and had barely slept well, he was justifiably angry!

  Now, with his invincible mastery, he no longer had to live in fear!

  As for Scar Man, he was momentarily stunned.

  He knew his own strength better than anyone else.

  In theory, that attack should have been enough to annihilate Chen Chang’an.

  However, it suddenly disintegrated in front of Chen Chang’an, catching him off guard.

  However, this beggar was clearly just an ordinary person.

What’s going on?

Ling Bao’er, who was standing next to him, also froze.

She originally thought that Chen Chang’an would definitely die from the scarred man’s attack.

She hadn’t expected Chen Chang’an to have blocked it.

He was a grand elder of the Evil Dragon Cave in the Ghost State, with Golden Dan realm cultivation and terrifying strength, and could have crushed Chen Chang’an with a single finger.

The sudden turn of events caught Lord Li and Ling Bao’er by surprise.

Chen Chang’an laughed angrily and said to Lord Li, “Scarred man, you are not qualified to kill me.”

“I’m right here, come, if you can kill me, I’ll kneel down and kiss your feet, you bastard.”


Powerful fluctuations of mana burst out from Lord Li’s body, a blood-colored scimitar appeared in his hand, and he said with a murderous aura.

“No matter who you are, you have to die, you damn beggar!”.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lord Li rushed towards Chen Chang’an.

The blood-colored scimitar in his hand slashed straight at Chen Chang’an’s head!

Chen Chang’an remained unperturbed, and on the contrary, the smile on his face became even bigger.

Because this Lord Li had already entered his invincible domain.

He originally had no intention of causing trouble.

But this Lord Li wanted to kill him, seeking his own death, Chen Chang’an naturally would not be polite!

Now that Lord Li has entered his invincible domain, life and death are under his control!

Lord Li sneered and the blood-colored scimitar in his hand slashed towards Chen Chang’an’s head.

Originally, he thought that this beggar’s head would fall to the ground…..

  But at that moment, Chen Chang’an reached out his right hand and grabbed the bloody scimitar.

  What was he going to do?

  Neither Li Lords nor Ling Bao’er understood.

  This bloody scimitar is a third-grade magic treasure, incredibly sharp.

  This beggar took it with his flesh and blood, he was simply seeking death!

  But the next moment, a shocking scene occurred!

  They only saw Chen Chang’an, with the index and middle finger of his right hand actually grabbed the bloody cutting scimitar.

  This scene was unbelievable!

  My God!!!

  This Chen Chang’an still didn’t emit any cultivation, he was just an ordinary person, how the hell did he do it!

  Lord Li’s pupils shrank, not understanding!

  Ling Bao’er, who was not far away, was also dumbfounded!

  She had thought that Chen Changan would die, but she didn’t expect Chen Changan to not die, but to easily pick up the knife that Li Lords cut with two fingers.

  ”You 。。。。。。。”

  Li lord wanted to say something.

  Chen Chang’an interrupted Li lord and said bitterly.

  ”In the next life, keep a low profile, don’t shout and shout all day long, isn’t it good to make peace and prosperity?”.

  After saying that, he exerted force with his two fingers.

  With a “click” sound, the invulnerable bloody scimitar was broken directly by his two fingers.

  Subsequently, he wiggled his fingers.

  The scimitar fragment in Chen Chang’an’s hand shot out with a “poof”.

  It pierced directly through Lord Li’s eyebrow, killing him!

At this moment, the system issued a message.

  ”System warning: the host has killed a Third Heaven Jindan cultivator, earning 500 points of domain value.”

  Chen Changan narrowed his eyes slightly.

  It seemed that in addition to killing ghosts, killing cultivators could also gain domain value.

  Adding up the previous kill, the domain value in his body had now reached 510 points.

  100 points of domain value to expand one meter, this 510 points of domain value was enough to expand five meters!

  Without hesitation, Chen Chang’an expanded his invincible domain five meters.

  His own invincible domain expanded to almost cover the entire Immortal Temple.

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