Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Fei Yanchen’s Doubt

As Fei Yanchen looked at the familiar marks on the tree, he fell silent.

It was just recently that they had passed by this place.

During their passage, Shen Yu’an had pointed out the scratches on the tree to him, discussing with him what kind of animal could have left those marks.

The two of them were talking, and the others in the team could also hear them.

So when Shen Yu’an called Fei Yanchen to take a look, Grandpa Shen and the others also walked over and saw the same trace.

Everyone fell silent. It seemed that they had indeed gotten lost without realizing it.

They thought they had walked a long distance, but in the end, they had circled back.

Ding Hehua worriedly asked, “What should we do? Should we turn back and take the mountain road?”

Zhang Wendong looked at his mother and explained, “Mother, since we have gotten lost, it means we have confused our directions. Even if we want to find a way out now, we don’t know which direction to go.”

Upon hearing this, Ding Hehua became even more anxious, continuously muttering, “What should we do? What should we do?”

Zhang Xiangyang’s head was about to explode from her muttering. He said, “Stop talking. You’re making yourself dizzy. If we think together, we will definitely find a way out.”

Everyone had no objections.

Originally, they had been waiting outside the city gate for Shen Yu’an and the others to return. They hadn’t eaten anything and now they had walked for so long, they were both tired and hungry.

Knowing that they had to rest here, everyone started doing what they needed to do in an orderly manner.

Song Shi and the others picked up some rocks from the surroundings and piled them up to create a simple stove. They placed a pot on top of it, and a few children went to gather dry branches to start a fire.

Because the forest was too dim, making it difficult to determine the direction, Grandma Shen reminded them not to wander off.

Wulang and Liulang obediently followed Sanlang and Silang to pick up branches in the surrounding area.

Shen Yun wasn’t given a task, so he helped Xiao Zhang Shi down from the ox cart to let her stretch her legs.

Xiao Zhang Shi was already seven months pregnant, and Shen Yu’an looked at her belly, which was bigger than the large iron pot they used for cooking.

Every time she came down to stretch her legs, everyone made sure Shen Yun stayed close to her, fearing that something unexpected might happen.     

Grandma Shen couldn’t bear to watch and said, “Maybe you shouldn’t continue walking. Just stop and rest for a while.”

Bai Miaqing advised, “Grandma Shen, Xiao Zhang Shi is pregnant with twins. If she doesn’t move around more now, she might be in danger during childbirth if she lacks strength.”

Bai Miaqing had learned medicine from her father and had a broad understanding of various aspects. Even though she was still an unmarried girl, she didn’t hesitate to consider such matters.

Grandma Shen was also an experienced person who knew how dangerous it could be during childbirth if one lacked strength. So she didn’t say anything further.

The others set up tents not far away.

As Shen Yu’an watched Grandma Shen and the others cooking, she remembered the things she had bought in the city earlier in the morning. He took out a portion of them from her backpack.

Shen Yu’an took out a dozen eggs from her backpack, as well as some salted duck eggs. She even took out some meat buns, chili peppers, pork, and roasted chicken.

Zhao Shi looked at each item being taken out and said with concern, “You bought so many things. It must have cost quite a bit of money.”

Shen Yu’an smiled and said, “It didn’t cost much. We can’t have the strength to keep going if we don’t eat enough while traveling all day.”

“Once we reach our destination, we can always earn the money back. Second Aunt, don’t worry too much,” Shen Yu’an reassured.

Upon considering this, Zhao Shi happily took the items that Shen Yu’an had taken out.

To facilitate taking out the items again in the future, Shen Yu’an suggested, “I also bought other things in the city. When we need them, I’ll take them out all at once instead of item by item.”

Grandma Shen glanced at her and said, “Alright, you can keep them for now.”

Wulang and Liulang saw Shen Yu’an taking out so many things and ran over to her, clamoring.

Liulang asked, “Sister, did you buy any candies?”

Wulang chimed in, “I want to eat that white candy from last time.”

Song Shi tapped him on the head and scolded, “No nonsense. It’s already good enough to have something to eat. You can only eat what your sister bought.”

Deep down, Song Shi knew that the candy Shen Yu’an had taken out last time was such a precious item, probably conjured from the treasure chest of that old immortal for her daughter. It couldn’t be available every time.

Wulang held his head and looked at Song Shi with a grievous expression. Shen Yu’an couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Sister bought many different kinds of candies in the city, but you can only eat one piece per day.”

“Okay~” Wulang responded.

Upon hearing that there were many different kinds, Liulang couldn’t wait and asked eagerly, “Sister, let me see what candies you bought.”

Shen Yu’an didn’t continue to tease them and took out a mix of candies from the space, including some pastries and candies she bought in the city.

The two of them cheered excitedly at the sight of so many candies.

Shen Yu’an picked up the white candy that Wulang had mentioned, which was actually the White Rabbit milk candy that she had repackaged, and distributed it to everyone.

She busily moved around in the crowd, enjoying herself in the process.

Fei Yanchen didn’t see those vegetables and candies when they were shopping.

Fei Yanchen’s lowered gaze darkened a bit, as if those things were conjured out of thin air by Shen Yu’an.

He knew that Shen Yu’an had many secrets, but if she didn’t want to share, he wouldn’t force her to tell him. So he acted as if he hadn’t noticed anything, quietly bowing his head to eat.

Shen Yu’an sneakily glanced at Fei Yanchen and felt that his expression hadn’t changed much. She thought he probably hadn’t noticed anything amiss, so she relaxed and started eating her meal.

Before going to sleep, everyone sprinkled insect repellent powder around their tents to prevent snakes, rats, insects, and ants.

In the dark forest, without the sight of sunlight, everyone slept deeply, and when they woke up the next day, they had no idea what time it was.

Shen Yu’an secretly took out an electronic watch from her pocket, and the displayed time showed that it was already ten o’clock in the morning.

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