Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey

Raw Title: 农女空间:逃荒路上捡个大反派

Total Chapters: 311

Author: 啊秋不打喷嚏

Translator: Etherna02

Update: 3 months ago

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“Escape, Space, Supernatural Abilities, Sweet Romance, Dual Protagonists: An Enjoyable Story”

Shen Yu’an, a woman from the modern times with special abilities, transmigrates into the body of a small farmer girl with the same name and surname during the Great Wei Dynasty.

She though she can finally enjoy a carefree life without any missions, but the next moment, she discovers that she has been transported into a book.

Not only does she find herself in the midst of political unrest, but soon there are also massive earthquakes and locust swarms happening. Shen Yu’an decides to take her family and flee, beginning a nomadic life where the sky is their roof and the earth is their bed. Fortunately, she has her space abilities, so she has access to resources she needed along the way.

On the way, she casually picked up a young gentleman who seemed too weak to take care of himself.

The main villain seems to be pitiful on the surface, but actually very cunning. Whenever he sees someone approaching Shen Yu’an with ulterior motives, he clutches his heart and pretends to be in pain, saying “An’an, my heart hurts, can you blow on it?” or “An’an, who is that despicable man? My eyes hurt from looking at him.”

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  1. Salone Siolka has spoken 3 months ago

    Why the hell is it over $100 to finish reading one novel


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