Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Transmigrated into a Year of Disaster

Spring of the 28th year of Shunde.

At this moment, it was just after 9 o’clock in the morning, and the sun was already scorching the earth, causing the newly sprouted leaves of the spring trees to droop.

It was the end of April, but this year’s high temperature seemed to have come earlier than usual.

In addition, many places in the western part of the Da Wei Empire had not received any rain since the winter, and the crops in the fields were already struggling to survive under the scorching sun.

Despite the sweltering heat, the gossiping nature of the women in the village could not be suppressed.

Under the blazing sun, a group of women gathered in the shadow of a corner wall.

“Mother of Chunhua, have you heard? The Shen family’s daughter jumped into the river!” whispered a woman dressed in a dark gray patched dress.

“What happened? Which Shen family’s daughter?!!” The woman, known as Chunhua’s mother, asked in surprise.

“Who else could it be? It’s the precious little gem of Shen Xiucai’s family in our village.” Another woman with a narrow-eyed look answered.

There was only one family with the surname Shen in the village, and everyone knew who they were referring to.

“Quickly, tell me quickly! How come I don’t know such a big thing?” Chunhua’s Mother slapped her thigh and urged them to continue.

The narrow-eyed woman sneered and said, “It happened this noon. It was Chunyan who saw it and called for help to save her.”

“You think, did the Shen family’s daughter jump into the river because of the scholar from the Wang family?” The woman in the dark grey patched dress spoke again.

This remark caused the other women to fall silent. Everyone knew that a few days ago, the scholar from the Wang family had become engaged to a wealthy girl in town.

Meanwhile, Shen Yu’an, the center of the topic, was sitting on her bed, rubbing her temples in confusion.

She didn’t die?!!

Shen Yu’an was originally a psychic in the 23rd century. She was on her way to vacation when she unexpectedly encountered something. She took two bullets to save someone. She remembered that the bullets had pierced her heart, so how did she end up here now?

In the 23rd century, psychics had become the top fighting force of the future world. While enjoying a privileged life, they also bore the responsibility of carrying out special missions for the country. And Shen Yu’an was such a psychic.

But not only did she not die, she also appeared in this strange place. Was she kidnapped?

Shen Yu’an moved her hands and feet and found no problems. Before she could get out of bed to investigate the situation, the door was pushed open from the outside, and a woman with an apron around her waist walked in. When the woman saw Shen Yu’an sitting on the bed with a wrinkled brow, her face lit up.

“You, girl, finally woke up! You scared me to death!”

As soon as the woman spoke, a surge of unfamiliar memories flooded into Shen Yuan’s mind.
Shen Yu’an quickly absorbed the incoming memories and realized that she had actually traveled through time. The owner of this body was a little girl with the same name and surname as her, who had recently drowned and somehow her soul had entered into it.

Shen Yu’an was relieved that the owner of this body was not named something like “Big Ya” or “Second Ya”.

The woman in front of her was actually the mother of this body, Mrs. Song. With a delighted look on her face, Mrs. Song shouted loudly outside, “Hey, Shen Yu’an’s father! Tell your mother quickly, this girl has awakened!”

Today was a rest day, and as a scholar, Shen Rong, the father of Shen Yu’an, didn’t need to go to town.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside, and soon the small house was filled with people. There were even some people standing outside the door, trying to peek inside because there was no more room.

Shen Yu’an felt embarrassed, as it seemed that the Shen family was indeed a large family with many relatives.

One of the matriarchs of the Shen family, the elderly Mrs. Shen, squeezed her way to the closest spot next to Shen Yu’an’s bed. She saw Shen Yu’an sitting on the bed and immediately slapped her back with a palm.

Shen Yu’an was caught off guard and almost fell forward, but Grandma Shen quickly pulled her back.

“You foolish girl, how could you have been so reckless as to jump into that river? Even if the water level had dropped, it was still twice your height. You have grown so bold to jump into it.” The more Grandma Shen spoke, the angrier she became. She wanted to slap Shen Yu’an again, but seeing her pale face, she forced herself to stop.

The river that grandma Shen mentioned was the one at the foot of the Damao Mountain. However, because it hadn’t rained for so long, it wasn’t as deep as it used to be. But Shen Yu’an, who couldn’t swim, had fallen into it and drowned.

After the old lady of the Shen family stopped speaking, Shen Rong’s second daughter-in-law, Zhao, asked the question she had been thinking about: “Yu’an, did you jump into the river because of Wang, the scholar?”

Zhao had heard some gossip from the village women when she was washing clothes by the river earlier, and her question stunned everyone in the room, including Shen Yu’an, who tried to recall who this Wang, the scholar was.

Thankfully, she finally remembered who Wang the scholar was, and upon realizing the reason for her drowning today, she immediately wanted to explain: “I didn’t…”

Just as Shen Yuan spoke, they heard a commotion from outside.

“Why are you all standing here? Could it be that your girl is not doing well?” A woman’s voice with a strange tone came from outside.

Then she continued, “My Chunyan is worried about that girl and wants to come and see her. Please make some room.”

The people in the room were so angry upon hearing this that they lost their reason. Song Shi, who was standing next to grandma Shen, grabbed the broom leaning against the wall and swung it at the woman who had just squeezed in.

The slightly plump woman was wailing after being hit by Song Shi and ran away from the room, constantly cursing Shen Yu’an.

Song Shi continued to hit her viciously, and the Shen family members quickly moved aside to let her hit a few more times.

The plump woman screamed and ran away, cursing Shen Yuan as she fled. Song Shi hit her harder, and the people in the Shen family quickly moved away to let Song Shi hit her a few more times.

Shen Yuan saw that the beautiful girl who had come in with the plump woman was Lin Chunyan, who had pushed her into the water with her exceptional memory. The plump woman was none other than Lin Chunyan’s mother, Ma Shi.

Under Song’s continuous beating, Ma Shi panicked and ran out of the house. However, she tripped over the door and fell heavily in the yard, landing on a pile of chicken feces.

Lin Chunyan was inside the house, looking unhappy. “Yu’an MeiMei, my mother and I came to see you. How could you let your mother hit someone as soon as we arrived?”

Shen Yu’an chuckled and asked back, “So, does that mean she can hit someone later?”

Lin Chunyan was taken aback, and when she realized that Shen Yu’an had found a loophole in her words and used it to argue back at her, she felt unhappy. She felt like Shen Yu’an had become a different person.

Just as she was about to say something else to Shen Yu’an, they heard a piercing scream coming from outside in the yard. Ma Shi was screaming loudly. Lin Chunyan glared at Shen Yu’an before quickly running out to see what was happening.

Shen Yu’an sneered to herself, wondering why Lin Chunyan was still so confident after pushing her into the water. What gave her the audacity to act so self-righteously?

Shen Yu’an didn’t intend to spare Lin Chunyan, but it seemed like the Shen family members were capable of handling the situation on their own.
She got up from the bed and put on her shoes, planning to go out and see what was happening.

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