Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Shen Family’s Protective Attitude
In the courtyard of the Shen family, Ma Shi sat up from the ground with the support of her hands. She felt something on her mouth and wiped it off with her hand, only to discover it was a piece of excrement, causing her to scream again.

Lin Chunyan walked over to help Ma Shi stand up. When she saw the indescribable thing on Ma Shi’s hand, she immediately stepped back and let go of her hand in disgust.

As Ma Shi had only stood up halfway, when Lin Chunyan let go of her hand, she fell on a sharp stone on the ground, screaming like a pig being slaughtered.
Shen Yu’an walked out and stood beside Song Shi, who was holding a broom. Seeing this scene, she laughed out loud without giving face.

Shen Wulang and Shen Liulang, the younger sons of the Shen family, also saw Shen Yu’an laughing and trembling with laughter, causing their small shoulders to shake. The others seemed to be infected by the emotions of the three of them and could not help but chuckle.

Meanwhile, people who were attracted by Ma Shi’s screams outside saw that the Shen family members were all trying to suppress their laughter, while Ma Shi and Lin Chunyan were standing in the courtyard looking miserable and pitiful. They were all a bit confused about what had happened.

“What happened?” Wu Cuihua, who was close to Song Shi, walked in with a curious look on her face and asked.

Lin Chunyan suppressed her anger and spoke first with a grievance, “My mother and I just wanted to come and see Younger sister Yu’an. After all, I was the one who called Big Brother Shen to save Younger sister Yu’an earlier and didn’t know how she was doing. I was worried. Now I know that Younger sister Yu’an is fine, it’s all good. Auntie Song must have hit my mother because she was too concerned and acted impulsively.”

“Lin Chunyan’s implication in her words was that she had called for someone to save Shen Yu’an and had come to see her. She also mentioned that her mother had been wronged.

With Lin Chunyan’s explanation, and seeing how pitifully Ma Shi was sitting on the ground, trembling and voicing her grievances, the people outside immediately believed her.

One of the aunties spoke up for Lin Chunyan and Ma Shi: Yu’an’s mother, Lin Chunyan came to see your girl. Why did you hit them? Besides, Chunyan also saved your girl.'”
Ha, who curses someone to death when visiting? I think she’s here to cause trouble,” said Song Shi with a cold snort, standing next to Shen Yu’an, who was holding a broom.

“Pah, if it weren’t for my Chunyan, your daughter would have died somewhere and even gone to the underworld,” said Ma Shi, sitting on the ground fiercely.

Hearing this, Song Shi was about to strike again with the broom, but was stopped by Wu Cuihua next to her.
Shen Yu’an also stepped forward to hold back the irritable Song Shi, saying, “My mother only acted out of impulse, anyone would get angry if someone came and cursed their child to die. And Sister Chunyan is an adult, she shouldn’t be angry either.”

With a hint of a smile on her lips, Shen Yu’an looked at Lin Chunyan as if waiting for her response.

In fact, Shen Yu An was trying to activate her psychic power. After a few attempts, she succeeded. Although her level was only at a primary level, it was enough to deal with someone like Lin Chunyan. She directed her psychic power towards Lin Chunyan, and though Lin Chunyan felt a momentary headache, she didn’t pay much attention to it.

“In the 23rd century, Shen Yuxi’s superpower is psychic power, which can be used to manipulate and control living beings such as humans or animals through psychic medium. It can also be used to attack and control people. Although her superpower is only at a primary level now, it’s still enough to disrupt Lin Chunyan’s mind. Shen Yuxi looked at the somewhat dazed Lin Chunyan and sneered, ‘I owe my life to you today because you saved me from drowning. But I have a feeling that someone pushed me into the water. Did you notice anything when you arrived so conveniently?'”
Suddenly, when everyone thought that Shen Yu’an was just asking a simple question, Lin Chunyan changed her usual image and viciously said, “Hmph, of course I pushed you down myself. Who told Brother Wang to only like you, bitch! You are nothing…”

As she watched Lin Chunyan suddenly stop speaking, Shen Yuan’s heart lightly clicked her tongue. Her primary level of mental power was not quite sufficient, as evidenced by the sudden stop in Lin’s speech. She glanced over the villagers who were shocked by Lin’s words, but this was enough.

To think that Lin Chunyan would try to pass herself off as a savior after causing someone’s death, she was really dreaming. Since she had taken over her body, Shen Yu’an would help her seek justice.

Shen Yu’an felt a lightness in her heart, as if something had drifted away…
Just as Lin Chunyan was about to say something, she suddenly stopped and turned pale, realizing what she had just said. She turned her head to look behind her and saw that the villagers were also shocked and standing still.

“No, no, that’s not true. It was me who called for help when Younger Sister Yu’an fell into the water. Yes, I called for help from Brother Shen, Brother Shen…” Lin Chunyan quickly changed her words to cover up, and looked at Shen Dalang with a pleading look.

But she clearly picked the wrong person, as Shen Dalang was already furious upon hearing her previous words and could have punched her.

Hearing Chunyan’s word, Shen Dalang suddenly realized that when he heard Lin Chunyan’s cry for help, He had already walked to the riverbank, but his sister was already sinking. How could he have only heard her call for help then, if she had called out to him before he reached the riverbank?

So Lin Chunyan never intended to call for help for her sister, and she even pushed her sister into the water!!!

Shen Dalang clenched his fists, feeling a surge of hatred in his heart, while Grandma Shen, Song Shi, and Zhao Shi had already swung their fists at Lin Chunyan. Even pregnant Xiaozhang Shi wanted to step forward and punch them, but she was stopped by Shen Ming beside her.

The villagers who were watching wanted to go forward and stop them, but when they remembered what Lin Chunyan had said just now, they stopped in their tracks.

Ma Shi and Lin Chunyan, who were beaten, realized that no one was coming forward to help them, and after a few more slaps, they fled from the Shen family’s courtyard in a panic, their clothes in a mess.

Shen Yu’an saw that Lin Chunyan’s lips had turned blue, and Ma Shi’s clothes were in a mess.

The members of the Shen family were still furious even after Ma Shi and Lin Chunyan ran away. They wished they could kill Lin Chunyan to vent their anger. She pushed Shen Yuan down into the river knowing that she couldn’t swim, and if Shen Dalarng had not passed by in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Several women who were on good terms with the Shen family also came in from outside to console them. After saying a few words, they left.
With so many people here, the news of Lin Chunyan pushing Shen Yujun into the water and then claiming to be her savior will soon spread throughout the village.

After everyone left, Shen’s grandmother, Song and others scolded Lin Chunyan again before calming down a bit.

Following that, Shen Yu’an returned to her room and immediately began to sort through her jumbled memories. She wanted to search her mind for information on the Shen family and this era to prevent being caught off guard in unexpected situations.

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