Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Space has come too.

Chapter 3: Space has come too.
The Shen family now has a total of fifteen members.

Grandpa Shen and Grandma Shen are the undisputed patriarch and matriarch of the family, but they are not unreasonable like some other families. Grandma Shen does not bully her daughters-in-law, so the relationship between the sisters-in-law is also very harmonious.

The couple only had three sons: Shen Rong, the eldest, Shen Ming, the second son, and Shen Yun, the youngest, all of whom are part of the Shen family.

Shen Yu’an’s family, also known as the main branch of the Shen family, is headed by Shen Rong, the eldest son of the family. Shen Rong passed the imperial examination for the provincial level scholar (xiucai) several years ago, but failed the next year’s higher level examination (hui exam). Out of consideration for his younger siblings, he didn’t want them to support him alone, so he decided to temporarily work as a teacher in the town with the identity of a xiucai. However, he has not taken the examination again since then.

Shen Rong married Song Shi, and they have three children: Shen Yu’an, the eldest daughter, as well as her older brother and younger brother, Shen Dalang and Shen Wulang, respectively.

Shen Ming, the second son of the Shen family, who heads the second branch, married Zhao Shi and they also have three children. They are Shen lang, the second son of the family, Shen sanlang, the third son of the family, and Shen silang, the fourth son of the family. Among them, Shen sanlang and Shen silang are twins, but their personalities are very different.

Shen Yun, the youngest son of the family who heads the third branch, married Xiaozhang Shi, a niece of Grandma Shen’s family. They have only one child, Shen Liulang, who is ten years old. However, Xiaozhang Shi is currently pregnant with another child and is already three months pregnant.

Xiaozhang Shi is hoping for a baby girl in her belly, as the Shen family is known to be very fond of their daughters. Moreover, her husband is good-looking, and it is said that girls resemble their father. Xiaozhang Shi believes that if she has a daughter, she will also be beautiful. So, she really wants a daughter.

But let’s put that aside, because Shen Yu’an has discovered something even more alarming!!!

Shen Yu’an searched through her memories and found some rare information about this dynasty. It is now the 28th year of the Shunde reign of the Da Wei Dynasty, a dynasty that has never appeared in history before.

This reminded her of a novel she read recently, which started from the 28th year of the Shunde reign.
The novel is called “Me and the Emperor: Equals in the Courtroom”. In the novel, Da Wei Dynasty was plagued by internal and external troubles from the 28th year of the Shunde reign onwards. The old emperor was weak and believed in the path of cultivating immortality. He built a Daoist temple in the palace, hoping to directly ascend to the heavens.

His sons saw that he was on his last legs and began to cultivate their own power and fight for the throne. The court was divided into multiple factions and in chaos. Meanwhile, various disasters such as droughts, locust plagues, and earthquakes occurred in different regions of the western part of the Great Wei Dynasty, and the people were in dire straits.
As one can imagine, the next thing that happened was a large-scale exodus of refugees.

Meanwhile, the family of the royal family of a different surname who guarded the western border of Da Wei was feared by several princes of the emperor. They were lured to the capital and placed under house arrest. The second legitimate son of the royal family, managed to escape by sheer luck but disappeared afterwards. When he reappeared, his appearance had been completely destroyed, with a horrifying scar running from his temple to his chin, and his left hand missing three fingers.”

From that moment on, Fei Yanchen, who was once called the “Little God of War,” became increasingly unpredictable. It wasn’t until he heard the news of his family’s demise in the capital that he launched a massive counterattack, plunging the entire Da Wei into further chaos and suffering.

The fourth prince, Wei Chenyi, pinned the blame for the turmoil on Fei Yanchen, turning the once acclaimed “Little God of War” into a despised figure, a ruthless killing machine whom everyone wanted to see eliminated.

In the end, the fourth son of the emperor who quelled the rebellion, had Fei Yanchen now a completely corrupted antagonist, executed by Ling Chi
Note: Ling Chi is a form of torture that involves death by a slow and painful process of cuts and dismemberment.

At the time when Shen Yu’an was reading this novel, she still felt that the antagonist was not entirely at fault. In a chaotic political situation, capable individuals naturally seek their own benefits. Moreover, the royal family of a different surname guarding the western gate of Da Wei had no intention of rebelling.

It could only be said that they were caught in the crossfire of the court’s disputes and became innocent victims.

Shen Yu’an muttered to herself, “Well, I don’t have to stand up for others anymore. Now, I too am about to become a hapless victim.”

It’s better to think about how to save my own life as soon as possible. It’s not easy to come back to life again, I can’t afford to report to the King of Hell again.

It seems that Shen’s Village is located in the fiefdom of Changding prince in the west of Da Wei, which will be the most severely affected by the upcoming disaster.”

She can protect herself, but now that she has become Shen’s daughter, she can’t escape on her own. Moreover, Shen’s family has been so good to the original owner of her body, so she should repay them in return.

In that case, she would need to consider a lot of things: food, money, weapons…
Shen Yu’an was feeling a bit worried. There were elderly people, children, and a pregnant woman in the group, so there would definitely be a lot of things to prepare. If it were before, she wouldn’t have worried about the supplies, that was because, nobody knew, that Shen Yu’an had a secret that she kept hidden, which was her personal space.

The space was something she accidentally obtained during a mission, and inside it was a large supermarket and a weapons room.

The items in the supermarket seemed endless, but the weapons room was not as generous. Once the items were used up, they were gone. Therefore, Shen Yu’an cherished the weapons room particularly and even put a lot of things inside.

Shen Yu’an then thought about whether her ability would also bring the space with her, so she locked the door and tried to make contact with the space. To her surprise, she was able to enter the space and found herself standing on the empty ground inside with a look of delight on her face.

The issue of food and daily necessities was considered resolved, and Shen Yu’an was not so worried anymore. However, thinking about possible incidents on the road, Shen Yu’an felt that she needed to find a way to make the Shen family believe what she said. She decided to persuade them to exercise more and increase their ability to protect themselves.

After careful consideration, Shen Yu’an decided not to reveal the secret of her space to the Shen family. She couldn’t expose herself to danger before fully integrating into the Shen family.

Having figured out all these, Shen Yu’an decided to find some time to go up the mountain and take some things out of the space to sell in the town, in order to cover up.

Fortunately, the opportunity came the next day.

Shen Ming and Shen Yun were going to hunt on the mountain early in the morning, and Shen Yu’an used the excuse of looking for some mushrooms to go up with them.

Her father Shen Rong didn’t go, as it was his day off and he was at home checking on the homework of the children.

Yesterday, Shen Yu’an fell into the water, and some people spread rumors that she jumped into the river because she couldn’t bear the blow of Wang Xiucai’s engagement in town. However, with the commotion caused by Lin Chunyan’s actions at Shen’s house, it is certain that people who were watching had spread the news. Lin Chunyan likes Wang Zhicai, so naturally Shen Yu’an was singled out.

However, Shen Yu’an and the other two people tried to ignore him, but Wang Zhicai took the initiative to speak up and stop them in their tracks.

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