Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 107

Chapter 107: The Elusive Monkey Wine

Shen Dalang quickly took over the conversation, “Oh, that jar? It was brought back by my sister.”

“Oh, right, I haven’t asked you yet. What’s inside those jars?” Shen Dalang continued.

Fei Yanchen raised the jar in his hand and looked at Shen Yu’an.

Shen Yu’an awkwardly chuckled. Just when her mother stopped being angry, her big brother pushed her to the front again.

Now her mother would know that she had wandered around while going to the restroom, and she might get angry again.

However, the gaze of Song Shi and the others had already gathered on her, making it impossible for her to run away.

Shen Dalang even directly took the jar from Zhang Wendong’s hand and opened the sealed jar.

Suddenly, a strong aroma of alcohol wafted into everyone’s noses.

Grandpa Shen, Grandpa Shen Xingwang, and Grandpa Zhang ManCang all took a deep breath.

Even the women who didn’t drink could smell the delightful fragrance.

Shen Dalang leaned closer to the jar and exclaimed, “Wow, what is this? It smells so good!”

Shen Yuan replied, “This is Monkey Wine.”

“Monkey Wine?!” Shen Yun exclaimed, “Isn’t that something that only exists in legends? You didn’t just randomly find two jars of wine, did you?”

Though Shen Yun expressed disbelief, she swiftly ran over and joined Shen Dalang in smelling the jar.

Grandpa Shen, however, grasped the key point and asked in confusion, “You went out to find a restroom, but how did you come back with this fine item?”

Grandma Shen curiously said, “Look at how excited you all are. Is this wine really that good?”

Ji Xun couldn’t hide his excitement either and stepped forward to explain, “Grandma Shen, you don’t know. This Monkey Wine is a rare and precious thing. It is something that is hard to come by. Not to mention, it has a very short storage time. It is rumored that drinking this wine not only has the effect of prolonging life, but also enhances beauty and maintains youthfulness.”

Then he looked at Shen Yu’an and said, “Miss Shen is really lucky. She can obtain such a good thing.”

Shen Yu’an smiled and politely thanked him, “Mr. Ji, you flatter me.”

Zhao Shi didn’t expect that just two jars of wine could have such powerful effects and be priceless!

She asked, “So, is there any more of this Monkey Wine? Let’s get more and make a fortune!”

Ji Xun replied, “Monkey Wine is extremely precious. The two jars that Miss Shen brought back should be all there is.”

Upon hearing that there was only that much, Zhao Shi became disappointed and stopped speaking.

Song Shi slapped Shen Yu’an on the back and reprimanded, “I told you, you girl, you were gone for so long, and it turns out you were looking for this Monkey Wine. Even if it’s precious, is it more important than your own safety?”

Shen Yu’an quickly hid behind Grandma Shen and pleaded with Song Shi for forgiveness.

Grandma Shen looked at Shen Yu’an, who was hiding behind her, and shielded her with her body. She scolded just like Song Shi, saying, “Yes, you girl, you deserve to be punished. You can’t do this again in the future.”

Everyone’s mind was captivated by the fragrance of the Monkey Wine.

However, the person who brought back the Monkey Wine was now facing punishment, and they couldn’t just stand by and watch.

So they all pretended to criticize Shen Yu’an for a while and then joined the group persuading Song Shi.

Shen Yu’an saw so many people standing on her side and secretly smiled, hurriedly pleading for forgiveness.

“Mother, I know I was wrong. Please forgive me this time.”

As for the next time?

Of course, she would dare again~

Song Shi didn’t actually want to hit her. She just felt that this girl was a bit unruly with her skills and wanted to teach her a lesson.

So when she saw so many people giving her face, she took the opportunity to let the matter slide.

The delay caused by everyone took up quite a bit of time. Since Shen Yu’an had returned, they decided to set off.

Grandpa Shen snatched the two jars of wine and carefully placed them on the ox cart.

Because they were worried about the jars getting bumped during the journey, Grandpa Shen placed clothes and blankets around them.

Feeling the resentful glances from others, Grandpa Shen cleared his throat and explained, “We still have a long way to go, and drinking wine will only delay us. We can enjoy it when we arrive at our destination.”

Upon hearing this, the others stopped giving Grandpa Shen resentful looks.

In her heart, Shen Yu’an sighed with relief. Luckily, she was clever enough to have already stored one jar in her personal space. Otherwise, she would have lost it all.

It was now afternoon, and although the sunlight was not as intense as in the morning, they could still see the road clearly.

However, in the morning, they had been walking towards the shadows, and now they were walking in the opposite direction of the shadows.

Before leaving, Shen Yu’an heard the squeaking sounds of monkeys again.

She looked up and saw the little monkeys on the branches not far behind them, watching them.

Shen Yu’an waved her hand to bid them farewell.

Fei Yanchen also noticed Shen Yu’an’s movement and looked in the same direction. He also spotted the monkeys.

However, as soon as the monkeys noticed Fei Yanchen looking at them, the branches rustled, and they hurriedly fled.

Fei Yanchen, with an expressionless face, turned his gaze back and continued to look at the road.

As they set off in the afternoon, the light in the forest had dimmed soon after they started walking.

Concerned about getting lost again, everyone decisively stopped and planned to rest.

For dinner, they relied on the things Shen Yu’an and the others had bought in the town.

Shen Yu’an leaned against a tree, watching as Song Shi and the others tore the meat apart and reheated it.

The rest of the group set up tents and built a campfire nearby.

They had been on the road for over four months, and the time had transitioned from the sweltering month of June to the chilly month of October.

They had added an extra layer of clothing, and at night, they slept in tents with thin blankets to keep warm.

However, those who kept watch outside would feel a chill at night, though the fire provided some comfort.

Shen Yu’an watched the cooking for a while before shifting her gaze to Fei Yanchen and Ji Xun.

Their disguises were still intact. Originally, she had planned to give them a makeover to make them more attractive, but Ji Xun hadn’t mentioned changing their appearances in the past few days, and she had forgotten about it as well.

Let’s have them wash off the makeup later.

Cosmetics aren’t good for the skin when they stay on for too long. Since we’re in this forest and unlikely to encounter anyone, I’ll help them with their makeovers when we’re closer to leaving.

Fei Yanchen noticed that someone had been staring at him and turned his head to see Shen Yu’an sitting under a tree, gazing at him.

Fei Yanchen smiled, but his smile froze the next moment when he saw a snake, as thick as an adult man’s arm, suddenly appear above Shen Yu’an’s head.

The snake slowly slithered down, its tongue flickering, but Shen Yu’an, lost in her thoughts, remained unaware of the danger.

Fei Yanchen’s gaze narrowed, and his hand, in the midst of setting up the tent, froze in mid-air.

Ji Xun, who was working with Fei Yanchen, noticed his distraction and sneered, “Hmph, taking so long just to set up a tent!”

Fei Yanchen didn’t even spare him a glance. Just as Ji Xun was about to speak again, Fei Yanchen suddenly drew the large knife Shen Yu’an had given him from his waist and swiftly threw it towards the direction where the women and girls were cooking.

Ji Xun didn’t understand what he was doing, and seeing him throw the knife towards Song Shi and the others, he exclaimed, “What are you doing?!!”

The others were drawn by Ji Xun’s voice and looked over, only to see a gleaming knife swiftly heading towards Shen Yu’an.

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