Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Holy Maiden Hua Ling

“A village?”

Shen Yu’an furrowed her brows deeply. It seemed quite strange for a village to suddenly appear in the dense forest.

However, she didn’t show her surprise on her face and continued to ask, “Grandfather, can we go to your village and ask if anyone has seen our lost companions?”

The old man walked ahead, her voice sounding leisurely, “Come if you wish to come.”

Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen, who were behind him, exchanged a glance and hastened their steps to catch up with the old man walking ahead.

Whether there was any issue in the village and whether her second brother was inside, they would only find out once they entered.

Walking behind the old man, the two of them didn’t have to wander aimlessly like headless flies.

After turning two corners, they came across an open space with numerous wooden houses and several pedestrians moving along the pathways.

It was already noon, and smoke billowed from the chimneys of many wooden houses.

As soon as Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen followed the old man carrying firewood into the village, the gazes of the people outside turned towards them.

Those people looked at them with unfriendly expressions.

Fei Yanchen silently positioned himself to shield Shen Yu’an behind him.

They slowly gathered around and looked at Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen, asking the old man addressed as the Second Clan Elder, “Second Clan Elder, who are these two people?”

The old man, known as the Second Clan Elder, replied nonchalantly, “They’re here to find someone. Once they find the person, we’ll send them away.”

The old man turned to a short middle-aged man and said, “Hua Ku, take them to inquire at each household if they have encountered any other outsiders.”

At that moment, a cute girl adorned with bells on her clothes approached.

Upon seeing the crowd gathering, the curious girl walked over.

As the people gathered together noticed the girl approaching, they instinctively made way for her to pass through.

When the girl entered the crowd and caught sight of Fei Yanchen, her eyes lit up.

She hadn’t found a suitable opportunity to make a move yet, but why did this person approach her now?

Could this be the so-called fate mentioned in the story?

The girl didn’t pay much attention to Shen Yu’an, who was blocking her way, and looked at Fei Yanchen with joy, asking, “How did you come here?”

Fei Yanchen, hearing the familiar tone from this sudden encounter, couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “Do you know me?”

The girl coughed lightly, realizing that she misspoke.

She glanced at Fei Yanchen again and then shifted her gaze towards the Second Clan Elder and the people around.

“What just happened?” she asked.

Hua Ku respectfully took over and replied, “These two individuals came to find someone. The Second Clan Elder instructed me to take them to inquire if anyone has seen any outsiders.”

The girl nodded and said, “You all can continue with your tasks. I’ll take care of this person. Later, I’ll accompany him to find the person he’s looking for.”

Hua ku exclaimed in astonishment, “Holy Maiden!”

The Second Clan Elder also disapproved and said, “Hua Ling, don’t act recklessly.”

The Holy Maiden, Hua Ling, pouted unhappily and said, “Oh come on, it’s been a long time since we’ve had outsiders here. I’ll invite them to come home for a meal.”

Then she looked at Fei Yanchen and Shen Yu’an, who was partially blocked, and said, “Come with me.”

Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen looked at the people around them. These individuals seemed to hold a respectful attitude towards the young girl, indicating that her status here was likely high.

After expressing their gratitude to the Second Clan Elder who had brought them here, the two followed the young girl named Hua Ling and left.

After walking for nearly two hundred meters, Shen Yu’an felt that they were now in the center of the village. Hua Ling then stopped and opened the door of a wooden house. She turned back and said, “Come inside quickly. My father and the others should be back soon. I’ll ask him to help you find the person you’re looking for.”

Her gaze briefly passed over Fei Yanchen’s handsome appearance and then shifted towards Shen Yu’an, becoming even brighter.

This sister resembles her preferences more~

She felt conflicted. Which one should she choose to stay?

She decided to ask her father later. After all, she could simply keep both of them.

After sorting out her thoughts, Hua Ling eagerly pulled Shen Yu’an inside.

Fei Yanchen watched the excited little girl, unsure of what had gotten her so thrilled. Shen Yu’an had already been pulled inside, so he silently followed.

Once inside, the two of them wanted to inquire about the whereabouts of Shen Erlang. After all, the longer he remained missing, the more dangerous it became. They wanted to find him as soon as possible and leave.

This village that suddenly appeared was not only strange but the people here seemed to be quite hostile towards outsiders like them.

They planned to leave as soon as they found the person they were looking for.

However, once they entered, Hua Ling was constantly busy, bringing tea and snacks for the two of them.

Her little mouth kept chattering, and Shen Yu’an couldn’t find an opportunity to speak.

It wasn’t until Hua Ling came over with two cups of tea, which seemed to have some insects soaking in the water, that Shen Yu’an was shocked.

“Why are there insects used to brew the tea?!!!”

Hua Ling saw that Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen were holding the tea cups but not drinking, and she said, “Go ahead and taste it. This is a special ingredient I took from my father’s room for you.”

Seeing Hua Ling’s sincere and expectant expression, Shen Yu’an suppressed her disgust and politely smiled at Hua Ling, placing the tea cup on the nearby table.

She quickly spoke up, “Um…”

“I’m called Hua Ling, like the flower and the bell. What’s your name?”

Shen Yu’an thought for a moment and decided to tell her own name. After all, they were unlikely to meet again in the future.

Then she continued, “Hua Ling, have there been any other strangers like us in your village? My elder brother got separated from us, and we are looking for him.”

After speaking, she looked at Hua Ling expectantly. Since she seemed to be some kind of “saint” here, she should have more information.

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