Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 117

Chapter 117: You are the Sinners of the Clan

The Third elder were taken aback by Hua Yun’s words, but quickly dismissed them, saying, “Rules are dead, but people are alive.”

“He’s just a young intruder who happened to stumble in. If he dies, he dies. It’s his good fortune to be used for the research of my Gu insects,” the Third elder said nonchalantly.

Hua Nan glanced coldly at Shen Erlang lying on the central table, showing little concern.

However, he couldn’t fathom why her father and mother suddenly changed their attitudes and came here to demand something from the third elder.

Hua Yun walked up to Shen Erlang’s side, her gaze lightly sweeping over him, and casually said, “Rules are rules. Are the third elders perhaps seeking to be removed from their positions as elder?”

The third elders became furious, their eagle-like eyes glaring at Hua Yun.


Hua Yun interrupted the words the third elders were about to speak and stated directly, “We will take this person with us.”

The anger in the heart of the third elders surged, yet he didn’t know how to refute this reckless female demon who seemed to disregard everything.

Most importantly, his Gu techniques were not as powerful as this female demon’s, let alone the combined strength of these three individuals.

Otherwise, he could have exerted some control over them for a moment, making them forget about this matter.

As he watched Hua Ji already lifting Shen Erlang halfway up, the third elder’s eyes darted around, and suddenly he spoke up:

“Aren’t you afraid that by releasing these people, our hiding place will be exposed to outsiders, and our clan will suffer another catastrophic disaster?”

“At that time, you will be the sinners of the clan!”

The words of the third elders were filled with sorrow, as if he were considering the well-being of the clan, but in reality, he were observing the expressions of Hua Yun and Hua Ji.

As long as they showed hesitation, the third elder could use an illusionary Gu to make a final attempt at keeping this person here.

However, Hua Yun coldly snorted, and even Hua Ji and Hua Nan looked at him expressionlessly, showing no signs of being swayed by his words.

Hua Yun glanced at Hua Ji, signaling him to hurry up.

“Instead of worrying about this, third elder should be more concerned about the possibility of the clan discovering your experiments on living beings,” she said.

With that remark, Hua Ji lifted Shen Erlang on his back, and together with Hua Yun and Hua Nan, they walked out.

Later on, the three elders stared fiercely at the departing trio with a sinister gaze.

The Gu insects residing in his chest seemed to sense his emotions and slowly began to squirm, causing the other Gu insects in the room to become restless as well.

After Hua Ji carried Shen Erlang on his back out of the Third elders’ Gu chamber, he didn’t take him home but instead turned towards Hua Yun’s nearby Gu chamber.

Hua Yun’s chamber was slightly larger, filled with various bottles and containers, some of which housed more than one Gu insect.

Inside the room, there was only a half-empty desk, which was also cluttered with various items.

Hua Yun glanced at Shen Erlang; she wouldn’t put the things on her desk on the floor just for a young intruder.

She said, “Place him on the floor.”

Hua Ji glanced at her and replied, “Okay.”

They casually placed Shen Erlang on the floor.

Meanwhile, Shen Erlang remained deeply asleep, undisturbed by the commotion.

Hua Nan asked, “What should we do with this person? Should we hand him over directly to those two?”

Hua Ji replied, “Not so fast. Let’s wait for now.”

Afterward, they exchanged a glance, with a hidden undertone flowing in their eyes, indicating that they had something in mind.

On the other side, Hua Ling had finally found a playmate and cheerfully led Shen Yu’an to visit her Gu chamber.

She even explained how to manipulate these Gu insects.

However, Shen Yu’an’s expression became visibly disappointed upon hearing Hua Ling say that only those with their clan’s bloodline could control these Gu insects.

She was actually curious to see if her mental power could control these Gu insects that had already acknowledged a master.

However, every time she attempted to use her mental power, the Gu insects seemed unusually excited.

To avoid arousing suspicion, Shen Yu’an had no choice but to give up.

Time flew by quickly, and Shen Yu’an felt like they hadn’t been inside for long when the sky had already turned dark.

The village in this area didn’t have many trees to provide cover, so the darkness of the night was particularly noticeable.


Shen Yu’an listened for any signs of activity outside, then quietly opened the door and stepped out.

As soon as the door opened, Shen Yu’an heard movement coming from the neighboring house.

It was the house where Fei Yanchen resided. Shen Yu’an turned her head and indeed saw Fei Yanchen opening his door and looking in her direction.

Shen Yu’an smiled; it seemed they were on the same wavelength.

They exchanged a glance, understanding each other without words. They gently closed the door and left the Hua residence.

Fei Yanchen whispered, “Where should we start searching first?”

Shen Yu’an replied, “Let’s search house by house. I believe my second brother is in this village.”

Especially now that they knew there were people in the village who practiced Gu techniques, Shen Yu’an was afraid that his second brother would be caught by someone in the village and used as a guinea pig for experiments.

They started searching from the first house they entered, checking each one to see if Shen Erlang was there.

However, Shen Yu’an never dared to use her mental power to investigate.

After all, she wasn’t sure if her ability was specifically attracted to Hua Ling and Hua Nan’s Gu insects or if it included all Gu insects.

If using her mental power to investigate aroused suspicion from these people, finding her brother would become even more difficult.

Fortunately, apart from their Gu techniques, the people here were quite ordinary in other aspects.

The two of them quietly sneaked into each house and began their systematic search.

As dawn approached, Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen had searched through every household but found no trace of Shen Erlang. Their attention turned to the forbidden area.

With daylight slowly breaking, Shen Yu’an decided to wait for the second night to seize another opportunity.

Upon returning to the Hua residence, Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen retired to their respective rooms to rest.

However, shortly after they had fallen asleep, in a nearby room not far from where Shen Yu’an resided…

Hua Ling was sound asleep on her bed, while a minuscule insect crawled out of a small box on the table, which had been opened just slightly.

After emerging from the box, the tiny insect crawled slowly along the table leg, then made its way toward Shen Yu’an’s room.

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