Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Bewitching Woman Hua Mei

As the woman opened the door, a voice simultaneously rang out.

Hua Mei, the woman who had just opened the door, smiled and spoke, “Clan Leader, all the things we went out to buy have been brought back.”

Hua Ji nodded and said, “Good, I understand. Distribute them to each family according to the usual practice based on the number of people.”

Hua Mei respectfully replied, “Yes.”

As she spoke, her eyes swept around and landed on Shen Yu’an and the other two people.

When she saw Fei Yanchen, her eyes lit up, and she continued speaking in a sweet voice, “These three are the guests from the Chief’s family that everyone in the clan was talking about.”

Shen Yu’an and the other two were about to take their leave when they were unexpectedly interrupted like this.

Hua Ling looked at Hua Mei, who had entered through the door, and exclaimed happily, “Sister Hua Mei, you’re back! Did you bring me any gifts?”

Hua Mei took a few small steps forward, lightly tapped Hua Ling’s nose with a raised finger, and chuckled, “You mischievous little girl, how could I forget about your things? They’re all together, you can take them yourself later.”

Hua Ling smiled and replied playfully, “Thank you, Sister Hua Mei.”

After smiling at Hua Ling, Hua Mei turned to face Fei Yanchen.

She raised her eyes slightly to look at him, brushed aside the stray hair near her ear, and somewhat shyly asked, “I am Hua Mei, may I know the name of this young gentleman?”

Upon hearing Hua Ling call this woman Hua Mei, a multitude of thoughts flashed through Fei Yanchen’s mind.

She slightly turned her head towards Fei Yanchen, and even though his expression had returned to normal, Shen Yu’an could still sense Fei Yanchen’s displeasure towards the woman in front of them.

Hua Mei, seeing Fei Yanchen only looking at her without responding, thought that he was mesmerized by her beauty.

She felt somewhat proud, as it seemed that no one could resist her charm and would eventually fall at her feet.

Even this seemingly extraordinary man was no exception.

She threw a flirtatious glance at Fei Yanchen and spoke in a gentle voice, “This young sir?”

Fei Yanchen directly shifted his gaze to Shen Yu’an beside him, showing no intention of paying any attention to Hua Mei.

He said to Shen Yu’an, “Let’s leave.”

Hua Mei’s smile froze on her face, and she looked at Shen Yu’an with an unfriendly gaze.

Shen Yu’an directly caught the unfriendly gaze of Hua Mei and spoke frankly, “It seems that the medical skills of the Clan Leader’s wife are quite good. I think she can help this Miss Hua Mei with her eyes.”

Everyone immediately turned their gaze towards Hua Mei.

They didn’t expect Shen Yu’an to say something like that directly. Before Hua Mei could retract her malicious gaze, everyone caught her in the act.

As they looked at her eyes, Fei Yanchen and Shen Erlang reciprocated the same look, even Hua Ji and Hua Yun seemed displeased.

Hua Ling directly asked, “Sister Hua Mei, why are you glaring at Sister Yu’an?”

Faced with these people who were not playing by the rules, Hua Mei felt like her head was about to explode.

She tugged at her stiff mouth corner and explained, “Ling’er must have mistaken it. This young lady is your guest. Why would I glare at her?”

“Is that so?”

Hua Ling tilted her head in confusion, feeling that something was off.

Hua Nan looked at her sister’s dim-witted expression and felt extremely frustrated.

At that moment, Hua Yun suddenly spoke, breaking the deadlock.

Without noticing Hua Mei’s expression just now, she spoke as usual, “Did you encounter any dangers during this outing to buy things?”

Hua Mei still respected Hua Yun and immediately replied, “To answer the Clan Leader’s wife, everything went smoothly.”

Hua Yun said to Hua Ji beside her, “Hmm, you and Mei’er go check the things we bought and distribute them to everyone as soon as possible.”

Hua Ji nodded and said, “Okay, you stay here.”

Hua Mei hadn’t asked for Fei Yanchen’s name yet and didn’t really want to leave.

But Hua Ji, who had taken two steps, turned to see that she hadn’t left yet and urged her again.

Hua Mei felt a bit unwilling as she glanced at Fei Yanchen, thinking that they wouldn’t leave anyway, and she would have another chance.

However, by the time Hua Mei finished her tasks and realized they had already left, it was too late for regrets.

Before leaving, Hua Ji glanced at Hua Nan and Hua Ling, and finally turned to Shen Yu’an with a pleading look in his eyes.

After Hua Ji and Hua Mei left, Shen Yu’an spoke again, “Then we’ll take our leave as well.”

Hua Yun nodded at Shen Yu’an and turned to Hua Nan and Hua Ling, asking, “Did you pack everything?”

Hua Ling patted a bundle on the ground and said, “We packed everything, Mother. Hua Mei said she brought gifts for me. Could you keep them for me until I come back?”

Hua Yun lowered her head towards Shen Yu’an and said, “In the future, I’ll trouble Miss Shen with them.”

Without any further goodbyes, Shen Yu’an and the others left the place.

Hua Nan and Hua Yun knew the way back, so they would be led by them.

Only Hua Yun remained in the courtyard, and when she recalled the moment Shen Yu’an and the others left, she couldn’t snap out of the words Fei Yanchen said from behind, lingering in her mind for a long time.

“Be careful of Hua Mei.”

Those were the last words Fei Yanchen left for her.

Although she didn’t understand why Young Master Fei would say such a thing, he didn’t seem like the type to casually slander others.

And what Fei Yanchen must have been thinking was that Hua Nan and Hua Ling had now joined Shen Yu’an’s group.

If their parents were dead, with Shen Yu’an’s protective nature, she definitely wouldn’t sit idly by.

So he said those words to make Hua Yun and the others be cautious and create some obstacles for Hua Mei before confronting her.

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