Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Longxian Village

Bai Wu, standing behind and beside Shen Yu’an, pulled Bai Miaqing out.

He kindly said, “This is Miaqing.”

As soon as the Bai steward saw Bai Miaqing, his eyes reddened even more.

Their second young master and young miss of the Bai Mansion had suffered greatly. They have become… thin?

No, why haven’t they become thin?

The overwhelming sadness rushing towards the Bai steward suddenly got stuck in his throat, neither coming up nor going down, making his face turn beet red.

Not only did they not become thin, they actually seemed to have a healthy and radiant complexion.

The Bai steward thought to himself, “Is the second young master and young miss are truly refugees who fled from hardship?”

He glanced at the rest of the group. Although they appeared a bit dusty, their condition was better than many people in the city. They didn’t resemble refugees at all.

The Bai steward was already at a loss. He wiped away the tears that welled up in his eyes but hadn’t yet fallen and said, “Young master, let me take you to the government office for registration first, and then we can return to the Bai residence.”

Then he looked at grandpa Shen and Shen Rong, saying, “Are all of you friends who came with our second young master? Let me take you to register first, and later, you must all come to visit our mansion.”

The Bai steward walked ahead, leading them to the place in the city where refugees were registered, and helped them settle as a group.

The officials there, recognizing the Bai steward, quickly prepared everything necessary for them.

After completing the refugee registration, they needed to be allocated a place to live. Thanks to the Bai Clan’s connections, the Shen family and their group were able to find a decent location.

Not long after leaving the city, heading south, not far from a nearby town, there was a village called Longxian Village, a beautiful place nestled by the mountains and rivers.

The Shen family and their group were resettled there.

Each refugee was given a settlement fee of five taels of silver, which was provided to them directly by the government after their registration was completed.

Originally, the government should have sent someone to directly lead them to Longxian Village, but the Bai steward took on that task himself.

After obtaining the necessary documents, the Shen family and their group were escorted by the Bai steward.

He smiled and explained, “I’m sure everyone must be tired from the journey. How about following me to the Bai residence first to rest and then go out for a stroll?”

The Shen family had initially planned to settle in Longxian Village first. After all, it was a family reunion for Bai Wu and Bai Miaqing, and they didn’t want to disturb them as outsiders.

However, the Bai steward insisted and warmly stopped this large group of people.

There was a reason behind the Bai steward’s enthusiasm. Could he, as a member of the Bai family, be unaware of his own second young master’s situation?

The young master Bai Wu is only skilled in medicine and unable to shoulder responsibilities. Moreover, the young miss is such a beautiful young girl.

They must have received a lot of care from this family throughout the journey.

If the master knew that he only brought back the second young master, he would surely criticize him for being ineffective.

The Shen family followed behind the Bai steward, crossing several streets, and finally arrived at the entrance of the Bai residence.

At the entrance of the Bai residence, there were two majestic stone lions. Looking further back, above the crimson gate, hung a plaque that read “Bai Residence.”

Although the Bai residence is known for its medical expertise, it is fundamentally a business family. Therefore, Shen Yu’an wasn’t surprised to see the Bai residence looking so magnificent.

However, the others were shocked. They looked at Bai Wu and asked, “Dr. Bai, is this your home?”

Bai Wu smiled and replied, and the Bai steward continued, “This is the place where the second young master has lived since childhood.”

As they spoke, the group had already arrived at the front gate of the Bai residence. The gatekeeper servant, seeing the Bai steward returning with a group of people, was puzzled.

But the Bai steward’s joyful voice had already reached him, “Go and inform the master, our second young master has returned!”

Second young master?

Second young master!!!

The gatekeeper servant was instantly shocked.

Although they had been in the mansion for a short time, they knew that the master had a twin brother, who happened to be in the eastern part of the capital city.

During the recent period, there were earthquakes, locust plagues, and severe droughts in that area. The master sent many people to bring back the second young master.

However, they couldn’t find him.

And now he has returned!

The gatekeeper servant became instantly excited. He hurriedly spun in place, trying to figure out the way to lead them inside, and then quickly ran inside.

Running and shouting with excitement, his voice carried far.

“Master, great news! The second young master has been brought back by the steward!”

“Master! Master! It’s incredible news!”

Meanwhile, Bai Ji, who was in the study, frowned unhappily upon hearing the noisy commotion coming from outside.

These servants are becoming more and more ignorant of etiquette.

Bai Ji put down the brush in his hand and picked up the teacup on the table, intending to moisten his throat.

At that moment, the servant who came to deliver the message also arrived at the front of the study, and his voice became even louder.

“Master, the second young master has returned!”

Bai Ji’s hand trembled violently, causing the tea in his hand to spill and drench the books below. However, he paid no attention to the books. He hastily stood up, and the chair beneath him made a grating noise as it scraped against the floor.

He quickly walked to the door, pulled it open, and the servant who was about to knock on the door suddenly froze.


Bai Ji looked at the servant and asked, “What did you just say?”

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