Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Influence of the Martial World

On this journey, Fei Yanchen has been continuously teaching the members of the Shen family martial arts.

However, before this, the people had firmly imprinted the image of Fei Yanchen as a weak and sickly young master in their minds.

Moreover, based on the current situation of their sparring, Fei Yanchen indeed seemed to be slightly inferior to Shen Yu’an.

Only Fei Dong and Fei Xi, who knew the truth, could see that their young master had been holding back all along, never revealing his true abilities.

Nevertheless, even under these circumstances, both of them deeply admired Shen Yu’an.

Even though the young master held back, very few could match him in a fight that was so intense and evenly matched.

Fei Dong’s admiring gaze turned towards Shen Yu’an. When he first arrived and saw this young lady with a cold and beautiful face, he had thought she was just a decorative figure, like a vase.

Never did he expected her to have such skills!

As the moves between Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen became more and more fierce, the previous worries of the onlookers were pushed aside.

Witnessing the brilliance of the fight, some even clapped and cheered.

Even Shen Dalang and his companions, who had taken quite a few punches, were eagerly watching, and Shen Sanlang was particularly excited to see such an exhilarating contest.

The Shen family’s courtyard was located at the foot of the mountain, and there were no residents nearby. Otherwise, with such a commotion, people would have been drawn to the scene.

After another two quarters of an hour, the two of them still hadn’t stopped, Fei Yanchen felt a surge of excitement inside.

Even the onlookers in the courtyard were filled with fiery enthusiasm, finding the fight exceptionally thrilling and satisfying.

After exchanging blows for dozens of rounds, Fei Yanchen was becoming increasingly astonished by Shen Yu’an’s skills. However, he noticed that Shen Yu’an’s movements were gradually slowing down, and her techniques were not as sharp and swift as before.

Furthermore, as she was retracting her hands, Shen Yu’an let out a small yawn.

Fei Yanchen smiled and slowed down his movements to match Shen Yu’an’s pace.

Then, in the next moment, Fei Yanchen pretended to be overpowered by Shen Yu’an, and she pinned his hands behind his back.

With a playful expression, Fei Yanchen slightly exaggeratedly said, “Miss, you are truly formidable. No wonder you hold the position of the leader in the martial world. I humbly admit defeat.”

Standing behind Fei Yanchen, Shen Yu’an yawned once more before saying, “Knowing this lady’s prowess is enough. Alright, you can step back now.”

After speaking, Shen Yu’an generously released Fei Yanchen’s hands and then yawned again as she walked back to her own room.

Fei Yanchen didn’t follow them upstairs, as he understood the saying of “once, twice, but not thrice.”

With a smile on his face, he watched as Song Shi and Song Xiao Ni approached and supported Shen Yu’an, leading her back into the house.

In his mind, another matter came to his attention.

Shen Yu’an’s reminder had sparked his memory. In his ‘dream,’ he had already won over several forces in the martial world, which had proven to be quite beneficial to him.

Currently, his team was in need of more capable individuals, so he could start making preparations and bring these forces under his command.

As for Shen Yu’an, she didn’t cause any further commotion and obediently allowed herself to be assisted by Song Shi and Song Xiao Ni.

Perhaps after this fight, no one would dare to challenge her position as the leader in the martial world, so she now appeared unusually docile.

After Song Shi helped Shen Yu’an inside, she had her lie down on the bed.

Shen Yu’an was extremely exhausted, and as soon as she touched the bed, she fell asleep.

Song Shi let out a sigh of relief, finally feeling at ease.

She was genuinely afraid that her daughter would demolish the newly built house. Fortunately, Ah Chen had come tonight.

From now on, she had to keep a close eye on her daughter and make sure she didn’t even touch a drop of alcohol.

Little did the sleeping Shen Yu’an know that she had been labeled as someone who couldn’t drink after just having a single drink since she arrived in this world.

If Shen Yu’an knew what Song Shi was currently thinking, she would definitely force herself to sit up and shout, “Help me up, I can still drink!”

But now she had already fallen into a deep sleep, completely unaware.

After seeing that Shen Yu’an’s breathing was steady and her eyes were closed, Song Shi left with Song Xiao Ni.

Once Shen Yu’an fell asleep, the courtyard became quiet.

The onlookers dispersed shortly after standing there for a while, each going about their own business.

Fei Dong handed the exquisite wooden box he brought from the kitchen, intended for Shen Yu’an, to Fei Yanchen.

Grandma Shen left the room that no one was using for Fei Yanchen. As a result, there were no spare rooms left in the Shen family courtyard. Fei Dong and Fei Xi were then arranged to stay at the Zhang family’s place.

Initially, Fei Dong and Fei Xi were unwilling to leave. As subordinates, they considered it their duty to protect their master’s safety and would not leave.

But with just a glance from Fei Yanchen, Fei Dong and Fei Xi obediently complied.

They decided they could wait until the Zhang family members had gone to sleep before coming out again.

After tidying up the remaining pieces of the furniture’s, everyone returned to their rooms to rest.

Before retiring for the night, Shen Sanlang made sure once again that Fei Yanchen would stay here to guide them the next morning.

The exchange between Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen had impressed Shen Sanlang, and he wished to become as powerful as them.

The night passed without any problems.

Early the next morning, Shen Yu’an opened her eyes groggily.

She felt a slight headache and rubbed her temples.

What happened last night?

How did she come back?

Why was her whole body sore?

Three questions echoed in her mind, leaving Shen Yu’an puzzled as she tapped her head in confusion.

Then, a rush of memories from the previous night flooded into her mind like flowing water.

Knock, knock, knock~

The sound of knocking was accompanied by Song Shi’s voice.

“An An, are you awake?”


Shen Yu’an responded with a heavy nasal sound and slowly pulled the blanket over her head.

She was planning to play dead!

But Song Shi had already heard the movement. She pushed the door open from the outside and walked in.

“Why aren’t you getting up even though you’re awake? Ah Chen is outside testing Shen Sanlang and the others’ martial arts. Your third brother said he wanted you to go and have a look.”

Shen Yu’an’s head was buried under the blanket, making her voice muffled.

In a low voice from under the covers, she said, “I know how they practice; having Fei Yanchen is enough. I want to sleep a little longer.”

Song Shi tugged at a corner of the blanket, starting a tug-of-war with Shen Yu’an.

Shen Yu’an held the blanket tightly and refused to let go, not wanting to face what happened when she got drunk yesterday.

She used to have a title of “never getting drunk after a thousand cups”!

In her previous life, during gatherings of supernatural beings, no one could outdrink her.

Who would have thought! Who would have thought that someone like her, who loved alcohol, would end up getting drunk like this?

It’s simply unbelievable!!!

What’s even more absurd is that after getting drunk, she even self-proclaimed herself as some sort of martial world leader.

It must be because she has been so preoccupied with writing novels these days that she’s gone mad.

Oh, speaking of writing novels, that matter hasn’t been resolved yet. It has been so busy lately, but in the next few days, she can go to the town’s bookstore and ask if they are willing to publish her novels.

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