Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Difficult Delivery

Liulang pointed at Aunt Pan on the ground and cried out to the Zhang family.

Upon hearing this, the Zhang family members were shocked and repeated in disbelief, “What? Xiao Zhang was pushed down by her?”

“Yes!” Liulang nodded heavily, crying, “Mom is in so much pain, she’s bleeding.”

The four members of the Zhang family couldn’t stand still any longer and hurriedly ran into the yard.

As they went in, they caught a glimpse of Aunt Pan still wriggling and squirming. Ding Hehua felt that her earlier kick had been too light, so she fiercely delivered another kick to Aunt Pan’s chest.

Hmph, they didn’t have the face to strip her clothes off and examine the injury in that area.

Before leaving, Ding Hehua stopped Zhang Wendong and said, “Give this wretched woman a few more kick. Later, your little aunt and the others will definitely come looking for her to settle the score. Don’t let her escape.”

After saying that, she rushed towards Xiao Zhang’s room. Grandpa Zhang and Zhang Xiangyang followed closely behind but were stopped at the door.

Inside the room, after swallowing the herbal medicine given by Shen Yu’an, Xiao Zhang’s strength had somewhat recovered, and the pain in her abdomen had eased a bit.

However, when Ding Hehua took a look inside, she saw a pale little face.

She exclaimed in surprise, and outside the door, both Grandpa Zhang and Zhang Xiangyang’s hearts instantly tightened with anxiety.

Zhang Xiangyang shouted inside, “Why are you making a fuss? How is my sister doing?”

Ding Hehua was about to say that Xiao Zhang’s condition didn’t look too good.

But upon hearing the voices from outside the door, Xiao Zhang’s heart warmed, and she spoke in a slightly weak voice, “Dad, big brother, I’m fine, don’t worry.”

However, the two outside couldn’t help but worry when they heard Xiao Zhang’s weak voice, but they could only wait outside.

Fortunately, not long after, Shen Dalang and Shen Erlang returned together with two midwives.

Accompanying them were also some villagers from Longxian Village.

Shen Dalang and Shen Erlang hurriedly invited the two midwives into the room, without even paying attention to the villagers who had come to watch the commotion.

Most of these villagers had just been gathering wild vegetables or collecting firewood at the foot of the mountain. When they heard the commotion, they casually made their way over.

Coincidentally, they saw Shen Dalang and Erlang anxiously bringing two midwives over.

They knew for sure that Shen family’s pregnant daughter-in-law must be giving birth.

Everyone’s gaze turned towards the yard, and indeed, it was quite lively.

The whole family gathered in the yard, waiting anxiously.

Which woman’s childbirth isn’t a common occurrence? But they’ve never seen such a grand scene before.

A few women who came along sneered and couldn’t describe the strange feeling in their hearts.

“Mmm! Mmm!”

Suddenly, a voice came from the ground, and everyone looked down in astonishment.

Why was Aunt Pan here in the Shen family, and why was she securely tied up?

A woman bent down to help untie the ropes from Aunt Pan and asked, “What’s going on here? Why is she tied up like this?”

Others joined in the discussion, talking all at once, and their gazes towards the Shen family were filled with strangeness.

Someone spoke up, saying, “Well, Aunt Pan may not speak politely, but it’s not right to just tie her up and treat her like this.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

Zhang Wendong hooked his foot and pulled Aunt Pan aside, preventing the woman named Zhu, who wanted to help untie the ropes, from succeeding.

Zhu had a good relationship with Aunt Pan and often gossiped with her about various families. They shared similar interests.

She bent slightly, raised her eyes, and glanced at Zhang Wendong, saying unhappily, “You, young man, what’s wrong with you? You have no respect for your elders. I was even thinking of introducing my daughter to you. But with your behavior, I doubt you are a filial person. Marrying you would only bring suffering to her.”

Zhang Wendong glanced at the woman, crossed his arms, and stood in front of Aunt Pan, ignoring her.

Shen Yu’an, who had just come out of the room, happened to hear the woman’s words.

Standing under the eaves, she let out a cold snort, and her icy and pleasant voice instantly captured everyone’s attention.

The woman met Shen Yu’an’s gaze and felt somewhat uneasy, but as an elder in her own eyes, she straightened her back and maintained her composure.

Step by step, Shen Yu’an walked towards the entrance, and with each step, it seemed as if she had captivated the hearts and minds of everyone present.

Zhang Wendong saw Shen Yu’an with delight and exclaimed, “Cousin An’an!”

Shen Yu’an nodded and addressed the woman who had just spoken, “We will naturally respect those who deserve respect, but as for returning kindness for resentment…hmm, we don’t have such a good temper.”

“This lady immediately jumped to conclusions and accused my cousin without even asking for the facts. I don’t believe she’s a reasonable person. If your daughter is anything like you, I doubt my cousin would be interested.”

The woman named Zhu felt humiliated by being scolded by a younger person.

She rolled her eyes at Shen Yu’an and pointed to Aunt Pan behind Zhang Wendong, saying, “You’ve tied up a person here. We all have eyes; do you dare say you haven’t done anything wrong?”

“Everyone, do you agree with her?”

Zhu turned her head to look at the villagers behind her, numbering nearly a dozen, most of whom were also women.

They looked at Zhu, then at Aunt Pan on the ground, and finally turned their uncertain gaze towards the assertive Shen Yu’an. Some of them hesitantly said in a low voice, “Yes…”


Suddenly, cries of pain broke the standoff outside.

The voices of the two midwives accompanied Xiao Zhang’s cries of pain, echoing repeatedly.

Shen Yun stood outside the room, wanting to rush in multiple times but was stopped each time.

Inside the room, apart from the two midwives, Grandma Shen and others were present.

Finally, because of the noise caused by so many people inside the room, the pregnant woman couldn’t have a peaceful delivery, so they drove two people out.

In the end, only Grandma Shen and Song Shi were allowed to stay.

The two midwives were very experienced, but they had very little experience delivering twins.

The midwives frowned, their rough palms pressing against Xiao Zhang’s belly to feel the position of the babies.

Grandma Shen looked at their expressions and asked nervously, “How is it?”

“The baby’s gestational age is quite advanced; there might be difficulties in the delivery.”


While everyone’s attention was focused on the room, Aunt Pan took the opportunity to make some noise and attract Zhu’s attention, hoping she would help untie the ropes.

Seeing the demeanor of the Shen family, Aunt Pan knew they would surely seek revenge once Xiao Zhang gave birth.

She had to find a chance to escape and hide at her parents’ home for a few days until things settled down. Then she could return.

However, her plan was good, but it was doomed not to succeed.

Shen Yu’an heard the noise and looked coldly at Aunt Pan.

She turned to Zhang Wendong and said, “Could you please call Li Zheng over? It’s best to clarify whether there’s any misunderstanding in front of everyone. We can all wait a bit longer.”

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