Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Granny Wu Provokes Public Anger

In fact, Grandma Shen, who was so angry that smoke seemed to be coming out of her head, did exactly that.

She threw the spatula into the pot, stood up, put her hands on her waist, and started to curse.

“Old lady Wu, you’re a freeloader with a sharp tongue. Who do you think doesn’t understand the rules?”

Aunt Wu (the sister-in-law of the village leader, different from Wu Cuihua) was not afraid of her. Even though she had been expelled from the team, she dared to confront her. She knew that someday she would have to beg her for help.

Believing that one day she will need her help.

She stood up and mimicked Grandma. Shen’s posture, putting her hands on her waist and started shouting, “Hey, whoever responds, I’m talking about you! You’re all wicked and deserved to be kicked out.”

Lizheng’s wife, who is the wife of the village head, watched the spectacle and joined in, “I heard that girl say she wants to beat you up too. We can’t let her go unpunished.”

Aunt Wu thought for a while but couldn’t remember when that girl, Shen Yu’an, had said she wanted to beat her up.

Nevertheless, this did not stop her from taking advantage of the situation.

Aunt Wu then looked at several children from the Shen family and said, “You still have the nerve to say you have a scholar in your family? Look at how poorly mannered his daughter is. No wonder his sons are already twenty and still single.”

Song Shi and Zhao Shi, who were sitting there, couldn’t hold back any longer and immediately joined in the scolding with Grandma Shen.

They argued that their children could have already married if they wanted to, but it was the children who had decided to focus on their studies and delay their marriage until after passing the scholar exam.

The trio of Grandma Shen and the two daughter-in-laws continued to argue and scold Aunt Wu until she was left speechless.

The three of them were so exhausted from their argument that they grabbed their water bags and drank water to quench their thirst.

Aunt Wu found herself overwhelmed in a verbal battle against three opponents. No matter how good her argument was, she couldn’t hold up against three people at once, especially when she was on the wrong side.

 She kept repeating that Shen Yu’an lacked manners and that Shen’s family was hoarding grain and not sharing it with the rest of the village.

But the trio of Grandma Shen, mother, and daughters-in-law were different. They each took turns and exposed all the dirty secrets of Wu’s family.

They didn’t hold back and made sure to thoroughly embarrass Aunt Wu in front of everyone.

Her family has caused a lot of trouble in the village by relying on their relationship with Lizheng.

Even those few who don’t like the Shen family don’t want to speak up for Aunt Wu when they heared the old stories that Grandma Shen exposed.

Not only is the Shen family’s reputation in the village good, but many people are now eating grain that was bought from the Shen family as life-saving food.

No one spoke up for Aunt Wu over there, and as soon as the grandma Shen and her daughters-in-law stopped talking, the scene instantly quieted down.

Aunt Wu looked around and saw that everyone was staring at her.

Suddenly, she became angry and glared at the surrounding people.

Seeing grandma Shen and the others sipping their drinks, she suddenly felt parched and thirsty too.

She grabbed the bamboo tube from her side and found that it was empty. She then snatched the pottery jar next to her daughter-in-law and started drinking from it.

Her movement was so sudden that her daughter-in-law couldn’t stop her in time.

By the time she had gulped down two big mouthfuls, her daughter-in-law realized what was happening and quickly stood up to snatch the jar from her hands.

In the scuffle, some water was spilled, which made her daughter-in-law feel sorry and her face turned cold immediately.

Aunt Wu was still upset with Grandma Shen and her daughters-in-law who had ganged up on her.

When she saw her daughter-in-law giving her a cold look, she opened her mouth and began to launch indiscriminate attacks.

She kicked her daughter-in-law’s knee and cursed, “How dare you glare at me, you are so disrespectful.”

Due to Aunt Wu’s sudden kick, her daughter-in-law was frightened and her leg hit the ground hard.

The earthenware jar in her hand also tilted, spilling more water out.

Her daughter-in-law was angry to see that what was originally a full pot of water was now only half full.

She angrily said, “We didn’t bring much water with us, and the water in that pot is what we need for tomorrow’s journey. You just drank all of yours, so you’ll be thirsty tomorrow.”

As soon as Aunt Wu heard this, she became furious. She couldn’t believe that as someone who had married into the family, she was being blamed for using something that belonged to her own family.

She lifted her hand, ready to teach her disobedient daughter-in-law a lesson.

However, her daughter-in-law had already moved away to the other side, and her son and grandson had probably blocked her from getting close.

Grandma. Shen watched as they continued to argue and quarrel, and now they were even fighting amongst themselves.

For a while, neither side was willing to stop, and in the end, with a cold snort, grandma Shen sat down.

But the atmosphere in the rest area of Shen’s village was no longer so harmonious.

Aunt Wu originally wanted to teach to her daughter-in-law a lesson,  but she saw that the woman was protected by her son and grandson.

She became so angry that smoke seemed to be coming out of her head.

At that moment, a few onlookers couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Aunt  Wu widened her eyes and glared fiercely in the direction where the laughter came from.

She pointed at a few people and said, “What are you laughing at? If you laugh again, I’ll have you all driven out of the group.”

Wu said this with a proud and domineering expression, feeling the thrill of having power.

There were quite a few people who had just laughed at her, so when Aunt Wu said this, many people became unhappy.

A few people stepped forward and asked, “Lizheng, what does this mean? If she wants to drive people away, can we still stay in this group?”

“Why don’t you just drive us all out? Both of your families can leave together and save trouble.”

“That’s right. We’re all walking together. If she gets unhappy and drives us away, does that mean she’ll drive us away if we don’t give her our food someday?”

As more and more people spoke up, they became increasingly angry.

This morning, that girl from the Shen family was also driven away with her family even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

They felt that it could happen to them too someday. More and more people were dissatisfied and demanded an explanation from Lizheng.

Not far away, the Shen family sat in a neat row, cracking sunflower seeds that Shen Yu’an had somehow brought with her.

The villagers spoke loudly, and even from this distance, their argument could be heard clearly.

A few people eagerly watched the commotion while cracking sunflower seeds and discussing it.

Shen Yun grinned mischievously and said, “Do you think Lizheng will take her side after what she said?”

Shen Yu’an shook his head and said, “No, he won’t. The village head is a wise person. How could he make the whole village unhappy just for her?”

Grandma Shen also joined the discussion, “With her loose tongue, she could offend an entire village in no time. She still thinks that she can get whatever she wants by crying and causing a scene like she used to do in the village.”

The group fell silent again and listened carefully to the commotion ahead.

Meanwhile, the argument ahead had escalated into a heated stage.

Lizheng had just sat down to take a break when he heard them arguing again. He felt a throbbing headache coming on.

The other villagers also grew impatient with the village head’s silence and looked at the group of people sitting nearby.

“Or we could just leave the group and follow the Shen family. We wouldn’t have to live in fear of being threatened to be kicked out by her all the time. Does she really think she’s the boss of us all?”

After saying that, the person even spat in the direction of Aunt Wu.

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