Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Encountering Trouble

Shen Yu’an quickly knocked down two people with one punch each, then swiftly turned around and grabbed the collar of another person. She smirked and said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

The three brothers, who had stood up from the ground after realizing they couldn’t escape, said, “Why are you blocking us? Get out of the way.”

Shen Yu’an snorted coldly and said, “Who said I was going to let you go?”

The three brothers exchanged a glance and a glimmer of light flashed in their eyes. Then, they all rushed towards Shen Yu’an.

“Hey, you three little brats! Rong, go help out!” Shen Xingwang shouted.

Just as the old man was being helped up by Shen Rong, he saw the three brothers approaching with a menacing air. He was so startled that he forgot about his injuries and quickly pushed Shen Rong to go help.

However, Shen Rong was not worried at all. He steadied the old man and reassured him, saying, “Don’t worry, uncle. Everything will be fine. My daughter can handle them.”

However, the old man didn’t believe him and became so anxious that he began to tremble. In his desperation, he even threw his cane at the three brothers.

Shen Yu’an caught the cane and smiled towards the old man. “Thank you for your cane, grandpa,” she said. Then, she swung the cane and hit the three brothers repeatedly.

The three brothers were hit so hard that they could only cower and run around, but no matter how they tried to escape, Shen Yu’an managed to hit them.

Before long, they gave up trying to run and kneeled on the ground, begging for mercy.

“It hurts, it hurts… please don’t hit us anymore, we were wrong,” they cried.

Shen Yu’an completely ignored them and only after hitting them a few times with grandpa’s cane did he walk behind them and hand the cane to Shen Xingwang.

“Grandpa, let’s go back,” Shen Yu’an walked over with a smile.

Shen Xingwang was shocked and couldn’t associate this harmless-looking little girl with the ferocity she had shown when hitting people just moments ago.

It was Shen Rong calling his name again that snapped him back to reality.

Before leaving, the old man took one last look at his three sons writhing in pain on the ground, sighed heavily, and was then supported away with a limp.

As they were nearing their resting place, the old man suddenly stopped and let out a long sigh, saying, “Rong, my son, I will trouble you and the others with my old bones, which are only half alive, when I’m buried in the future.”

Shen Rong and Shen Yu’an exchanged a glance, understanding that the old man was disappointed in his sons and had come to a realization.

Shen Rong quickly smiled and said, “Uncle, what are you saying? You just follow us and we will make sure you enjoy your golden years.”

Shen Yu’an also smiled and chimed in, hoping to make the old man forget about the unpleasant incident earlier.

The three of them quickly returned to their resting place, and Shen Yu’an even retrieved some pain-relief pills from her storage space and dissolved them in water for the old man to drink.

Observing that grandpa Shen Xingwang’s walking was not affected, it was likely that he had only suffered minor injuries from the fall.

However, the main concern was that there was no doctor in their group, and it would be troublesome if someone fell ill.

They had a dreamless night, and finally managed to sleep soundly until dawn.

The next morning, the Shen family woke up early to pack their things.

After a light breakfast, they took the opportunity to leave before the people of Shen village had awaken.

There were always some troublemakers who would follow them and pick fights along the way. It was better to leave early and avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

Without any troublemakers blocking their path, the Shen family was able to walk much faster and lighter.

By now, they had traveled a great distance from the county, and the roads on either side were lined with withered trees due to the lack of water.

The group continued to move forward, occasionally taking breaks.

However, the people from Shen family village never caught up with them.

What Shen Yu’an and the others didn’t know was that the people from Shen family village didn’t catch up because they had gotten themselves into yet another trouble.

Back to the morning when the Shen family and their group left.

As the villagers set off not as early, except for a few people who stayed up late to keep watch, not many people knew that the Shen family had left at dawn.

After daybreak, the people in Shen’s village also packed up and prepared to leave.

However, they had only been on the road for less than an hour when Aunt Wu started to cause trouble again.

Even sitting at home on this day would make one sweat and feel hot, let alone those who had been walking under the scorching sun.

So, it didn’t take long before Aunt Wu casually reached for the earthenware pot on her own cart to drink some water.

However, before she could even reach for it, her daughter-in-law snatched the earthenware pot from the cart and held it tightly in her own arms, not allowing Aunt Wu to even touch it.

Aunt Wu’s face immediately turned black and she demanded, “Bring me the earthenware pot so I can drink some water.”

“Hey, don’t you remember? You drank from it last night!” Aunt Wu’s daughter-in-law replied sarcastically, refusing to let go of the pot in her arms.

With her eyebrows furrowed, Aunt Wu roared, “When did I drink from it?!”

Her daughter-in-law didn’t respond, but instead moved towards her son’s side. It was clear that Aunt Wu was not going to be allowed to drink the water.

Aunt Wu was not one to tolerate this kind of treatment, so she immediately reached out to grab the pot.

However, her son pushed her back forcefully.

“Our water supply is running low, we need to use it sparingly,” her son said.

Aunt Wu shrugged her shoulders reluctantly, feeling unhappy but deciding not to cause any more trouble.

After all the arguing and wasted words, Aunt Wu hadn’t even had a sip of water and her mouth felt even more dry and parched.

Feeling angry and frustrated, she took a few steps forward and decided that she would just ignore the situation and try to forget about it.

However, the situation didn’t just pass by easily. When Aunt Wu still hadn’t had any water in the morning or during their lunch break, and then had to continue walking under the scorching sun in the afternoon without water.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and erupted in anger.

“You son of a b***h, give me the water!” she yelled, her throat almost smoking as her voice turned hoarse with anger.

However, her daughters-in-law acted as though they hadn’t heard her and continued to carry the pot of water protectively as they walked ahead.

This time, it was useless to say anything more. Aunt Wu felt like her throat was on fire and she needed water desperately.

Without thinking, she lunged forward to grab the pot, but as one person, she couldn’t overpower her two daughters-in-law.

Helpless, she lay down in the middle of the road and started wailing.

Their family was walking at the back of the group, and the road was narrow in that section.

When she lay down in the middle, nobody could pass. The team’s progress was delayed, and the situation immediately became chaotic.

Lizheng who was walking ahead could only turn back to solve this matter.

Finally, Lizheng reprimanded several of Wu’s daughters-in-law before they gave Wu the earthenware pot filled with water.

Originally, her daughters-in-law planned to give her the water when they rested at night. They couldn’t really let her die of thirst.

So they took advantage of Lizheng’s words and handed over the earthenware pot, but who would have thought that when the pot reached Wu’s hands, she refused to give it back.

Her two daughters-in-law were unwilling and started fighting over it.

In the midst of the struggle, the pot fell to the ground with a “crack” and broke, and the water inside quickly seeped into the soil.

The family started fighting again and it took a while before they continued on their journey. The villagers were also quite resentful.

However, Shen Yu’an and his group didn’t care about these things. Perhaps they even knew about it and would applaud the outcome.

They had long found Aunt Wu displeasing, so she deserved to be taught a lesson to remember.

The Shen family also encountered some troubles along the way…

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