Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Trouble Caused by Food

“Father, since you’ll came back with us, will we get one of the two cars of grain that Uncle family has to share with us?”

When the second daughter-in-law spoke these words, Shen Xingwang suddenly saw the remaining two daughters-in-law and several grandchildren looking at him expectantly.

The old man’s mouth, which had just opened, suddenly closed.

He didn’t realize when he had spoiled some of his grandchildren and daughters-in-law.

Not to mention helping out when their uncle’s family was in trouble.

It was outrageous that they repeatedly had the idea of asking for things from others with a sense of entitlement.

Feeling a little disappointed, he closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he had already let go of his feelings of disappointment and disbelief.

He looked at the youngest grandchild among the group of people.

In a calm and peaceful tone, he asked, “Can you tell grandpa why your second uncle’s family should share their grain with our family?”

The little child who was asked was even younger than Shen’s youngest child. Naturally, he would say whatever he heard.

He looked up innocently and said, “Auntie said that second uncle’s family has more grain than they can eat, so they will definitely share with us.”

“Daddy and uncle also said that if second uncle’s family doesn’t share their grain with us…um…”

Before the little one could finish his sentence, the third daughter-in-law covered his mouth and pulled him behind her.

The third daughter-in-law awkwardly explained, “Father, the child is still young and doesn’t understand much. His words are not entirely reliable…”

“Hmph, not entirely reliable?” the old man snorted coldly, so angry that he almost threw his cane away.

“I think besides what he said, none of you have spoken the truth!”

The eldest daughter-in-law muttered under her breath in dissatisfaction, “How is it not the truth?”

If it weren’t for the fact that Uncle family had been treating this old man with a lame leg very well, they wouldn’t have bothered to bring him back.

To their surprise, the old man even put on a sour face towards them.

Hmph, they better not forget which one of them is his son and grandchildren. When he dies, not even one of them will mourn for him.

Although she spoke in a low voice, her words were still heard by the old man.

“You bunch of scoundrels!” The old man scolded as he swung his cane at them.

Seeing that the situation was getting out of control, Shen Daya quickly stepped forward and held back the old man’s hand, preventing him from hitting anyone.

They didn’t come here to get beaten up, but to ask for food.

She smiled and said, “Don’t be angry, grandpa. XiaoBao must have heard someone gossiping. We could never have such an idea.”

Grandpa looked at Shen Daya thoughtfully for a moment, and then seemed to believe what she said.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll go back with you.”

“Your second grandfather’s family doesn’t even have enough food to eat themselves, so don’t even think about asking for any. Anyway, the two pounds of grain you left for me are almost gone. How can I be comfortable living in someone else’s house instead of my own children and grandchildren’s?”

After finishing speaking, the old man took two steps forward. Seeing that they were still standing there blankly, he asked, “Aren’t you supposed to take me back? Why are you still standing there?”

The group of people looked at each other and forced out an ugly smile that was worse than crying.

“It seems that they will still follow us in the coming days. Since they ‘sincerely’ invited Second Grandfather to go back, let him stay for a while. When we go south in a few days, we may not see them again.”

Shen Yu’an looked at the disappointed people from Shen Family with a heavy gaze.

It seems that their purpose is just to get the two carts of grain that their family has.

Tsk, it feels really unpleasant to be targeted like this.

If they want her grain so much, she might as well make them pay for it.

After the people from Shen Village left, Song Shi immediately told everyone what Wu Cuihua had told her.

After listening, everyone from the Shen family fell silent. They were shocked by the shamelessness of those people.

They actually thought that they were entitled to the grain that they had earned through their hard work and struggles.

No wonder they had tried to persuade them to go back earlier. It turned out that they had the idea that they would voluntarily hand over the grain as a sign of gratitude once they rejoined the group.

Lizheng looked at the people who returned empty-handed and his face showed some disappointment. He also felt some resentment towards Wu, his brother’s wife.

If it weren’t for her causing trouble and insisting on kicking the Shen family out, they would have been present when the Shen family received these two carts of grain. Then they would have gotten their fair share of the grain, and there would be no need for all this trouble now.

After thinking for a moment, he stood up and went towards the direction of the Shen family.

He looked at the white bandage wrapped around Shen Yun’s shoulder, with red blood stains on it.

With a concerned look on his face, he asked, “Young Yun, how did you injure your arm?”

As the saying goes, one should not bite the hand that feeds them.

Lizheng cared for others in this way, but couldn’t call him back.

Shen Yun said indifferently, “Oh, it’s nothing. I accidentally scratched myself while gathering firewood.”

“I see. I thought something happened to you guys after leaving the team. I would have felt guilty if I didn’t ask,” replied the other person.

As Lizheng spoke, he squeezed himself in to sit next to Shen Yun and the others.

Shen Yun’s mouth twitched as he moved over to make room for him.

Lizheng seemed oblivious to the Shen family’s rejection of him, and continued to talk to himself.

“Hey, I regretted kicking you out. You know it’s a famine year, and your family carrying food alone outside is just asking for trouble.”

“I have already scolded Wu for what she did. As for you guys, just stick with us for safety!”

The Shen family replied in unison, “No need.”

However, Lizheng seemed to not understand their refusal and said, “It’s understandable if you guys blame me, but I did it for the team’s harmony. How could I have done something with good intentions but bad results?”

“We appreciate Lizheng’s good intentions, but we’ll pass on going back with you. It’s more convenient for our family to travel alone,” Shen Rong spoke frankly.

Lizheng’s face didn’t look too good. It’s understandable that he wasn’t happy to be repeatedly rejected, especially since he thought everyone in the village should listen to him.

He stood up and said, “You should think about it carefully. It’s hard to travel without support from people in the village. Otherwise, Yun wouldn’t have been injured.”

After saying this, Lizheng left, leaving the Shen family staring at each other in confusion.

Did they see it correctly? When Lizheng spoke just now, why did it feel like he was giving them charity?

Grandpa Shen sighed and said, “Sigh, it’s all because of the food that we’re in trouble!”

Because of this incident, both groups of people couldn’t sleep well.

The people of Shen’s village were worried about the food that Shen’s family had with them.

Shen’s family felt uncomfortable being the object of everyone’s attention.

At night, Shen’s family arranged for Zhang Xiangyang (Xiaozhang’s brother) and his son Zhang Wendong to keep watch.

They slept soundly until dawn.

The Shen family wanted to leave early to distance themselves from the people behind them.

However, the people behind them quickly caught up again.

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