Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Lucky Younger Sister

Shen Yun and Shen Erlang went out to call people over when their niece/ younger sister brought out so much water.

They were not heartless people, so they naturally kept their promise to let the people in Shen Village also come to collect water.

However, Shen Yun still repeatedly reminded them of what the elderly Shen said before they left, several times over. That was to make sure to leave some water in her small treasure box, in case the water runs out in the days to come.

Shen Yu’an had to tell them that there were still many barrels of water inside, which would last them for a long time.

They had not walked far when they saw Shen Rong and his group of four.

Shen Dalang was the first to notice Shen Yun and Erlang, and he eagerly approached them and asked, “Have you found a place?”

Seeing that only his three uncles and second brother had come, Shen Dalang had a vague guess in his mind.

Shen Erlang happily said, “We found a place. We were just about to go back and call people when we ran into you guys.”

“Great, let’s hurry back and call the people,” Shen Dalang said, pulling Shen Erlang in the direction they came from.

Wang Xiaogu remembered what Shen Dalang had said about her greasy hair earlier and wanted to wash it quickly.

 However, she was also worried that if she waited too long, she wouldn’t be able to use the water once everyone else arrived. So she decided to go now.

She asked, “Brother Shen, where are Sister Yu’an and the others? If you go back to find people, I’ll go and look for Sister Yu’an first.”

As Wang Xiaogu had asked Shen Dalang, who had been with them the whole time and didn’t know where her younger sister and second uncle were, he had to look to Shen Erlang for an answer.

Shen Erlang pointed in a direction and said, “Just keep going straight ahead. You will see a cave not far away, and they are in the cave.”

Wang Zhicai didn’t follow them. After all, they had found the water source and still needed to go back to get containers to collect water.

Shen Rong and his group also had the same idea, so they went back too. When they returned, they found that most of the people who had gone to search for water had come back. They all looked dejected as they had been unable to find water.

Suddenly, Shen Dalang felt very fortunate that his younger sister was favored by the old immortal and given a box that could produce things they needed.

Every time they needed something, it was there in the box. Grandmother’s words must be true, the magpies had come to announce the happy news when his sister was born. She was blessed.

When they returned, everyone looked at them with their eyes fixed on them.

The people who had just returned couldn’t find any water. They had been disappointed time and time again, and were afraid to hear the same answer once more.

Only the Shen family knew that since they had returned, they must have found a place.

Nevertheless, they still went up and asked, “Did you find any water, Dalang?”

“We found it, but the road over there is a bit steep. It’s not very convenient to carry the cart over. Everyone, come with us to get water together.” Shen Dalang said everything in one breath.

“Okay, okay, that’s great. You guys go, we’ll stay here and watch.” Shen’s grandmother said cheerfully.

In the end, even the little ones, Shen Wu Lang and Shen Liu Lang, went along.

Each household sent people to fetch water, leaving only a small number of people behind to watch over things.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the cave, Shen Yu’an realized that she had not taken a bath in a long time.

Although taking a bath was still unrealistic at the moment, she could at least wash her face and hair and wipe her arms.

As luck would have it, there was a small pond nearby, about the size of a basin, near the elliptical pit. Shen Yu’an took out three wooden ladles from her space.

Shen Ming, who stayed behind, was not surprised when he saw her niece suddenly produce something out of nowhere.

After Shen Yu’an had finished washing her face and hair, she heard footsteps outside. However, the footsteps were very light, unlike those of the villagers.

She looked alertly at the entrance of the cave and soon saw Wang Xiaogu coming in alone.

After Wang Xiaogu came in, she smiled and greeted, “Uncle Shen and Sister Yu’an.”

Shen Yu’an and Shen Ming both glanced at Wang Xiaogu and greeted her as well.

When Wang Xiaogu walked inside and saw so much water, her eyes lit up.

Although her family had plenty of food, they didn’t have much water. Her mother always said they needed to save some for her nephew to drink, so she ended up with even less.

After talking to Big Brother Shen for a while just now, she was already feeling parched.

So as soon as she saw the water, she reached out to scoop some up to drink.

Shen Yu’an quickly stopped her, as their hands hadn’t been washed in so long and they didn’t know how dirty the surface of the water might be. They would need to use the water to fill their containers later.

It’s true that people say you won’t get sick from eating dirty food, and they couldn’t be too picky on the road to escape the famine.

But…the hand was really too dirty.

Shen Yu’an was already disgusted with her own hands earlier, and now seeing Wang Xiaogu’s dark and grimy hands about to dip into the water, she couldn’t agree to it.

She handed Wang Xiaogu a ladle and told her to use it for drinking water.

Wang Xiaogu smiled gratefully and took it, drinking until she was satisfied.

Wang Xiaogu sincerely praised, “Yu’an is so lucky to have found so much water. It seems that there will be no shortage of water for a long time to come.”

Shen Yu’an could tell that Wang Xiaogu’s praise was genuine, unlike Lin Chunyan’s insincere flattery, so she didn’t feel as repulsed and humbly responded with a few words.

Shen Yu’an couldn’t help but take a closer look at her. She hadn’t expected that the sister of such a cold and indifferent person would be quite decent.

Soon, Wang Xiaogu and Shen Ming also freshened up a bit.

Thinking that Wang Xiaogu had also arrived, Shen Yu’an asked Shen Ming to guard the entrance of the cave, and the two girls quickly cleaned up inside the cave.

Shen Yu’an finally felt relieved.

On the other side, Shen Yun led everyone in a zigzagging path for a while until they finally reached the cave they had just seen.

The cave was very large, and all of them could stand inside even with so many people.

Seeing so much water inside, everyone’s eyes lit up with surprise.

When they first arrived, they hadn’t expected to find so much water and had thought about trying to grab as much as possible.

Now, even if they didn’t try to grab water, every container they brought could be filled to the brim.

Shen Yu’an was afraid that they would fight and dirty the water, so she organized them to line up and use the ladles to scoop water one by one.

Fortunately, they didn’t argue over the water and lined up obediently.

However, everyone had smiles on their faces, and even those who usually liked to take advantage and argue didn’t speak up.

Many people also thanked Shen Yu’an and her group, whether sincerely or sarcastically, but at least they didn’t say anything bad.

The Shen family felt at ease, after all, they had to thank Shen Yu’an for finding so much water.

After filling their containers with water, many people went down to send them back to their families, and then came back to refill them again, afraid that they wouldn’t be able to carry everything at once.

Once everyone had filled their containers, there was still some water left in the cave. Shen Yu’an suggested that they pour it into the small pool they had found earlier and use it to wash up a bit.

Some people wanted to jump into the big pit to wash themselves, but Shen Yu’an strongly refused.

Although some people were dissatisfied, they didn’t say anything in the end because the water was found by her.

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