Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Unlucky Shen Villagers

“Here it comes, here it comes.”

Shen Ming quickly took the things from his mother’s hands.

Even though his strength had increased a lot, he was still pressed down a bit by the pile of things.

After carrying the things to the empty space and placing them down, Shen Yu’an explained, “We thought these things were peculiar when we first saw them, so grandma and I bought a few. We didn’t expect them to come in handy like this.”

“This thing is called a tent. Once we secure it to the ground, we won’t have to sleep outside in the open air at night.”

After explaining, Shen Yu’an taught everyone how to set up and secure the tent to the ground.

Everyone learned quickly and skillfully, and in no time, they had fixed the eight tents securely.

Several people were discussing enthusiastically.

“This is really a great thing, I’ve never seen it before.”

“However, I think this thing is most useful when it’s raining. It definitely provides better shelter from the rain than a raincoat or oilcloth,” said one person.

“Bai Wu, and Bai Miaqing, why don’t you join us and share the tent tonight?” Shen Yu’an smiled and invited them.

Bai Wu and Bai Miaqing were hesitant. They knew that sleeping inside the tent would be much more comfortable than sleeping outside. However, the tent looked very valuable, and if they agreed, it would seem like they were taking advantage of others.

The others followed Shen Yu’an’s lead and said, “Yes, Bai Wu, several people can lie down comfortably inside the tent. You should join us too.”

They were thinking that they would also need his help along the way.

If someone is going to work hard for you, then you should also genuinely pay back their kindness.

Bai Wu and his daughter couldn’t refuse anymore, so they agreed and silently thanked Shen’s family.

Shen Yu’an and Bai Miaqing shared the same tent.

That night, everyone slept soundly and without being bitten by mosquitoes.

The next day, while on the road, Bai Wu felt that they were able to sleep comfortably because of Shen’s family, so he took the initiative to help push the cart.

Shen’s family didn’t refuse, and with this exchange of kindness, their bond grew stronger.

After walking for some distance, the group found several corpses on the road.

The weather was hot, and the corpses had been left in the sun without any proper handling, causing them to be crawling with white wriggling worms.

As soon as they approached, they saw the ground covered in maggots, making it an alarming and terrifying sight that could trigger trypophobia.

The adults immediately covered the eyes of the children to shield them from the gruesome


However, Sanlang couldn’t resist his curiosity and peeked through his mother’s fingers.

“Eww! How disgusting!” he exclaimed.

Zhao Shi also found the scene revolting, but she forced herself to speak, “Serves you right. Your fourth brother was well-behaved and didn’t want to see it, but you had to insist on looking.”

“Let’s not stay here for too long, everyone should walk faster,” said Shen Yuan, raising her voice to make sure everyone could hear her.

Bai Wu, who was walking behind, also quickened his steps and said, “The little girl is right. If the bodies have been decaying for too long, there may be an outbreak of disease. Everyone should hurry up and cover their mouths and noses.”

Shen Yu’an also realized this and walked to the outside of the carriage where Xiao Zhang was. She lifted the curtain slightly with her hand as she walked.

She said, “Aunt Xiao Zhang, can you give me some of the masks we sewed before we left?”

As soon as they arrived, Shen Yun asked Xiao Zhang to put down the car curtain, afraid that the outside scene would scare her.

Therefore, Xiao Zhang, who was sitting inside, didn’t know what the situation was outside.

When she saw a hand suddenly reach in and heard her niece’s words without reacting, she witnessed Shen Yu’an’s magic of creating things out of thin air.

She saw Shen Yu’an’s palm facing up, and a small pile of strange-looking fabrics appeared in her hand.

“Thank you, Aunt,” Shen Yu’an smiled and pulled her hand out.

Then she handed out the “masks sewn before departure” to everyone, including the Bai family father and daughter.

“These two holes go over your ears, and use the fabric to cover your mouth and nose,” Shen Yu’an taught everyone how to use them simply.

Everyone was too busy to check what was handed to them and quickly followed Shen Yu’an’s instructions to put them on.

During the journey, every few distances, several corpses appeared, all of which were decayed without exception.

Everyone didn’t dare to stop and rest, even at noon. They just wanted to quickly pass through this area.

It wasn’t until dusk that the number of corpses on the ground gradually decreased, but they still continued to move forward, wanting to get further away from there.

Finally, they saw a mountain not far away.

With a burst of energy, they walked a few more kilometers and finally arrived at the foot of the mountain before nightfall.

Shen Yun took a long breath and said, “We can finally stop and rest for a while. I’m so tired.”

Everyone else was also exhausted, bending over and massaging their sore legs.

“Let’s cook quickly. We’ve been tired all day, and we can rest well after eating,” said grandma Shen taking the lead to take the pots and pans from the cart. Song Shi, Zhao Shi, and Ding Hehua also quickly lent a hand.

Seeing the Bai family father and daughter preparing to cook their own meal, she said, “Miaqing, don’t bother. We’ll add two more handfuls of rice to the pot and eat together today.”

“How can that be? My father and I can just make something simple,” Bai Miaqing shyly refused.

Shen Yu’an walked over and pulled Bai Miaqing up from the ground, dragging her to their side without taking no for an answer.

“Everyone is tired after a long day. Miaqing, come and help us instead,” said Shen Yu’an. She knew that the Bai family didn’t like taking advantage of others, so she asked for help.

“Okay, just this once,” said Bai Miaqing with a shy smile, after being pulled over by Shen Yu’an.

After walking on the road for so long, they had already consumed all the meat and vegetables they brought with them, but luckily Shen Yu’an had plenty of sauce left.

Each person had a big bowl of sticky white porridge and hot cakes paired with the sauce that Shen Yu’an took out of her spatial storage. It was simply the most delicious thing they had ever tasted while fleeing.

Everyone had a satisfied expression as they ate, feeling that the exhaustion of the day had dissipated quite a bit.

However, the people from Shen’s village on the other side were not so lucky.

After they parted ways with Shen’s group, they continued to rush towards the east on the road. Along the way, they encounter many people who were thin and haggard, and it was obvious that they had not eaten well for a long time.

Those people also noticed this group of people carrying a lot of food.

Some starving people with red eyes tried to snatch their food, and soon the two groups were fighting each other.

Those who had lost their rationality due to hunger began to scramble for the food of the people from Shen’s village.

Their ferocity allowed them to snatch quite a bit of food, but it fell on the ground in a mess.

These people didn’t care about the flour mixing with the dust on the ground, nor did they care that the grains were still unshelled.

They simply knelt down and ate the food mixed with soil, choking and rolling their eyes, but still continuing to eat.

However, they were weaker than the people from Shen’s village who could eat every day, and there were not as many of them.

Before long, these people were attacked and killed by the fierce people from Shen’s village.

The remaining people realized that the situation was not good, so they quickly fled with the food they had snatched.

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