Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Encounter with Soldiers Searching

The group had already encountered such a situation once before, so they remained calm.

Knowing that these officials would definitely search even the carriage, Shen Yun immediately jumped off the carriage and carried Xiao Zhang down.

Seeing that the Shen family and their group were cooperative, the officials’ expressions finally improved slightly.

“Government officials are apprehending fugitives. Have any other individuals recently joined your group?”

Grandpa Shen stood at the forefront of the group and respectfully replied, “No, all of us have been together throughout the journey.”

The leading official glanced disdainfully at grandpa Shen and continued, “This criminal wanted by the court is extremely dangerous and was the murderer of the Wuding Princes’ Heir. As a result, the prince’s whereabouts remain unknown. If any of you have seen anything, you must truthfully answer. Otherwise, it will be a grave offense punishable by death!”

Grandpa Shen seemed oblivious to the official’s attitude and remained respectful.

“Yes, yes, if we know anything, we will definitely report it proactively.”

Meanwhile, Fei Yanchen, who was standing in the back, couldn’t express the strange feeling he had about his disguised face just two hours ago.

Shen Yu’an, on the other hand, felt a sense of relief in her heart, grateful that she had made preparations in advance.

“Inspect the carriage. The rest of you, stand aside,” commanded the leading official as he dismounted.

The group moved to the left side of the ox cart, making space for the officials to conduct their search.

The leading official couldn’t help but take a few extra glances at the two individuals in the group who had peculiar and unattractive appearances.

How did this family end up with these two odd-looking and trembling individuals!

The official quickly averted his gaze, rubbed his eyes, and regretted looking at them for a moment longer. It was truly tormenting.

The onlookers noticed the official’s reaction and couldn’t help but suppress their laughter, though they dared not burst out laughing.

Shen Yu’an, hiding behind the crowd, struggled to hold back her laughter, her shoulders trembling uncontrollably.

Fei Yanchen helplessly looked at her and extended a hand to lightly support her, preventing her from laughing so hard that she might fall over.

The officials searched through one flatbed cart and three ox carts, not even sparing the sacks that contained food supplies.

When they discovered that the sacks were filled with meat, a few of the officials immediately took hold of them, giving them a light shake before stuffing two pieces into their mouths.

Currently, many parts of Great Wei have been struck by disasters, and even the soldiers’ rations have been gradually reduced.

Now, suddenly seeing so much meat, they couldn’t resist the temptation and began eating it.

Grandma Shen, along with her daughter-in-laws, who were standing on the side, became infuriated witnessing those individuals shamelessly helping themselves to their belongings. They were on the verge of stepping forward to argue with them.

Shen Yu’an and the others quickly stepped in to restrain the agitated individuals.

Shen Yu’an exchanged a glance with Ji Xun and nodded, signaling him to handle the situation.

Ji Xun pointed to the birthmark drawn on his face, intending to negotiate with Shen Yu’an.

In a low voice, Shen Yu’an threatened, “I understand. Go quickly. If all the meat is taken, I won’t let you have your meal.”

Those pieces of wolf meat and chicken meat, they hadn’t even had much of it themselves. If those people devoured it all, she couldn’t help but take action.

Seeing him still standing there motionless, Shen Yu’an directly kicked him from behind, sending him flying out.

The commotion on this side successfully caught the attention of several officials who were so absorbed in enjoying their food that they had almost forgotten what they were originally supposed to do.

The leading official, still concerned about his reputation, reprimanded, “Ahem, stop it! You are not allowed to take the belongings of the common people.”

The remaining officials showed obvious discontent, but before they could argue, Ji Xun had a smug smile on his face.

He stepped forward and handed over the sacks that had already been taken by those people to the leading official.

“Gentlemen, it must have been hard for you to search for individuals. These are gifts from us to show our respect.”

The official felt nauseated as soon as he saw Ji Xun’s face full of birthmarks and odd features.

He took the sacks reluctantly and waved his hand dismissively at Ji Xun, saying, “Step aside, you’re truly repulsive.”

Ji Xun was infuriated and wanted to curse, thinking, “If it weren’t for this damn thing on my face that won’t go away, I would blind you with my handsome looks, you damn dog-eyed fool!!!”

But at this point, he had to lower his head; otherwise, that stubborn Shen Yu’an would definitely withhold his rations. Sobbing internally…

So, despite his lingering anger, he stepped aside.

Fortunately, the leading official still wanted to maintain some dignity for himself. After accepting the sacks handed over by Ji Xun, he didn’t give them any further trouble.

“Cough, do you have any suspicions?” asked the leading official.



The several soldiers were extremely resentful. There were plenty of food items on the Shen family’s ox cart, and even the cold ones emitted a delicious aroma.

However, they didn’t dare to take anything more when they saw the expression in the leading official’s eyes.


One of the soldiers looked at the Shen family and their group with an inexplicable expression.

These people, hmph, they really rubbed him the wrong way.

He bowed his head in a salute but said, “I heard that the escaped criminal is highly skilled in disguise, even using things like skin masks.”

“They may appear unarmed, but they have a lot of food with them. I suspect…” the soldier continued.

The leading official turned his gaze once again towards the Shen family and their group, his suspicions growing.

“Surround them!” he commanded.

Seeing the official’s sudden change in expression, the Shen family and their group had no choice but to feign composure.

“Sir, is there something wrong?” Ji Xun asked with a smile, while cursing profanities in his mind.

Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen by her side were also prepared to take action.

The leading official stared at Ji Xun’s extremely ugly face for a moment, then reached out and ruthlessly tore at it.

But Ji Xun’s face remained intact, not showing any seams, even though it had turned red from the force.

The officials followed suit and tore at the faces of the others, but without exception, everyone’s face showed no signs of disguise.

Looking at their trembling and uncertain appearance, they didn’t seem to be the ones they were looking for.

After the officials had walked away, everyone was still in a state of shock before finally regaining their senses.

Song Shi patted her chest and said, “Who are they looking for? How can us ordinary folks know such formidable individuals?”

Shen Yu’an glanced at Fei Yanchen and thought, “Not only do you know them, but you’ve also been traveling together for a long time.”

Zhao Shi grumbled and said, “Let them search if they want. Can anyone hide in the sacks of food we’re carrying? I think they just wanted an opportunity to steal our provisions.”

“They’re a bunch of conscienceless people. We’ve given them two packages and they’re still not satisfied. I bet they wanted to take everything! Bah~” Zhao Shi exclaimed in disgust.

Grandpa Shen said, “Alright, everyone, let’s pack up and continue moving forward to find a place to rest.”

Ji Xun, who was lagging behind, snorted at Fei Yanchen and said, “All of this trouble is because of you!”

Fei Yanchen glanced at him with disdain and pushed his face away. “You’re too ugly to be in front of me. Thanks!” he said.

Ji Xun clenched his fists in anger, repeatedly reminding himself, “Don’t lose control, don’t lose control. You can’t beat him anyway.”

He shouted angrily at Shen Yu’an, “Shen Yu’an, quickly remove whatever is on my face!!!”

Upon seeing everyone’s collective gaze, it seemed to say, “Who do you think you’re scolding?”

Ji Xun quickly lost his momentum, feeling wronged, and said, “Shen Yu’an, please remove it for me. I can’t face anyone like this.”

Everyone else: We reject the ugliness, thank you!

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