Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Making Shen Yu’an Become a Courtesan?

Shen Yu’an asked in surprise, “What are you doing?”

If she had avoided a little later, this woman’s fingernails would have scratched her face.

The flamboyantly dressed woman smiled and retracted her hand, carefully examining Shen Yu’an from head to toe.

Finally, she nodded with a rather satisfied expression.

She no longer focused her gaze on Shen Yu’an, but instead took a look at the other three people.

Finally, her gaze settled on Shen Rong, and she said, “This young girl is a good seedling.”

Good seedling?

What good seedling?

Shen Yu’an remembered the last time she heard someone say such words was when she met Ji Xun.

But Ji Xun was like a charlatan back then, and this woman clearly wasn’t.

Fei Yanchen felt that he didn’t like the way this woman looked at Shen Yu’an. When she examined Shen Yu’an, it was as if she was examining a piece of merchandise.

He took a step forward and stood in front of Shen Yu’an, casting a cold gaze at the flamboyantly dressed woman.

“Move aside!”

The woman first felt a chilling gaze, and upon realizing that it was Fei Yanchen looking at her, she couldn’t help but laugh disdainfully at his pockmarked face and distorted features.

“Heh, there are so many people outside who want to please me, Huaniang, but they can’t. Yet you dare to speak to me like this.”

Then she looked at Shen Rong with a condescending expression and said, “I’ll bought your little girl by offering two bags of grain. Shu San, give them the grain.”

Shen Rong couldn’t help but laugh out of frustration. He said coldly, “Big sister, when did you see me selling my daughter?”

The flamboyantly dressed woman shouted in anger, “Who are you calling ‘big sister’? I’m only thirty-three!”

Shen Yu’an didn’t expect her father to have such a sharp tongue, but she cooperated and peeked out from behind Fei Yanchen, revealing a little head.

She timidly asked, “Dad, what is this lady saying? Are you going to sell me?”

Although Fei Yanchen knew that Shen Yu’an’s frightened appearance was an act, he couldn’t help but redirect his rising anger towards the flamboyantly dressed woman.

He stared coldly at the woman as if he were looking at a dead person.

The woman was so infuriated that her hair seemed to stand on end. She didn’t even notice Fei Yanchen’s gaze. Pointing with her long-nail adorned fingers, she uttered a few contemptuous remarks about Shen Yu’an and the others.

“So many people want to sell their daughters to me, but they don’t have the fortune. You all don’t know what’s good for you!”

However, upon seeing Shen Yu’an’s appearance, she suppressed her anger once again.

If there was a girl like Shen Yu’an inside the building, she could elevate her to become a top courtesan, attracting numerous wealthy gentlemen from the city. The money would pour into her pockets like a rushing river.

The woman continued, “Let me tell you, once this opportunity is gone, you won’t find it again. Keeping this girl will only waste food. Sell her to us, and not only will you receive two bags of grain, but this girl will also live a comfortable life in the future.”

“Hah, are you complaining about the shortage of food? Then I’ll add two more bags for you.”

Before Shen Rong could speak, Fei Yanchen spoke sternly, “I’ll say it one last time, move aside.”

He glanced at Shen Yu’an, who had poked her head out behind him. If it weren’t for the thought of her family still being outside the city and the trouble they might encounter if he acted rashly, he would have liked nothing more than to twist this woman’s head off!

The flamboyantly dressed woman found this man’s aura a bit intimidating, but Fei Yancheng’s current expression was truly frightening.

The woman rolled her eyes at Fei Yanchen and said, “Ugly people are the most troublesome.”

In her opinion, the conditions she offered were already quite favorable. After all, the girls they had bought in recent days had only cost one bag of grain.

Being willing to offer them four bags was already considering the value this girl possessed.

She arrogantly lifted her head and instructed the few henchmen behind her, “You guys, bring this girl over. We can also promote a new top courtesan in our building, definitely surpassing the competition.”

Top courtesan?

Shen Rong and the others naturally understood the implications behind the woman’s words, and they glared at her with anger.

After the woman gave her orders, the four burly men behind her started walking towards Shen Yu’an and the others.

Without hesitation, Shen Rong, Bai Wu, and Fei Yanchen stood guard in front of Shen Yu’an.

Fei Yanchen kicked the most robust-looking man away, while Shen Rong intercepted another person, even Bai Wu, who was the weakest among them, blocked the men from approaching Shen Yu’an.

Shen Yu’an smirked. It seemed like they had all forgotten that she was also quite formidable in combat.

Fei Yanchen sensed the eagerness from behind him, so he didn’t stop the last person from approaching Shen Yu’an. Instead, he swiftly kicked away the two individuals Shen Rong and Bai Wu had intercepted.

The remaining person thought they had found an opening and was about to grab Shen Yu’an’s shoulder, but their hand suddenly froze in mid-air.

The flamboyantly dressed woman frowned and asked, “Shu San, what are you doing? Quickly bring the person back.”

The man called Shu San was sweating profusely, but despite exerting all his strength, he couldn’t move an inch.

Shen Yu’an sneered, “You’re too weak, it’s really boring. Are those muscles of yours built from consuming muscle-enhancing powder?”

“What is… muscle-enhancing powder?”

Before Shu San could finish his sentence, Shen Yu’an kicked him in the stomach. He was sent flying and landed on the ground, causing a cloud of dust to rise.

Shu San struggled on the ground for a while but couldn’t get up.

The flamboyantly dressed woman took several steps back in fear. She realized they had encountered someone tough. There was no need to sell their daughter in exchange for those two bags of grain.

Just as she was leaving the city gate, she saw these three men leading a beautiful young girl. She initially thought they were like others, trying to exchange their daughter for grain.

She took a few more steps back, cautiously smiling, and said, “Gentlemen, it’s all a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Shen Yu’an pressed closer, step by step. “Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding? Is it a misunderstanding of intending to engage in forced transactions, or a misunderstanding of wanting to attack us?”

Having witnessed the strength of Shen Yu’an and his companions, the woman was afraid that they would give her a kick without any further discussion.

She bent even lower, repeatedly apologizing, and cautiously asked, “I’m sorry. We were ignorant and offended you. You see, you haven’t suffered any losses. Could you let us go?”

Shen Yu’an smiled innocently and said, “You just admitted that you offended us. It’s only right to make amends and apologize, isn’t it?”

The woman raised her head, looking at Shen Yu’an as if seeking clarification.

“If you hand over all the grain you have with you, we will let you go. Otherwise…”

As she watched the man with numerous freckles, who had just shown the most aggression, approach Shen Yu’an from behind, the flamboyantly dressed woman immediately became timid.

Although she felt a twinge of pity, the grain they had brought with them wasn’t much because the girls sold outside the city were cheap. In total, it amounted to less than fifty kilograms of grain.

The woman quickly pulled out the grain from behind and handed it over to Shen Yu’an, wearing a fawning smile. “Here, it’s all for you.”

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