Fate Chapter 1

Liang Lin took the flat black framed glasses in her hands and looked at them for a while before gritting her teeth and put them back into their box. She then threw the box deep into the drawer and closed it back with one hand.

She has been wearing these glasses for the past three years. Although she wasn’t short-sighted, she still wore them for three years, just because the frame was the same as his.

After her College graduation, she was impulsive enough to run all over the city searching for a similar pair. She wanted the same frame as the one he wears.

She couldn’t understand for the life of her why she was so obsessed.

Maybe just because he was her first love? No, That’s not what it should be called, it was more like secret feelings buried deep into her heart, you could say it was a first time crush.

Moreover, this was the only love affair she had in all her 24 years of living.  

After graduation, she hadn’t seen him for three years.

Yesterday was actually the first time she met him after such a long time. Gu Ruichen, the boy she fell in love with at the same time as her best friend, Xiao Ting.

The first to confess always wins, Xiao Ting revealed her feelings to her first, so Liang Lin could only burry hers. She still kept them hidden to this day.

Gu Ruichen had changed his glasses, yet, she was still wearing the exact same frame as the one he had back then.

The scene of their reunion was not very exciting.

He seemed to be taller and stronger, but he was still fair-skinned and gentle.

Even surrounded by a big crowd, Liang Lin could still recognize him from his back at first glance.

He did not know that she had been in love with him, and she did not know whether he could even still recognize her.

The answer was yes.

He turned around, looked right into her eyes, and then, with a faint, shallow smile, as warm as it felt back then, he greeted her:

“What a coincidence, we haven’t seen each other for such a long time” he said.

Liang Lin felt suddenly very nervous.

She subconsciously used her index finger to push back the glasses on the bridge of her nose, which was also his habitual movement.

She was a little uncomfortable, afraid of being seen through by him, so she tried to maintain a natural expression, seemingly relaxed, and replied: “Yes, what a coincidence.”

“How have you been these last three years?”

“I have been fine.”

“Are you shopping around?”

“No, I am just dropping by after an interview.”

“Oh, did it go well?”

“It’s was alright, but I don’t know.”

Their conversation seemed a bit boring, and she tried to think of a better way to answer him: “Anyway, I will just wait for the news.”


He kept looking at her, with a gentle and warm look making her heart pound in her chest.

She warned herself to wake up from her delusions.

The reunion didn’t bring any more interactions; she said a hasty goodbye without saying more than a few words.

He didn’t ask for her contact information nor did she ask for his.

She actually regretted this when she turned and left but what good would it do her?

Just think of this as a chance encounter between two people who once knew each other in the vast sea of ​​people.

Who knew in what year, what month and what day, their next encounter would be.

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