Fate Chapter 2

Back home, Liang Lin took off her glasses, put them back in their box, and threw it into the drawer.

This reunion only served to make her get more irritated about this whole situation.
It has already been three years. What, for God’s sake, is she still waiting for? Wasting her years on a silly crush?

Let’s be real here, they are bound to meet again and again, but look, the man is living his life without a care while she is all hurt and upset.

It is finally time to let go of this secret crush. Anyway, love is just a mental state.
Liang Lin seemed to want to prove that she could get rid of it so she started jogging around her house, stretching her arms and moving her legs to help free her mind.

As she was exercising, she suddenly thought that she also has to throw away the gifts they had exchanged on their graduation day. This will for sure help her get rid of those burdensome emotions that are holding her back.
She ran to the big cabinet and rummaged through the drawer searching for that notebook.

When she graduated from college, she gave him a pen, and he gave her a notebook.

What about Xiao Ting? What did they give each other? She couldn’t remember.

She touched the cover of the book with some emotion; she had never opened the book because she was reluctant to use it. It was too precious.
She sat on the ground, put the notebook on her lap, and looked at it as usual. There was a kitten on the cover, holding a ball of wool with a cute smile, it was so adorable.

She touched the cat’s head and said her goodbye in her heart. Then she raised her hand and threw the book into the trash bin with a bang.

She stood up decisively and went to take a shower.

After her shower, she went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for herself. She ate her meal, finished cleaning the dishes and then sat on the sofa to watch some TV, however, she wasn’t paying attention to what was playing on there and her head was full of thoughts of him.
She remembered what he looked like today.

He was tall with wide shoulders, wearing a white shirt, and his usual gentle, warm look. His smile always gave her a very nice feeling, and even after so many years, this feeling has not changed.
“Ah…” Liang Lin shook her head hard.

Turns out that even after taking off the glasses and throwing out the notebook, she still couldn’t forget about him. She thought of him when she was taking a bath, when she was cooking, and when she was doing the dishes; she also missed him a lot.

…Liang Lin felt upset, she really was sick!
She ran back to her room, picked up the notebook out of the trash bin, and decided to write her feelings down to clear her head a bit and then she would burned the book, thinking that this would be a more effective way to end things once and for all.
She turned on the lamp, picked up a pen, turned the first page of the notebook, and then she froze up.
On that page, there are a lot of characters written in a proper manner, with a vigorous handwriting that felt so familiar.

Through these words, she could even imagine how his long, clean fingers were holding the pen.
“Liang Lin, I’ve been thinking about how to write this letter to you for a long time. I’ve seen you reject admires love letters. I dare not write it on a letter paper and pass it to you because I’m afraid you will lose it. I know you like to collect beautiful notebooks. So I thought, if I put my feelings in this book, it could have a chance to reach you.”
Liang Lin kept still, how is it possible?

Here, there was actually a confession letter, and it was his confession letter to her. He didn’t say it, and she didn’t read it. At first, Xiao Ting cried and said that he had rejected her.

Liang Lin didn’t know how to comfort her. She didn’t dare to say that she also had the same feelings for him. She didn’t confess and he didn’t say anything, so the two of them have just missed each other for three years?
Liang Lin couldn’t describe the feelings in her heart right now. She really felt like crying.

She caressed his handwriting and kept on reading “I know Xiao Ting is your good friend. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I’m afraid I will be rejected because of your relationship with her. Now that we have graduated, and I still like you, can you accept me?”

Liang Lin felt like these words pierced through her heart. Of course she would have agreed. She would have been ecstatic, but it is already three years too late…

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