Fate Chapter 3

The first time Liang Lin saw Gu Ruichen was on the third day of her junior year in middle school.

It was autumn.

She had just finished her last afternoon class and was carrying her schoolbag on her way home.

There was a thick layer of leaves on the side of the road and she deliberately stepped on it and listened to the sound of the leaves breaking. When she looked up, she saw a fair-skinned boy in a white shirt, crouching on the street corner feeding a stray puppy.

The boy heard the movements behind him, turned his head to look, and then smiled slightly at her. It was a clean and warm smile, very beautiful.

Liang Lin thought the smile seemed to be printed in her heart.

At school the next day, Liang Lin saw him again, and found that he was actually a classmate in the classroom next to hers.

She was a little dumbfounded.

They had been in the same school for three years only separated by a wall, yet, she had never noticed him before.

However, from that day on, she often inadvertently saw him.

He would walk past her classroom window when class was over and he would walk with his classmates carrying their school bags after school.

Actually, it seems that you only need to meet someone once before you start noticing them more and more.   

Their junior year passed by quickly, and she was admitted to the same high school as him.

This time, they were separated by two classrooms, but she still saw him often.

The classroom window was facing the playground. Although he was a gentleman, he still liked to play basketball. Sitting in a convenient spot by the window, she used to sneak a peek every time he played.

In her sophomore year of high school, she’d found out his name was Gu Ruichen, as for her name, she didn’t think he would have inquired about it.
She watched him like this for three years. Every day after school, she would take the same road to see if the stray puppy was still there. Unfortunately, the little puppy was gone and she never met him again on that road.

Then, the nerve wracking college entrance examination ended and she got into A University in A City.

On the day of her high school graduation, she made up her mind to speak to him, but after looking everywhere, she couldn’t find him.

She secretly approached his classmates and finally heard them say his name. It turned out that he fell sick and could not come.

Liang Lin felt very sorry.

Were those feelings she has for him not meant to be in the end?

The answer is: it is not over yet.
When she arrived at A University, she found out that he was actually in the same department as her.

She couldn’t express how happy she was, but she had to pretend to be nonchalant about it.

She said: “You are from C City right? I have seen you before.”
His smile is still as beautiful as ever as he replied: “I have also seen you at school, you like to watch basketball and you sit on the second floor opposite the playground, two classrooms away from mine.”
She blushed brightly, observed him carefully, and finally decided that he didn’t mean anything by it. Fortunately.
With this alumni relationship and being from the same city as well as being in the same department, they naturally have more interactions now.

She has a quiet and shy personality and he was also gentle and reserved.

By this time, she was sure of her feelings for him. She liked him.

Her best friend in class at that time was Xiao Ting. Liang Lin didn’t know how to confess her feelings to Gu Ruichen and so wanted Xiao Ting to help her out.

Xiao Ting was very excited that day. She said she also wanted to confess to her favorite boy, she even knew how she was going to do it, however, the person she liked happened to be Gu Ruichen.
These words killed Liang Lin at once, and yet, Xiao Ting didn’t notice at all, she was still happily talking about her plan.

She said that Gu Ruichen’s character was reserved so she had to be the one to provoke him. She kept talking and explaining her ideas and Liang Lin just listened unable to say anything.

That day, until they went back to their dorm room, Liang Lin did not say who she wanted to confess to, and Xiao Ting did not ask. She was too busy thinking about her own confession to care.   
A month later, at a literary performance, Xiao Ting played the piano. She was a very talented and beautiful girl.

Liang Lin looked at her in the background and felt that she could not compare.

Xiao Ting’s performance won thunderous applause. She looked confident and happy.

She picked up the microphone and said to the crowd at the auditorium: “Thank you, I want to take this opportunity to confess to the boy I like…”

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