Fate Chapter 4

Liang Lin did not have the courage to listen to this public confession.

She fled away from the auditorium and walked aimlessly around the campus for a long time.

Finally, with nowhere to go, she returned to the dormitory.

That night, Xiao Ting came back very late.

She had very red eyes and said that Gu Ruichen didn’t say anything on the spot, but told her after the event was over that he could not accept her confession.

Xiao Ting clenched her fists in front of Liang Lin, saying that she would not be discouraged and would continue to pursue him again.
Liang Lin really didn’t know how she was going to do it.

After that, she wasn’t as close to Xiao Ting as she used to be.

Both of them got busy.

Xiao Ting was busy chasing after Gu Ruichen and attending all kinds of events.

Liang Lin, on the other hand, was busy with her classes, with her homework, and trying to avoid Gu Ruichen.  

The four years of college passed by peacefully.

Liang Lin also rejected two boys’ confessions; she returned their letters without even taking the time to read them.

She just told them that she didn’t want to have a relationship in College and wanted to focus on her studies.

She gained herself a reputation of being clear-minded, introverted, and studious.

That was all what she was known for among her peers.
On the day of her college graduation, Liang Lin finally gave Gu Ruichen a gift.

Although it was not a show of love, she wanted to make up for the regret of her high school graduation and she finally got to fulfill her wish at last.

What surprised her though was that Gu Ruichen also gave her a gift, a very cute notebook.

Liang Lin likes to collect all kinds of beautiful notebooks but she didn’t expect him to know about her little hobby.
At that time, Gu Ruichen still wore his warm smile as his slender fingers handed her the notebook.

Liang Lin unconsciously blushed again; she bowed her head and thanked him.

She did not know that she had missed the look of helplessness on his face.

Gu Ruichen wanted to actually talk to her more; he was looking for a job in D City, far away from A City, and had to leave shortly after graduation.
The day she received the gift, Liang Lin holding the notebook suddenly felt very sad.

She impulsively visited one store after another until she finally found the exact same frame as his, she also matched his flat lenses and put the frame on her face.

She told herself that she would just keep them as a souvenir of her dead crush.

Later, Liang Lin found a job in a company in A city. She rented a small apartment and never contacted Gu Ruichen again but she still occasionally chatted with Xiao Ting online.

She hid the notebook deep in the drawer under her closet and has been reluctant to use it.

So in the end, she had never opened it.
Three years later, it was like thunderbolt.

She found out that she had missed his confession.

For three years she is been missing out on a chance to be with him.

Gu Ruichen wrote on that letter that if she is willing to go out with him, then to just call him.

If he can wait for her, he will not leave.[1] TL’s note : I think he meant that if she accepts his confession then he would stay with her in A city

Liang Lin looked at his handwriting again and couldn’t hold back her tears.

She remembered that shortly after he gave her the gift, he called her and asked her if she liked the notebook.

She was baffled and just gave a predictable response. Clearly a cop out answer.

So he didn’t wait for her and she had lost him.

Now, it’s already been three years, Liang Lin told herself that by now, he could have a girlfriend or even a fiancée.
Liang Lin sat dumbfounded for a long while, then suddenly picked up her phone and dialed the number that he had written on his letter, unfortunately, she only heard the automatic response as she had guessed: “Sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service.”

She had already changed her number so of course he would have changed his too.
Liang Lin turned on her computer.

She felt that in all her years she had never been as active as she is being now.

She looked for Xiao Ting’s Id. She was online. Liang Lin directly asked her if she still had contact with Gu Ruichen. Unfortunately, the answer she got was a no.
This answer made Liang Lin loose her sleep for the whole night, so in the end, does she really need to wait until they meet by coincidence again?


1 TL’s note : I think he meant that if she accepts his confession then he would stay with her in A city

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