Fate Chapter 5

The next day, Liang Lin got up with a set of panda’s eyes.

She packed up her things properly, took her bag and went out of the door.

At work, she stood by her office window and looked at the people coming and going along the street.  

There was plenty of time to check that notebook and yet she had missed that letter. 

They had missed each other over and over again.

This was because she was a coward who didn’t dare to act on what she wants, this time though, she needed to take action.    

Liang Lin went to the place where she met Gu Ruichen yesterday.

She stood on that street corner and looked around. 

The street was crowded, there were people everywhere. 

She intentionally walked slowly, step by step, taking her time to scan her surroundings. 

She noticed that the ground design had tiles joined together forming a beautiful pattern.

Liang Lin suddenly felt like she had gone back to that time.

She was walking on the path covered with fallen leaves, she could hear the sound of them breaking under her feet and she felt like she would see him as soon as she lifted her head.   

So she did, she looked up, but unfortunately, there was no sight of him. 

In the vast sea of ​​people, she was like a lonely soul, constantly strolling around the street in circles, trying to find him. 

She remembered a movie she had seen, “walk from Left to Right”.

The male and female protagonists always appeared in the same scene, but unfortunately, without ever meeting each other.   

Liang Lin looked at every direction but in vain.

She looked behind her, looked to her left, looked to her right, but he was still nowhere to be found. 

The passersby next to her looked at her strangely. 

Liang Lin grimaced secretly. She really was becoming a psychopath.   

But even though she looked like a crazy person, she still didn’t want to give up. 

In these past 24 years, she is never been a decisive person and that’s what led to this tragic situation, so this time, she is going to make up for it any way she can.   

Liang Lin kept looking like a lunatic on that street for three days. 

She would come early in the morning and go back late at night.

She didn’t try to look casual by surfing the net or talking on her phone. 

She was dedicated to being a lunatic. 

Every time she saw a puppy, she would think of him, when she saw a tree, again, she would think of him and if she saw a man wearing glasses she would still think of him.

Last time, he had stood here and told to her that it is been a long time since they have seen each other, but now he is gone.   

Liang Lin sighed, started to count the floor tiles beneath her feet and happened to see a fallen leaf. She hopped over, stepped on it and when she looked up, there was a puppy just in front of her, unfortunately, it was a pretty woman holding it.

Liang Lin watched the woman as she led her dog away and was about to sigh, but halfway through, she froze.  

There was a cafe with floor-to-ceiling windows.

When the woman and her puppy walked away, they revealed Gu Ruichen’s smiling face behind the window’s glass. 

Liang Lin rubbed her eyes and looked again more carefully again. It was indeed him. He looked at her and kept smiling, then waved at her. 

Liang Lin felt like she was floating in, she somehow arrived in front of him.

 Gu Ruichen greeted her and invited her to sit down. He then called the waiter and ordered a cup of coffee for her.

Liang Lin didn’t know what to say, but she felt that this time, she had to take the initiative, so she said: “What a coincidence.”    

Gu Ruichen smiled brightly and replied: “It’s not a coincidence; I have been sitting here and watching you walk around in circles as if you were looking for something.”

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