Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis
Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis Chapter 17.2

The video and audio seemed to be working fine. As a precaution against the scenario where zombies invade the first floor, I had installed surveillance cameras that were now operating without any problems.

“I’m sorry, but I’m curious about the conversation,” I apologize in a low voice, feeling guilty for prying into someone else’s personal matters.

But I tell myself that this is necessary and a test run for emergency situations, so I continue watching the live feed on my laptop screen.

” Jinguichi -senpai is missing,” the voice on the other end of the line said.


“Senpai was conducting an investigation into the Sakurazaka faction as you requested, Diya-san. Our company has an obligation to make regular contact at least twice a day during an investigation, but there has been no communication since the day before yesterday.”

“I see, so this ‘Jinguichi Genjiro ‘ is Diya’s uncle,” I thought to myself.

So, Diya asked her uncle to investigate me?

What does this mean? While there were some signs of suspicion about my fortress DIY request, I never imagined that she would use a detective acquaintance to investigate me.

She may seem carefree, but perhaps she is actually a cautious person.

“I suspected that she was suspicious of me, but I never thought she would go this far,” I murmured to myself.

 I started feeling down about being suspected, but it lessens my guilt about eavesdropping.

 …And besides, we are both suspicious of each other.

 There are still many things that bother me just from what I heard so far. Her uncle being a detective, in addition to the request from Diya.


“He’s a bit careless, so he might just be slacking off, right?”

“He was actually disciplined for that a long time ago, so he’s been following the rules since then. Plus, we haven’t been able to contact the person who was accompanying him when he was helping Senpai”

“Was that person from a private detective agency?”

“No. Actually, the person is known to Diya as well. He’s a video creator who goes by the name Iwaro”


Diya’s surprised voice from the PC overlaps with my own thoughts. Why would Iwaro be involved in this?

“Wait a minute. Why are Uncle and Iwaro together? What’s their relationship? Is Iwaro working as a detective on the side?” She fired off her questions in a hurried and flustered manner.

I waited in silence for an answer, as I am equally curious about the situation.

“I’ll tell you, so calm down. They are seniors and juniors from university. Your uncle often asked him for help as a bodyguard when things were likely to become troublesome. I also know him through that relationship.”

“I see. I had no idea… so Iwaro also knew about my connection with uncle?”

“No, he said he didn’t know. It may be hard to believe, but it seems to be a coincidence.”

I feel like this story is too good to be true for it to have happened by chance.

However, miraculous encounters and coincidences do exist. Even if the probability is low, it’s not 0%.

“So, does that mean Iwaro is also caught up in trouble with my uncle since we can’t get in touch with him?”

“It’s reasonable to think so.”

Both of them fell silent, looking down.

With so much information and surprises, it was easy to get overwhelmed, but they took deep breaths to regain their composure.

So, Diya had become suspicious of me and requested her detective uncle to investigate me. Her uncle had invited Iwaro to help with the investigation, but they had both gone missing.

Iwaro, Diya, and even her uncle didn’t know each other before this. That’s what it meant.

It was shocking to know that Diya had doubted me, but as someone who had actually been keeping secrets, I couldn’t really blame her. Her judgement wasn’t wrong.

“Yes, that’s right. I’ll pass this on to you. It’s the information we gathered about Jin Sakurazaka until the day before yesterday,” he said.

He handed over a large brown envelope to Diya.

“Everything you need to know is written in detail there. I should take my leave now. I have to continue searching for my senior,” he said.

“Please take care of my uncle. Let me know if you find out anything,” Diya replied, bowing deeply.

Even through the screen, I could feel how genuinely worried she was.

After the conversation ended, I went downstairs to see him off when I received a phone call saying it was all over.

“Well, it’s been quite a day… Shall we go to bed?” I said.

“Yeah, let’s. Good night, Jin,” he replied.

Diya ended the conversation quickly and returned to her car. I didn’t try to stop her, as I knew she might need some time alone to process everything.

When I went to my sister’s room before going to bed, she was playing a video game. I told her everything that had happened without holding back, and she responded with a sour expression and crossed arms, making it hard to discern her emotions.

“Diya-san suspected you,” she murmured, sounding a bit melancholic.

“Well, I guess I was being suspected because of what I was doing.”

“That’s true.”

“That big guy and Diya’s uncle knew each other and both went missing while investigating us. Do you think there’s any connection?”

I was about to immediately say “there’s no connection,” but the words got stuck in my throat. Is it impossible to explain everything as just a coincidence?

I’m worried about Iwaro-san, but I also feel like I’m not too concerned. We only worked together for a few days and had a few conversations. Our relationship isn’t deep enough to be emotionally invested.

I feel heartless for thinking this, but I’m more concerned about Diya than I am about Iwaro-san.

Could it be that Diya is somehow related to the zombie crisis?

Did she approach me suspiciously because she sensed it beforehand?

Is that why she had her uncle investigate me?

…No, this is going too far. There is no evidence or connection.

Calm down, calm down and think. But…

“Once can be called a coincidence, but if it happens two or three times, isn’t it inevitable?

Is a member of a certain organization, sent to approach me with an innocent face trying to scratch at my vulnerability?

I shudder, my whole body covered in goosebumps.

I am overcome by indescribable anxiety and chills.

“Jin-chan! Jin-chan! You look pale, what’s wrong?”

My panicked sister is close by.

She gently wraps her hands around my face and smiles kindly, “It’s okay.”

Usually, she’s in her childish way, but when I’m in trouble, she goes back to how she used to be. That strong and reliable sister.”

“I’m sorry, I imagined something unpleasant.”

“Jin-chan, it’s easy to doubt others, but trust takes time. You and Diya-san haven’t known each other for very long, have you?”

It was the same tone she used to use when she would scold me as a child for being selfish. I want to tell her not to treat me like a child, but I can feel my restless and turbulent heart calm down.

“Jin-chan, you decided that you can trust Diya-san, right? Then let’s try to believe her. Let’s have an honest conversation with each other. Both of you are keeping secrets, so you’re worrying about unnecessary things.”

“You might be right.”

Suspicions arise when both parties have secrets.

If that’s the case, why not reveal everything and talk about it openly? It’s a simple thing, but it takes courage.

But with the push from my sister, I feel okay about it.

“I’ll tell everything tomorrow. I don’t want to overload my brain with more today.”

“That’s right. Just like how games and manga are likely to be criticized on the Internet for cramming too much information into them.”



Dealing with her own problems, Diya probably has a lot on her plate and needs to sort her thoughts out too.

We’ll take the day off and confess everything tomorrow.

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