Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis
Fortifying my home with DIY – One month left until the zombie Crisis Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18 – March 18, Diya

“Are you serious?”

The day after taking a full day of rest, during sweet potato time for lunch (again, it’s sweet potatoes), an unbelievable confession was made. Despite the ridiculous story, I tried to laugh it off, but Jin’s face was dead serious.

“So, to summarize, Jin is a psychic who have prophetic dreams.”

I paused to check the other person’s reaction.

There was no “just kidding” or “it’s a prank” kind of response.

“…And then, I saw the news that zombies would flood the streets in a month. That’s why I’m fortifying my home like this,” I continued.

“Exactly,” they replied.

“So when do you plan to debut as a novelist?”

I tried to make a joke, but they looked at me expressionlessly.

It wasn’t funny as a joke and had a bad timing.

“Um, isn’t this story a bit too exaggerated?” I said.

“I think so too,” they replied.

They nodded heavily, indicating they were thinking the same thing.

“I had believed that upon hearing such an incredible tale, I would be capable of responding with a more enthusiastic and optimistic reaction,” I pondered inwardly.

It appeared to me that when people are faced with something that surpasses their ability to be surprised, they tend to react calmly instead. This was the first time I had ever observed this about myself.

“I didn’t want to lie to Diya anymore. That’s why I revealed everything,” he said.

Even though they seemed different from their usual self, it was confusing. They were nodding along with their head bowed like a broken machine. The older sister seemed to be really uncomfortble that she can’t stand it.”
It would have been nice if their first encounter was more enjoyable and cheerful.

Although she sat without making eye contact and just nodded, if you looked closely, she was trembling slightly. It was not a lie that she was not comfortable around new people.

Although I only caught a glimpse of her face, she was quite the beauty. Her long, glossy black hair and fair complexion accentuated her striking features, with a clean and simple facial structure and no makeup. Even with just a brief glance, it was evident that she had excellent raw materials for beauty.

I pretended to pick up something I dropped to check what she was wearing on the lower half, which was hidden by the desk. It turned out to be a long skirt.

Oh no, it’s the elegant and refined beauty I’ve been admiring. Well, I probably have a better figure than her anyway. Maybe the loose size of her cardigan makes her look thinner than she actually is.

Wait, that’s not the point. I’m interested in the older sister, but I’ll put that on hold for now.

“Psychic with precognitive dreams, huh?”

“I can understand why you might not believe it. If Diya said the same thing, I’d sympathize with thinking this person had finally lost their mind.”

“What do you mean by that?!”

I glared at Jin, who snorted in amusement.

It seemed like the tension in the room had eased up, if only a little bit.

“But you know, I still have my doubts. As a video streamer, it would be more interesting if your precognitive dreams were real. Heck, I might even want to use that ability to boost my PV and make a profit… Oh well, can you show us some proof? Probably not, right?”

I deliberately provoked him, trying to stir up controversy.

Although I wanted to believe him, I wasn’t naive enough to simply accept such a confession. Psychic abilities are too much like a fantasy.

“Of course, I expected that reaction. But I have the evidence,” he said.

“What, you can show me proof?” I exclaimed.

He had expected my disbelief. Psychic powers were too fantastic for most people.

He placed a small piece of paper on the table. It was about the size of a business card, with countless letters and numbers printed on it.

“A betting ticket?” I asked.

“It’s a horse racing ticket for today,” he replied.

The TV in the living room was turned on, and the channel was switched to a horse racing program currently broadcasting.

“We’ve placed a three-way bet on the next race. You win if you correctly predict the first, second, and third places in order,” Jin said

“I know the rules. My uncle likes horse racing. Did you buy your bets according to your precognitive dream?” I asked.

He responded without any agitation and with full confidence.

The betting ticket was for the most difficult trifecta, with just one combination. And the amount bet was a high 100,000 yen.

His as matter-of-fact tone made it seem all the more believable.

If this really hits…

“It’s starting,” the older sister’s words brought me back to reality, and I shifted my gaze to the screen.

“Is this a lie…?”

I was stunned by the results. I grabbed the betting ticket and double-checked the order of the finish on the TV screen.

“Three, eleven, seven.”

I squinted my eyes and alternated my gaze between the ticket and the screen several times. Both sets of numbers really matched.

“We won, didn’t we?”

Despite the fact that it was a considerable high dividend, they had a calm attitude.

This kind of behavior is as if it were an everyday occurrence.

Certainly, I cannot say that this was just a coincidence. I have seen my uncle miss several times and I understand how difficult it is to predict the finishing order from first to third place.

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