From Cultivator to Widow (1970s)
From Cultivator to Widow (1970s) Chapter 3

FCW – Chapter 003

Translated by Sakura Time

When Su Qianming and Su Zhong heard about the house, they quickly asked, “What’s going on?”

Su Hui then told them what she had just decided.

Su Qianming was not comforted by the fact that his daughter would now be moving out of the house with his grandchildren! This is an important matter! So he pulled them in: “What regulations are there for this separation? Let’s be clear.” If it’s settled, there won’t be so much nonsense behind it.

His silly daughter said it was a separation, but apart from the subsidy from his son-in-law and the house she said they would build, she didn’t say anything else. How could the family be separated like this? It will be very hard for their small family to move out and become independent. Aside from the house, they have to give importance to food, not to mention that she has more mouths to feed and her children are still growing.

Zhang Chengye didn’t bring up the matter of the house just now because he was worried about the fact that there was no one around from Su Hui’s family. He had to wait for them to come before he could talk about it in detail. Now that someone is here from her family, he finally brought it up.

“Shall we go and get a charter on this matter now? Let’s talk about it in full detail.”

Zhang Gen nodded, “Unn… Let’s talk about it today.”

“Okay, let’s discuss it. I’ll be your witness.”

Sun Qiang didn’t speak, but stood with Zhang Chengye. It’s obvious that he will also stand as their witness.

If it’s fair, it’s okay, but if it’s not fair, he’ll have to say something about it.

In this way, even if his brother Ping died, he would not have to worry about his kids and wife. He will help him look after them.

When Li Manfen thought of what her older sister had given her son, who had moved out last time, her heart ached, and she couldn’t speak. But she also knew that this plight couldn’t be stopped, so she simply took a handkerchief and sobbed.

Zhang Gen sat down and asked his eldest daughter-in-law to take the children away so that they would not hear the matter that was being discussed and go out to spread the word indiscriminately.

He thought for a while and asked Su Hui first, “This house, how many rooms are you planning to build?”

Su Hui recalled the original owner of her body’s memory: “With four children, I want four rooms, a living room, and a kitchen.”

Thinking of the difficulty of getting bricks and tiles, Su Hui looked at Sun Qiang and asked, “Is there a way to get that many? Any old ones will do. “She couldn’t stand the aggravation of living in a mud-brick house! The mud is falling off the walls!

Zhang Gen thought about it for a while. The second son’s family has many children. They were blessed with four sons. Now that they’ll have their own house, they probably won’t have another house for a long time in the future, so it’s not realistic to save money to build a new house later on. They should just take this opportunity to build all the rooms that his grandchildren will use in the future. In that way, all four of them could have their own rooms when they start their own family. Another room could also be made for Su Hui, which is just right.

Su Qianming also thinks so. His son-in-law has a thousand yuan allowance, half of which is 500. With so much money in their hand, they have nowhere to spend it. It’s also worrying. It’s better to build a house now and not worry about it for decades to come.

What Su Hui thinks is not at all what Zhang Gen thinks in his head.

She’ll sleep in one of the four rooms, and then one for her eldest son, one for her second son, one for twins, and one for sundries. It’s just right. As for the years to come, she knows she can solve any incoming issues with their house in the future.

“It is estimated that the new bricks and tiles will not be so many. But no worries, I can think of a way for you to get the old ones. I will try my best.” Sun Qiang asserted confidently.

Others did not say anything. Bricks and tiles are hard to come by, and they all know that, with these words, it is basically no problem.

Su Qianming knows the price of tile-roofed houses and quickly calculates the cost in his mind. Now his daughter has five hundred yuan in her hand. But it will cost nearly two to three hundred yuan to buy bricks, 100 tiles, and everything else. That would be very expensive. After spending money on the construction of the house, his daughter will have no more money left. That won’t work!

Zhang Gen had the same thoughts. Because their house is also built using bricks, he knows how much money will be spent on the construction.

He then asked Li Manfen, “How much money do we have at home?” Li Manfen has been keeping all the money in the family.

The startled Li Manfen couldn’t help but respond in an annoyed tone: “How much money is left in the house? The house has only been built for less than two years; the money has already been spent!”

Zhang Gen looked at her with a sullen face and did not speak. Although the money was not in his hand, he knew how much went in and out.

Looking at Zhang Gen’s eyes, Li Manfen felt guilty. She was always in charge of small matters in the family, and the old man always decided on major matters.

Reluctantly, she said, “There are still more than 200 left.”

In fact, there were over 300 left in total, which she had secretly hidden away.

It sounds like a small amount, but you have to take into account the price of goods at this time.

In the era when a pound of rice was more than 10 cents and a pound of pork was 70 cents, with such a large family, even if they earned more work points than what an average family earns in a year, after deducting all of the expenses, they could only save just around 30 yuan.

Three hundred yuan is usually the average income for ten years. Many families can’t get ten yuan a year due to the lack of labor at home. After deducting the family’s expenses for illness, medicine, favors, etc., their savings total up to a hundred yuan, making them pretty well off in their area.

The fact that their family has so much money is clearly due to Zhang Ping, who never forgets to send his monthly salary.

Zhang Gen took a sip of water and took out two hundred yuan from his arms and gave it to Su Hui.

This was drawn from the subsidy he had just received.

“Adding all these, it should be enough to build a house.” Seeing that he had pulled out 200 yuan, Su Qianming voiced another concern: “How will the grains be divided?”

Zhang Gen: “We shall eat the grain we have harvested together before the house is built. Then, after the house is constructed, we’ll split the grains. The grain planted by the second daughter-in-law belongs to her. Worry not, as we will give support to her. ” If the time comes when there is not enough food for them to eat, he will definitely help them.

“There is still a broken pot at home. Because there are new ones, they have not been repaired. You can take them after you have repaired them. You may also take away the quilts, clothes, tableware, and chopsticks you use.” As for farm tools and so on, they have been confiscated. In the village, there are only kitchen knives and sickles left for individuals.

Su Qianming smiled warmly when he heard this. He glanced at his daughter’s in-laws. Although Li Manfen was a little perplexed, Zhang Gen made it clear.

Su Qianming asked his daughter, “In that case, we have a deal. Go and get a pen and paper.”

Zhang Weiguo understood and ran into the room to tear Zhang Baoguo’s workbook, and Su Qianming wrote down everything that was said.

Zhang Gen looked at Su Qianming’s sharp writing and added, “If she wants to remarry, the house will be left to Baoguo and the others.”

Su Hui doesn’t think she will marry anyone and doesn’t mind at all: “Dad, just write it down. I won’t remarry anyway. It’s the same.” This is getting better and better.

Su Qianming sighed secretly. Her daughter was widowed at a young age. She had no choice and had a hard life, but with their help, she could always live a better life.

After finalizing the written agreement, the witnesses, Zhang Chengye and Sun Qiang, wrote their names in triplicate, one copy for Su Hui, one for Zhang Gen, and one for the captain, himself. The family will then be officially divided after the captain has separated their household registration.

Only after the agreement was finalized were they able to visit the land site that was being discussed…

Zhang Chengye is actually a little related to their family. In fact, they have the same ancestor. It should be said that all people surnamed Zhang in their village are related to each other, because there were four brothers with the surname Zhang that had fled the famine and came here. Over the years, they married, had children, and multiplied into hundreds of families.

Zhang Chengye’s home is not far from the center of the village, but Zhang Ping’s choice of the homestead is farther away. Because the area is largely packed with old plum trees, only a few families live there. No one wants to tear down these trees because they are treasured by the village’s children.

Their village is called Li Village, which is named after the plum tree.

Of the land areas there, the one Zhang Ping applied for is in the innermost part. Although it is the innermost part, there is no concern about safety because behind it is a small hillside with a height of no more than 50 meters, which is a holy land for children to pick wild fruits and vegetables.

Behind the hillside are the fields of their village. There are basically no wild animals on such a single hillside. It is safe, secure and, at the same time, guarantees enough privacy.

Su Hui was very satisfied and felt that it was tailor-made for her.

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