From Cultivator to Widow (1970s) Chapter 4

FCW – Chapter 004

Translated by Sakura Time

Su Hui is satisfied, but Su Qianming thinks that the area is a little too remote. He knows that there are a few families around, and it’s not that far from the center of the village, but there’s a forest blocking it, so if anything happens, they might not get there on time. But what can he do? The place has already been settled. They can only build fences firmly as a means of security.

Looking at the land, Su Hui thought about what she could do in the future. At first, she didn’t have that many expectations, since she had no experience with this kind of thing, whether in the modern 21st century or in the cultivation world. But Su Hui is confident that obtaining food won’t be difficult for her.

Su Qianming was quite pleased with the land size because it was large enough for his daughter’s family of five. It’s just that, for him, the place was too barren. So he told himself that after the house was built, he would definitely enclose the private plot and help his daughter grow vegetables and raise chickens.

Zhang Gen turned around carefully and didn’t say anything. ‘This place is a little off the beaten path, but it’s not far from the brigade leader’s house. There are also people living around here. If there’s something to shout about, you can hear it over there. Most importantly, there are no beasts around the area.’

After the site inspection, Su Qianming decided to turn back first. He patted his daughter’s shoulder and said, “We’ll go back first. We’ll come over to help in the morning.”

Sun Qiang is about to leave too: “I’ll go back now and contact the brick factory. You can clean up the place first. I’ll inform you later when I have news. “

Zhang Chengye didn’t say much, just said, “If you need anything, come to me.”

Li Manfen did not want to see her daughter-in-law’s face. She just shook her head and went back to their house to sulk.

When Zhang Gen realized what his wife had done, he was disappointed. Why is it that as his wife gets older, she is becoming more and more childish? She was still looking for trouble with her daughter-in-law, despite the fact that they had just lost their son.

After returning, Su Hui went straight to their room, sat down, and touched her forehead. She is still not okay, but at least she has no fever.

Zhang Baoguo was at home with his younger brothers. Seeing her like this, he brought his younger brothers around and said, “Mom, are you still not feeling well?”

Su Hui was a little overwhelmed. From now on, these little radishes would be her responsibility.

“I’m feeling much better now.”

“Mom, take a nap. You’ll be fine when you wake up,” the eldest son, Zhang Baoguo, worriedly said.

The second son, Zhang Weiguo: “… Mom, will we have no father in the future? Are we moving out? “

“Your dad… is gone. We’ll split up with your grandparents and move out later when our new house is built. “

“Is Dad going to move out with us?” The third son, Zhang Anguo, is only five years old and still a bit innocent.

Su Hui wouldn’t hide it from them: “It will be just us, your dad has died for the country.”

They all knew about this, but the concept of death was not yet clear to them, and they were all terrified to hear that they would not have a father in the future.

“We have money to build a house because your dad sacrificed his life for the country. The state has issued a subsidy, otherwise we wouldn’t have the money to build a house and move out. You are all still kids, so you might not understand right now, but always remember that your dad is a hero, alright? “

Zhang Baoguo, the oldest of them, who is already ten years old, answered with teary eyes. “I understand, Mom. We will be good.”

He sniffled, “I’m all grown up now, so I’ll be the one to protect you in place of our father.” His dark little face had determination.

Compared to his appearance a few days ago, one can clearly feel that he has grown up a lot.

Su Hui sighed. Zhang Baoguo said so, but he himself is still a child. The four children are all thin and small, wearing clothes that are full of patches. She felt sad when she saw them.

Their mother is no longer here, but she will do her part to pay back the karma.

Dinner was cooked by Li Manfen. She was in a bad mood, so the food was tasteless. Su Hui ate that sweet potato and mixed rice, or shall we call it tasteless sweet potato and mixed rice? She felt like she couldn’t eat it. She had never eaten such food, no matter what life she was in.

This is already her third life. In her first life in the 21st century, she was a carefree high school student who came from a well-off family. She was full of vitality in her second life, where she was born in a world of cultivation. In her small family, she was one of the few people with spiritual roots. Her tasks were also taken care of by the attendants. She just didn’t expect that she’d get caught up in an attack and die from it. Then here she is, in her third life, reduced to eating sweet potatoes.

We must move out as soon as possible to improve our rations!

She took a bath after dinner. Hui frowned and cleaned herself up. She still needs time to integrate. She can’t change too quickly all at once. She’ll just bear with it for the time being.

There were five of them, but there was only one quilt, one room, and one bed. The size of the bed could not accommodate all of them, so Zhang Baoguo skillfully took out a bench and put it next to the bed, and then put a wooden board on top of it. In this way, the length of the bed is temporarily increased, enough for all five of them to sleep. When it is dawn, these bed boards will again be placed in the corner.

Su Hui looked at such a bed and a quilt. She took another deep breath and focused her attention on her heart. She is Su Hui now. Su Hui in the 1970s was short of materials. ‘This is a normal phenomenon. Bear with it!’

She silently recited the formula for clearing the heart and took out a coat from the cabinet.

The quilt is not enough. The original owner of her body didn’t add a layer to the quilt this winter, but she’ll make do with the clothes.

The following day, she had to go to the village primary school, as she was a teacher, teaching first and second grade.

Logically speaking, the teaching position in the school should not be given to a person who has only graduated from primary school. After all, there are educated youths who often go to the countryside, so there is no shortage of junior and senior high school graduates. However, the educated youth have already occupied two teaching posts in the village.

Zhang Ping used his military status to change a few things, and that’s how the Su Hui of this world became a teacher. She only teaches children in grades one and two, so she is quite confident in herself.

Teaching in class is much easier than working in the field, and she can still get ten work points. Although she has no money, she has food. Her job has made many daughters-in-law in the village envious.

Su Hui recalled the contents of the class. She should have no problem with being a teacher.

Su Hui hurriedly flipped through the textbook, and then heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the topics tackled in elementary school will not be a problem for her after all. It’ll be a cinch for her.

However, instead of going to class that day, Su Hui took a leave of absence and asked another teacher to help her in the class.

She should seize the time to embrace the Buddha’s feet. Then again, she was needed for the leveling of the house site.

Just after a day’s work, the news has spread all over their village. Some people sigh for the Zhang family, while others are jealous and envious.

In their view, she is a salted fish turned over1 that can move out to be their master’s house by herself without being crowded with the elderly. However, thinking of the price she had paid for her turnover, they were no longer envious of her.

Her sister-in-law is one of those envious people. She can only comfort herself with the fact that she is not living a bad life. She is also living in a brick house, and it will be theirs in the future. So there is still hope for her life.

After all, according to their custom here, the elderly will live with their eldest son in the future. Since she was the eldest daughter-in-law, it was impossible to separate the family.

The next day, she went around the house site to help for a while before going to her class.

Primary school topics are not difficult. In this era, they are much simpler. The lessons are not that thrilling, and since learning is not given much importance, the schools in their village only have classes in the morning. They don’t have classes in the afternoon, so students go back to the fields to dig grass or lay the ground.

The original Su Hui used to go home right after school to do all kinds of washing, brushing, sewing, and mending. She doesn’t have any free time since she also helps with the work in the field. But she won’t be doing that anymore.

Right after her morning class, she came back home and went into their room.

At this time, except for the third son, Zhang Anguo, the rest of the people are outside. He did not like to go outside, so he stayed in their room. When he saw his mother coming back, he showed eager eyes and looked at his mother with big eyes, “Mom, I’m hungry.”


1 A salted fish turned over – is an idiom which means; To experience a reversal of fortune

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