From Cultivator to Widow (1970s)
From Cultivator to Widow (1970s) Chapter 5

 FCW – Chapter 005

Translated by Sakura Time

Facing the child’s hungry expression, Su Hui remained silent and looked up at the sky. In the 16 years of her life before she time traveled, she only knew how to cook instant noodles and fried rice with eggs. Then, after crossing over to the world of cultivation, she became a practitioner who comes from a rich family. The children in her family who are blessed with good spiritual roots only needed to practice. The rest was handled by servants. She hasn’t touched the kitchen at all. But since she’s their mother in this life and the child is hungry, she should find him something to eat.

The Su Hui of this world usually comes home early from school and prepares lunch for them.

But that wasn’t her. So the question is, can she do it?

Su Hui recalls the steps of the original owner of her body, but is still uncertain: “Hmm, I guess I have to give it a try. I’ll cook.”

There should be no problem if she follows the steps.

Zhang Anguo’s eyes lit up: “I’ll help mom make the fire!”

She recalled how the original Su Hui did it, step by step. Finally, she found out that she seemed to have added too much water, so she cut up a few more sweet potatoes, grabbed an extra handful of dried vegetables, and threw them all into the pot.

The meal she had made was far from what she had imagined. Despite the name “sweet potato mixed rice,” the sweet potatoes comprised the majority of the dish, followed by various colors of beans and dried vegetables, and the rice was the least.

It is unavoidable that, while rice is grown here, sweet potatoes are grown more frequently due to their high yield. Rice is delicious, but its production can’t keep up. Filling up the stomach is still the most important thing.

Su Hui had lost her appetite after looking at the pot of food she had just prepared. She just nibbled on the sweet potato.

Zhang Anguo was also enjoying himself eating while no one was at home. But he had to hurry up because the adults would be back later.

Eating these types of meals is common, from what she saw in the memories she had received. Eating worse is not even unheard of. She had seen the Su Hui of this world gnawing grass roots and bark in her childhood.

On the other hand, in her 16 years of life in the modern world, she had never experienced adversity. In her second life, she had, likewise, never experienced any problems. With a heavy sigh, Su Hui struggled to stuff the food into her stomach.

All of this will be over soon. Su Hui reminded herself. She has to find a way to improve the food they’re eating and, of course, her cooking skills, or else her family would suffer.

When Li Manfen returned home from work, she discovered that the chickens and pigs at home had not been fed, and that only lunch had been prepared.

Li Manfen was furious. She went to Su Hui’s room only to find her second daughter-in-law lying in bed. She speedily pulled out the quilt: “You lazy bitch! You’re just lying in bed at such a busy time. Don’t you have any to do the work at home?”

Su Hui opened her eyes and looked at her coldly: “I’m not feeling well, but I’ve already prepared the meal. You guys should eat first. I’m feeling sick, so I need to lie down for a while.”

Her body has recovered a little, but she still needs to rest in order for it to heal fully. She will stay at home this afternoon to help cure her body’s illness.

Li Manfen choked and got a little chill from her cold stares. She then walked away aggressively, muttering, “Who knows if it’s a real illness or a fake one?”

She walked grumpily, remembering that Su Hui really had a fever and fainted before.

When she got to the kitchen, she saw the food that was prepared by her second daughter-in-law. It was a sticky porridge. In it were the sweet potatoes, which were so badly cooked to the point that they looked like pig food. Li Manfen’s face turned green.

Li Manfen has always been careful about food. She had a look inside the pot and noticed that some parts were missing. This merely proves that someone must have eaten in advance. She cursed lowly and waited until everyone had returned. She couldn’t help but bring the matter to the table: “That second daughter-in-law of ours said that she was not feeling well and did not eat. But she obviously ate in advance! What a liar! Also, look at how this meal is made!”

Zhang Gen irritatingly slapped the table: “Do you still want to eat or what? She is not feeling well, so it’s sensible for her to just lie down. What’s there to be mad at if she ate a piece or two of sweet potato?!” It’s true that the meal was not done well, but it is not inexcusable since this is the only time it happened.

Zhang Gui, the third son, was quite indignant and muttered in a low voice, “The second sister-in-law is too pretentious.”

That large sum of money was wasted just to build her a house!

If he marries at a later time, maybe all of the prospective wives in his village have already been married by then.

Then Zhang Gen glared at him, and he immediately kept silent.

Zhao Laidi fed the chickens and the pigs before she had time to come over and eat. Seeing the atmosphere, she wanted to complain about her siblings, but now she just simply shut up.

They rested after eating lunch while Su Hui continued to pretend to sleep in their room. In fact, she is that determined to cure her body.

The four brothers, headed by Zhang Baoguo, were worried and refused to leave after lunch to keep an eye on their mom. But she sent them out, leaving only the third child, Zhang Anguo, behind.

Because it was the slack season, Zhang Gen and his colleagues continued to lay the foundation on the homestead. So many people with great strength came to help, and the foundation was almost done. At the other end, Sun Qiang also delivered the first batch of bricks.

There is a lot of activity there, attracting the attention of the villagers. The village already knew of Zhang Ping’s sacrifice through the big mouths of some people. His wife and children became martyrs’ families and would enjoy the care of the village. In addition, he also received a large subsidy, which he split half with his parents and half with his wife and children. They have also heard that the money Su Hui received will be used to construct a house.

The villagers don’t know the specific figures, but they can guess. They could guess the price by looking at the house built for Su Hui.

Some people envy Li Manfen. She gave birth to a promising son. He built her a brick house with his monthly salary. Then she gets to receive a large subsidy now that her son has sacrificed his life for the country. Not to mention that her daughter-in-law is now building a new house! She no longer needs to worry about her grandson’s marriage in the future. And she still has the remaining half of the money in her hand!

Li Manfen listened to their talk with a sneer.

Saying that her son has sacrificed his life for the country, there is nothing for her to be happy about. ‘If you have the ability, then go ahead and sacrifice your own son!’

Li Manfen sighed. With her second son, she could get money every month, which in total was not any less than the one-time payment she had received. She still has a young son who has not yet married.

Li Manfen is not a wicked person (ST: or so she says). She has three sons and two daughters. Her daughters are money losers and are to be married off. She hadn’t paid much attention to them because they would belong to someone else’s family. Her sons, however, were different. She valued them more.

The eldest son is the person who will live and provide for them in the future. Needless to say, the third son is the youngest of her children. He is sweet, and they’re close to each other. So naturally, she will pay attention to him. And there is Zhang Ping, her second son, who gave her a long face and went to join the army.

Zhang Ping himself is rather dull and not much to her liking. Before joining the army, she introduced him to a potential daughter-in-law she favored. But he didn’t like her, so he found a woman of his choice and persuaded his father to bypass her as a mother. As a result, she didn’t like her second daughter-in-law very much. Aside from that, she feels more betrayed now that her second son is gone. What was he thinking, leaving a letter, telling his wife to move out of the main family? He really wronged her by doing this.

What was wrong with her!?

Didn’t she give her daughter-in-law whatever she needed?

Which mother-in-law in the world is as good as her? Did she not give them food or clothing?

The fact that Su Hui was fed, clothed, and wasn’t beaten by her was already very good. She is not even close to being called evil. But the letter directly mentions the separation of their family!

Not only does her second child not care for her, he doesn’t even give her face!

Fortunately, others didn’t know what she was thinking; they just thought that she was holding her face and having a bad temper because her son was gone, so they all understood her. Otherwise, they would definitely have pointed at her.

Thinking about this, she stared at her husband and son, whose thoughts were poured into building a new house right after they recovered from illness. She couldn’t help but feel a little more resentment towards her second daughter-in-law, and even her own grandsons’ position in her heart had lessened a little.

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