We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

After Zhang Tianxing left, Jiao Chong was also prepared to go. At half-past six, the Hundred Monsters Parade will start in the park, for which their attendance was required.

Chong even extended an invitation to watch this performance.” I could arrange to get you a spot with the best view of this parade.”

From what he read on the internet, Jiang Lan knew the Hundred Monsters Parade was a top attraction in the park. He gladly accepted the invitation and followed the Jiang Chong brothers to the parade starting point.

The parade was about to start when they arrived. Jiao Chong quickly put on the costumes and joined the ranks of performers.

On a gigantic parade float in the shape of a mountain, stood, sat, or lay many different monsters. Some of them sang a pleasant tune while the float was moving forward. Around the float, more employees walked with the vehicle in ranks, playing different musical instruments.

Jiang Lan saw the bunny family who worked in the mushroom house in the parade. The big bunny was performing acrobatic tricks. The little bunnies followed him closely, carrying baskets full of fresh apples, which they distributed to the tourists enjoying the parade.

Jiang Lan stood at the front row without any people obstructing their views. Suan Ni stayed in his arms, excited by the spectacle. When the parade float passed before them, Suan Ni caught him off guard and slipped from his arms, and went for the moving float.

Those monsters’ children warmly welcome the arrival of Suan Ni. They surrounded Suan Ni, stroking him and offering fruits to him.

Suan Ni darted around on the float, then jumped to the gigantic Xiang Liu at the back of the vehicle. He nimbly jumped around the Xiang Liu’s nine heads, acting exactly like a small lion cub.

Jiang Lan couldn’t help laughing.” He is growing more naughty.”

Ying Qiao said.” Just like a cub should be.” 

While they were talking, those small bunnies went to them. As two bunnies offered fruits to Jiang Lan and Ying Qiao, the other three surrounded Jiao Tu and dragged him away to join the parade.

Jiao Tu appeared awkward with a bunch of small bunny monsters singing and dancing around him. After one bunny gave him a basket of fruits, he calmed down and followed those bunnies to distribute fruits to the nearby tourists.

Jiang Lan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Looking at the fruit in his hands, he saw every fruit had a cute label printed with a WeChat QR Code.

He took out his phone and scanned the QR Code in curiosity. Instantly, a WeChat mini shop popped up on the phone screen. It was a shop selling fruits.

Jiang Lan was shocked.

Ying Qiao commented.” These bunnies are savvy business owners.”

They knew how to use this occasion to advertise their business.

Jiang Lan took a bite off the apple and commented.” This apple is really tasty.”

Then he passed one to Ying Qiao.

Ying Qiao looked at the apple hesitantly, unable to decide what to do with it. Finally, he made up his mind and took a bite following Jiang Lan.

Contrary to his expectation, the apple tasted good in his mouth.

Ying Qiao’s eyebrows relaxed. He echoed Jiang Lan.” Yes, indeed.”

Jiang Lan.” I will order more for my colleagues in the office.”

Ying Qiao immediately followed his example.” Then I will also order some for my friends.”

So after the parade, the two of them ordered a box of apples from the bunny monster, and on the way to the parking lot, they passed the mushroom house to get their order. Boxes of freshly-picked apples were stacked in the mushroom house. Two big bunny monsters helped them carry the box to the parking lot, with little bunnies following them. These children reluctantly bade goodbye to Suan Ni and Jiao Tu.

Holding a bottle of carrot juice bunny monster threw in as a gift, Jiang Lan watched the receding Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park through the rear window and sighed.” This amusement park is much better than I thought.”

After a half-day tour, Jiang Lan could discern that among many high monsters, there mingled many little monsters who could only achieve half transformation, like the red fox monster with an unretractable tail and the bunny family with their ears pointing upright.

These little monsters had very low cultivation levels and hence couldn’t attain complete human transformation. Naturally, they didn’t dare to venture into human society like this. In the past, they had no other option but to fight with wild beasts over meager resources in the mountains to ensure their survival.

With the Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park opening, they could dress in costumes, working as park employees. This life must be much better than life in the mountains.

Looking at Jiang Lan from the corner of his eyes, Ying Qiao curved his lips and said in a seemingly casual tone.” My boss told me that when Jiao Chong started this amusement park, he was hamstrung by the lack of funds. Most of the high monsters didn’t think this amusement park had much chance of success, except for Ying Dragon, who pledged all the financial support Jiao Chong needed.

Jiang Lan just knew that the Jiao Chong brothers were the founders of this park. While he was thinking about this, he heard the name Ying Dragon mentioned and was surprised.

Lowering his eyes, he appeared thoughtful and said in a serious tone.” If he was willing to fund the amusement park to help out those little monsters, this Ying Dragon isn’t unkind and cold like the rumors have suggested.”

Most of the rumors concerning Ying Dragon more or less conveyed the impression that he was foul-tempered or cold and unkind. Jiang Lan’s fourth brother also liked to talk about Ying Dragon’s dark history. Under these influences, Jiang Lan naturally harbored some prejudices against Ying Qiao. Despite his belief that it was wrong to hold prejudices against someone you have never met in person, he still found himself involuntarily leaning towards his fourth brother when facing the choices between a complete stranger and an intimate brother.

Jiang Lan reflected on this fact and came to a conclusion.” Perhaps Ying Dragon deserves your worship.”

Perhaps Ying Dragon was indeed foul-tempered. But as far as the Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park were concerned, he could be considered kind-hearted, unlike how he was portrayed in those rumors.

Ying Qiao pretended to be careless despite his curved lips.” If you know more about Ying Dragon, you will like him too.”

Jiang Lan blinked his eyes.” But I am just an ordinary little monster, I have no opportunity to get to know him more.”

Ying Qiao really wanted to tell him Ying Dragon just sat beside you, and you have all the opportunities in the world.

But he didn’t dare.

He just said.” You will have such an opportunity in the near future.”

After the little monster improves his opinion of the Ying Dragon, he will reveal his identity.


After Ying Qiao drove Jiang Lan home, he returned to his villa.

Perhaps because his campaign to change the little monster’s opinions of Ying Dragon had finally turned the corner, he cheerfully paced up and down in his house with curved lips.

It occurred to him that a moment like this should be shared with his friends.

He opened the box of apples he bought from the bunny monster and uploaded a picture of it to the group chat:[ I just bought some apples today, care for some?]

A string of question marks appeared in the group chat.

[Tai Feng: @Ying Qiao You finally went bankrupt? Now you are reduced to eating apples?]

[Kai Ming: @Ying Qiao Who has said human food is rubbish? Will cause indigestion?]

[Cheng Hua: I would like to taste some!]

[Lu Wu: @Tai Feng@Ying Qiao@Cheng Hua If I were you, I would ignore him.]

While admiring an apple in his hand, Ying Qiao typed his message:[ @Kai Ming, The human’s apple is not decent food. But the apples I bought with the Little Monster in the amusement park are different.]

[Lu Wu: Your guys are so forgetful! Goodbye!]

Ying Qiao went on:[ Today is Children’s Day. I brought the Little Monster to the amusement park. Jiao Chong is doing a terrific job of running this park. I suggest that you guys visit this park to see for yourself.]

[oh, how inconsiderate of me! I forget you have no cubs to go with you.]

[What a pity! Adopting one if you have the chance.]

[Tai Feng: @Kai Ming Maybe we should leave.]

[Kai Ming: Yes, let’s go.]

[Cheng Hua: @Ying Qiao I will come right away to get my apples.]

These were not ordinary apples. This was a rare kindness of his stingy boss.

It was the first time Cheng Hua got a gift from Ying Qiao since he started working for him many years ago.

In the past, Ying Qiao usually brushed him off with a few digits in his bank account. Cheng Hua felt the joy of receiving monetary rewards was nothing compared with a gift from his boss.

This made him occasionally feel that his stingy boss knew how to be kind.

Cheng Hua felt pity for himself: This was a lowly employee’s humble wish.

Ying Qiao replied, “ok,” and began to divide the apples.

He would reserve half the apples for himself. Three apples for Cheng Hua. Tai Feng, Kai Ming, and Lu Wu each would get one apple.

He spread the apples on the table and divided them into three lots. He called someone to deliver the apples to Tai Feng and his other friends.

After he finished the call, Cheng Hua arrived.

Seeing the apples on the table, he asked cheerfully.” Which one is mine?”

Ying Qiao pointed to the lot in the middle.” This.”

Cheng Hua grabbed hold of the three apples and took a bite. Then he commented.” I just taste the taste of a rare kindness.” ‘

Ying Qiao snorted.” Are you being sarcastic?”

While eating an apple, Cheng Hua mumbled.” Do you know now you are more like a living person who actually breathes?”

Ying Qiao was dismissive.” I am dead to you before?”

Finishing off the apple with a few bites, Cheng Hua wiped his hands.” You know what I am talking about.”

Ying Qiao was silent, appearing very peaceful.

In the past, Cheng Hua wouldn’t dare to talk in such a direct way. Having worked for him for many years, Cheng Hua was very familiar with Ying Qiao’s character. Before, not to mention bringing gifts to his friends, he barely talked with them.

He acted like a sculpture full of negative energy. His only joy was to contradict and provoke people and go home to admire his gems. He would never pause to consider other people’s feelings.

If not for the long friendship he had with Tai Feng and a few friends, who knew him quite well, he would be left in this world alone.

While thinking he deserved such a friendless life, Cheng Hua secretly feared that he might one day vent his anger on society.

Even though he was still not clear about what possessed him, making him preoccupied with raising a cub, he was glad for the changes this brought to him. At least now he appeared lively, and the fragile friendship could continue, just barely.

Cheng Hua took another apple from the table and sighed.” I like you this way.”

Ying Qiao suddenly raised his head.” You just took my apple.”

Cheng Hua already had the two remaining apples in his arms.

Cheng Hua returned the apple while accusing him.” It is just an apple! Do you need to be this stingy?”

A stingy boss indeed!

Ying Qiao dismissed him with a blank face.” Get out.”

Cheng Hua left angrily with two apples, thinking you better not ask me to come the next time.

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