Jiang Lan felt a little embarrassed by Ying Qiao’s praises. He scratched his face and didn’t insist on knowing the books Ying Qiao read.

Jiao looked thoughtful.

Contrary to the rumors, Ying Dragon was not only powerful but also experienced in cub-rearing.

Jiao felt the need to discuss this subject with him when they were both free. He might learn something.

But today, he had more pressing matters at hand, not having the time to talk with them further. He felt regret saying goodbye to them.” I will invite you over on another day. Now I am afraid I have to go. While I was hibernating, nursing my injury, a human woman took away our necklace. I have to get it back.”

He looked grim while saying this.

They saved her out of the kindness of heart. As Ping Feng Mountain God, they had been receiving the worship and sacrifices offered to them by humans for many years. So they couldn’t stand aside and let a girl perish in vain. But they didn’t expect the woman they saved was a poisonous snake. She kept pestering them like a leech instead of expressing her gratitude.

The mention of the necklace brought to mind the scene Jiang Lan just witnessed at the Jiao Chong Honey Jar.

“We passed a pavilion on the way here. The girl you are looking for was there with the necklace wrapped around her wrist. But she didn’t seem…right.”

Before, when she was pestering Jiao Chong, she appeared very aggressive and convincing. A few words from her was enough to sway the nearby tourists to pick her side.

Besides, she appeared extremely sad when she left the scene. But when they encountered her in the pavilion, the sadness on her face was gone completely, replaced by a look of happiness.

” I know that pavilion.”

After a load was removed from his mind, Chong no longer seemed gloomy. He was much animated now. “She is there everyday starting from the opening of this park in the morning until the closing of the park in the late afternoon. She would always return on the second day.”

Jiang Lan seemed uncomprehending.” She would make a scene like that every day?”

Chong told them what he had gone through, then he nodded with a fearful look.” Because of her, I didn’t even dare to come to the park for the past few days. Today, after confirming she wasn’t at her usual place, the pavilion, I thought she took a break today, and came to the park.”

Who would expect that Fang Qiushui somehow turned up and made a scene?

Jiao said.” Now it is early, I will come to the pavilion first. If she was not there, I would have a way to find her.”

“We will join you. She was a human, and you guys are constrained by the rule….”

Jiang Lan pushed Zhang Tianxing forward with a sly smile.” My colleague is a cultivator. In this case, he might prove to be a great help.”

Zhang Tianxing nodded to indicate his agreement.

Jiao Chong initially thought there was no need to drag such a crowd along with them. But on second thought, he felt there was something suspicious about Fang Qiushui, so he agreed to Jiang Lan’s suggestion. Then they proceeded to walk towards that pavilion.

While walking, Jiang Lan muttered to Ying Qiao.” I have heard about the flowery Cave Girls before. But are they supposed to be the victims of feudal superstition? How come there are people like Fang Qiushui who willingly offered themselves as victims?”

A young girl fell in love with a god at first sight and preserved her virginity, and cherished her beauty for the god, waiting for the day when the god would come to marry her.

On the surface, this story sounds beautiful. But this story didn’t bear close scrutiny. In fact, most of the flowery cave girls were forced to choose this fate. Under the immense pressure of the superstitious custom, they died at a tender age.

A girl like Fang Qiushui was really unheard of, who would dare to pursue Jiao Chong to Jiang City to try to force him to marry her.

“Perhaps she is not a flowery cave girl as she claimed.” Ying Qiao put forward an alternative idea.

The Little Monster perhaps had never witnessed the viciousness of the human race because of his young age. In ancient times, some humans would even catch a monster to eat the monster’s flesh to aid their cultivation, bringing them closer to immortality. 

Humans were such a diverse race. Some humans pursued the dream of immortality. Naturally, it was expected that there were people like Fang Qiushui who dreamed of marrying a deity. Marrying the cave god was a frightening prospect for most girls, but it appealed to Fang Qiushui.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

To achieve her end, she would do anything.

Jiang Lan appeared uncomprehending.” Then what is she?”

Ying Qiao didn’t answer him right away.” We will know soon enough.”

While talking, they reached the pavilion.

As expected, Fang Qiushui sat in the pavilion while admiring the bee necklace in her palm. After noticing Jiao Chong’s approach, she closed her palm and said with a shy smile on her face.” You are finally willing to come to see me.”

Jiao extended his hands with palm facing upward.” Give me the necklace.”

Fang Qiushui instantly put her hands behind her back.” No way. But I will return it to you after we marry.” The light on her eyes had a frightening intensity when she looked at Jiao Chong.” My parents have already finished preparing for marriage. Come back with me and let the whole village know you are there to marry me.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Jiao had no patience for this chitchat. One of his hands gently shook, soon turning into an invisible hand to try to grab hold of that necklace.

The bees were in her palms with the red string on the outside. The invisible hand grabbed the string and pulled…..

But the necklace didn’t even budge.

Fang Qiushui looked at her hand in surprise. Then she turned to face Jiao Chong with a crazy look in her eyes.” You just cast a spell? I have said you are a cave god, but they didn’t believe me. Are you trying to steal the necklace?”

Tilting her head, she chuckled.” I won’t give it back. You can’t steal it.”

Jiao’s eyes grew sharp.” You are not a mortal.”

When he tried to pull the red string, he felt as if the string’s other end was attached to a mountain.

Fang Qiushui appeared satisfied with what he just said.” Of course, I am the cave god’s wife. I am no longer a mortal.”

Then she gave Jiao Chong an affectionate look.” Now will you consider marrying me after knowing this? I will be a good wife.”

Jiao didn’t answer her. Now his looks grew increasingly nasty. Chong was mild-tempered, but he couldn’t tolerate this.

The moment he was about to act, Ying Qiao stopped him.

Ying Qiao said to Fang Qiushui.” How do you know he is a cave god?”

Fang Qiushui looked at him contemptuously.” The cave god know how to cast a spell and can live forever.”

In the ten years since Jiao Chong saved her, Jiao Chong’s face hadn’t shown any sign of aging.

She was not stupid.

Ying Qiao gave a sneering laugh, with disgust flashing across his face. He said to Chong.” Show him what you really are.”

In public life, Chong would always deploy a spell to make him invisible. Ordinary mortals wouldn’t see him.

Fang Qiushui maybe knew a trick or two. But she was, after all, an ordinary person. Naturally, she didn’t see Chong, not even realizing she was talking to Jiao instead of Chong.

After a pause, Chong obeyed him and withdrew his invisibility spell.

On the top of the body, two heads leaning close to each other were now watching Fang Qiushui in silence.

Without thinking, Fang Qiushui took a step backward and widened her eyes in shock. Her calm looks were gone, replaced by a panicky look.” You are casting a spell to try to fool me! I would believe it!”

She wanted to marry a deity with paramount status, not an ugly monster with two heads.

Jiao had already understood Ying Qiao’s intention. He smiled suddenly and said with a nasty look.” Bees, come here.”

Fang Qiushui watched him in alert, not knowing what spells he would deploy this time to intimidate her.

But she would never consider surrendering.

Jiao walked towards her in confidence, letting her see clearly his two heads.” How about I return to the village with you like this?”

“No way!” Fang Qiushui suddenly screamed and kept shaking her head and recoiled in horror and disgust at the sight.” Please change back, I don’t like this look.”

“Is that so?”

While she was clearly rattled by the sight, Jiao suddenly caught her off guard and took back the necklace. He shrugged and said casually.” I don’t need you to like my new look. I have one more thing to show you, care for a look?”

“No, No, I don’t want to see.” Fang Qiushui covered her eyes and screamed in hysteria.

Jiao said.” Sorry, it’s too late, I have already summoned them here.”

Pointing to the woods behind them, he said.” Look, they are coming.”

Suddenly, the sound of countless insect wings beating against the air came from the woods. They turned to look and saw a dark cloud moving towards them. After the cloud got close, they could see that this cloud consisted of countless insects. They swirled around Jiao Chong, with many landing on his body, covering him completely.

Seeing this, Fang Qiushui opened her mouth in horror, but she seemed to lose her voice.

Some people would lose their voices in extreme horrors.

Now her eyes were bloodshot, bulging like the eyeballs would drop out of the socket any moment now.

Seeing her reaction, Jiao snorted and raised his hand, pointing at her.

Following his instruction, those insects landing on his body again took flight and flew towards Fang Qiushui.

After countless insects landed on her body, Fang Qiushui seemed to wake up from her extreme horror and covered her face, screaming.” Go away, please go away!”

At this moment, a miracle happened. An invisible barrier suddenly appeared around her body to ward off those flying insects, which were kept away from her body at a distance of one meter, unable to come closer.

Furrowing his brows, Jiao asked Ying Qiao humbly.” Does Mr. Ying know what is happening here? I think now she shouldn’t be counted as an ordinary human.”

A nasty look flashed across his face. As soon as he can be sure Fang Qiushui was not an ordinary mortal, he would act without scruple.

After a few rounds of confrontations, he was almost sure Fang Qiushui was not an ordinary human. A kind of power seemed to hide inside her. A moment ago, Jiao was worried about the lack of proof to back up his speculation. But now, Fang Qiushui offered the proof he needed voluntarily.

The Monster Bureau clearly stipulated that monsters living among humans are forbidden to touch any ordinary humans. There was a wide gap in physical powers between humans and monsters. Humans are too fragile compared with monsters. Without the protection afforded by this regulation, once a conflict arises between humans and monsters, a monster could kill an ordinary human with ease.

This regulation now served as the foundation of the peaceful coexistence between Humans and Monsters.

A moment ago, mindful of this regulation, Jiao confined his actions to mere intimidation.

Now, judging by her capability, he thought Fang Qiushui was no longer an ordinary human.

Ying Qiao didn’t answer his question right away. Throwing a side glance at Zhang Tianxing, he asked.” Does Master Zhang know what’s going on here?”

Suddenly hearing his name mentioned, Zhang Tianxing glanced at him and shook his head.” I don’t know, but she is not a cultivator.”

She was just an ordinary person with a not-so-ordinary power.

Zhang Tianxing had never seen people like this.

Hearing this, Ying Qiao raised his eyebrows and explained.” She is indeed an ordinary person.”

Hearing this, Jiao Chong withdrew the energy he was about to release.

“Some humans study the breathing technique to absorb the spiritual energy of the sky and the earth. Which is an essential part of cultivation. The talents of those cultivators were not the same. The most gifted cultivators don’t need the aid of this breathing technique. While breathing in and breathing out, those talented cultivators could absorb the spiritual energy of the sky and the earth.

Fang Qiushui was one such gifted person. But she lived in an isolated village without access to a proper cultivation education. But she was so talented that even without the proper guidance, her body had already managed to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy by instinct.

Each time she is agitated or consumed by intense emotion, those spiritual energies would be triggered to obey her will.”

The situation was now made clear by Ying Qiao’s explanation. Zhang Tianxing looked at Fang Qiushui, who was still in an agitated state, and said.” What a pity.”

It’s a pity that she had been walking on the wrong path with such outstanding talent.

Ying Qiao proposed.” A crazy person in control of this power might pose a threat to the world in the future. We need to hand her over to the Special Human Bureau, letting the human cultivators there take care of her.”

Jiao Chong supported this proposal and dispersed the crowd of insects. While he thought about who he could contact in the Special Human Bureau, Ying Qiao again proposed.” Master Zhang must know many people in the Special Human Bureau. We have to trouble him to take charge of her.”

Zhang Tianxing……..

He turned to gaze at Ying Qiao. After a while, he agreed.” Ok.”

Ying Qiao was delighted that he finally managed to get rid of this thorn in his side. He added.” You better hurry, get her there before the cultivators get off work.”

Zhang Tianxing had no choice but to put Suan Ni in Jiang Lan’s care and made a call to the Special Human Bureau. Then he left with Fang Qiushui.

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