We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

They got off the boat, soaking wet.

When the Xiang Liu Wheel brought the boats to the top, the nine heads simultaneously released water mist. Despite the moderate volume of the water mist, they were still wet through.

At that moment, Ying Qiao wanted to cast a spell to shield them from the water. But Jiang Lan and his cousin seemed to have a whale of a time, and didn’t mind getting wet, so Ying Qiao stopped his spell.

When the three of them left the ride, Jiang Lan hurried to retrieve paper napkins from the bag. But Suan Ni had already anticipated their needs and brought the paper napkins to them with his little paws.

Jiang Lan smiled, stroking his furry head with his wet fingers, getting his fur wet as well. Jiang Lan then turned to distribute the paper napkins to Ying Qiao and Jiao Tu.

With his fluffy heads getting wet, Suan Ni purred, complaining. Then he passed another paper napkin to Zhang Tianxing, indicating to him to wipe his furry head for him.

At the same time, Ying Qiao took the paper tissue offered by the Little Monster and wiped his face.

Manipulating water was his forte. He could get him dry with just a thought. But for some reason, he was now content to remain miserably wet, waiting for Jiang Lan to distribute more paper tissues.

When he finished, Jiang Lan was still trying to get Jiao Tu dry. He took another tissue and wiped the water drops from Jiang Lan’s hair.

At this moment, Jiao Chong spied this scene after walking out of the control room.

He halted and muttered to himself.” Why is Mr. Ying here?.”

When the Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park was in the planning stage, Jiao Chong was still cash strapped.  So he went around pitching his idea for an amusement park. But most of the high monsters he approached dismissed his idea as too fanciful and too risky. Only Ying Dragon found his idea feasible and agreed to provide the much-needed funding. 

When the amusement park business took off, he offered 30% shares in the park to Ying Dragon without being asked. But he still regretted that he didn’t get the chance to thank him in person.

Many monsters had talked about the unapproachable Ying Dragon and his legendary foul temper. Perhaps because Ying Dragon had helped him when he was in dire need of funding, Jiao Chong always regarded him in a positive light. Despite the fact that he had never seen him in person, he had never trusted those rumors concerning Ying Dragon.

And what he just witnessed now further reinforced his favorable opinion of Ying Dragon.

Jiao said to his younger brother.” Let’s go to say hi to Mr. Ying.”

Then he turned to walk towards Ying Qiao.

Chong agreed and instantly made him invisible.

When Ying Qiao was drying Jiang Lan’s hair, he heard a voice coming from behind.” What a pleasant surprise seeing you here, Mr. Ying.”

Ying Qiao froze and turned to see an unfamiliar face. This person had an extra head, so Ying Qiao had no trouble guessing his identity.

Jiao Chong.

Ying Qiao took a step forward, pre-empting Jiao Chong’s further pleasantries while smiling.” Just call me Ying Qiao.”

He gently waved his hand in front of him, where Jiang Lan couldn’t see.

Being quick-minded, Jiao Chong instantly picked up the meaning of this gesture, even though he didn’t understand his purpose. So he switched to another harmless question.” Have a good time with your friends?”

Ying Qiao was satisfied with his reaction. He moved to the side, letting Jiao Chong see the people behind him. He said in a proud voice.” Oh, yes, Today is Children’s Day. I came here with my little brother.”

It was well known that there was only one dragon left in the whole Ying Dragon clan. Jiao had never heard Ying Dragon had a little brother. Recalling Ying Qiao’s weird behavior a moment ago and seeing the people he brought here, Jiao could vaguely guess what was going on here.

He smiled.” Mr. Ying treats your little brother so well.”

He thought to himself that this Ying Dragon appeared very different from the legends.

Finding they had something in common, that both of them had a little brother, Jiao felt close to him.” May I suggest trying the Jiao Chong Honey Jar ride? This ride was my little brother’s idea, and had received very favorable reviews on the internet. I think it is very suitable for a group of families.”

Hearing this, Ying Qiao wanted to ask Jiang Lan to try it next.

But Jiang Lan said.” We have taken this ride twice already. The background story is so well written.”

Ying Qiao was a little disappointed and threw a resentful glance at Zhang Tianxing.

Jiang Lan didn’t notice Ying Qiao’s looks. He gazed at Jiao Chong’s other head with a puzzled expression. After a bit of hesitation, he said.” Is the background story true? You are actually two brothers? I have seen your little brother working here. You two are very…..different.”

There was no doubt that these two brothers resembled each other closely in appearance. But no one would mistake them, for their temperaments and the ways they carry themselves were utterly different.

The Jiao Chong he saw working at the Jiao Chong Honey Jar was mild-tempered and weak. As an ancient high monster, he didn’t even know how to handle an aggressive human woman. 

But the older brother before them carried himself with ease and confidence. He would look people in the eyes while talking, taking care not to appear too aggressive while maintaining a gentlemanly bearing. He was obviously good with people.

Jiang Lan didn’t know Jiao Chong were twin brothers until today.

But when a human woman bullied his younger brother, why didn’t this older brother step in to protect him?

This question stuck in his mind after knowing Jiao Chong to be twin brothers.

Jiao admitted this to be true nonchalantly. He even joked about this.” Yes, Perhaps the heaven thought my little brother needed my protection, so heaven gave us only one body.”

The silent Chong glanced at his brother and smiled faintly.

Then Jiao sighed.” Perhaps Mr. Ying could feel for me. I had a minor injury a while ago. During my absence, my little brother was bullied.”

Hearing this, Chong again had a look of dismay.”Sorry, I am really useless.”

Jiao raised his hand to stroke his head and pinched his cheek.” I am not blaming you. I am only asking you to tell me the moment when you have a situation you can’t handle.”

With a look of caring concern in his eyes, he said to Ying Qiao.” We were abandoned by our parents soon after we were born. The sufferings we had endured after that had a profound impact on Chong’s personality. That’s why he turned out this way. He is a little socially awkward, having no social skills.”

He is timid, having low self-esteem. Chong would even hesitate to ask his brother for a small favor, always fearing annoying his brother.

Their friends didn’t regard Chong as his brother’s equal. But Jiao knew his little brother’s true worth. His little brother didn’t like to show off.

Jiao pointed to the gigantic Xiang Liu Wheel behind them.” The amusement rides in this park were all designed by Chong.”

The background stories, the cartoon images of many monsters were also Chong’s creative works.

As he was telling them this, pride was printed all over Jiao’s face.

Ying Qiao rarely sympathized with other people. He gestured to Chong.” I guess you have never said these to your little brother.”

Jiao turned to face his little brother’s surprised looks. He could see the disbelief in his brother’s eyes at what he just said.

Ying Qiao thought to himself with a little pride that compared to himself. Jiao was a failure as an older brother.

He reminded him kindly.” As an older brother, don’t be stingy with your praises.”

Then he turned to Jiang Lan.” Like me, I am quite generous with praise.”

Jiang Lan:?????

He looked around. Finally, he was sure that what Ying Qiao said was meant for him.

Recalling Ying Qiao’s praise before, he suddenly realized that Ying Qiao had always regarded him as his little brother.

Jiang Lan fell into silence.

As to Jiao, the looks on his little brother’s face and the memories of the past events finally brought home Ying Qiao’s point.

He started to feel guilty.” Is it true that I have never praised you?

He had always thought he could dispense with nice words between two intimate brothers.

Chong said yes in a faint voice.

He had already accepted the fact that his older brother was much more capable and likable than him. Sometimes he had the feeling that he was burdensome for his older brother, restricting his freedom.

So when his older brother announced that he had finally hit on the perfect solution to separate the soul from the body, thus releasing him from the constraint of being in the same body as his older brother, his first reaction was not happiness but a feeling of uneasiness.

Facing his older brother’s cheerful looks, he didn’t even dare to say,” I don’t want to be separated from you.”

He had always harbored the impression that his older brother must feel embarrassed for him, so he wanted to get rid of him.

But the pride on his face was so genuine when his older brother praised him.

Chong suddenly didn’t know what to think. As a simple-minded person, he always had trouble understanding other people’s complicated emotions.

Gazing at his older brother without blinking, he said with a blank face.” Do you feel embarrassed for me?”

Furrowing his brows, Jiao answered him with a question.” What makes you think I feel embarrassed for you?”

He had no idea what gave his little brother this wrong impression.

Chong looked in dismay.” You want to drive me away.”

Jiao’s first reaction was to deny it. But then he recalled that earlier, when he mentioned his plan to extract his soul from the body, leaving it to Chong, Chong didn’t look particularly happy. His smile seemed to be forced.

Suddenly he grew panicky.” It’s not my intention to drive you away. I just wanted to give you the freedom you deserve. I have to run the park during the day and entertain guests at night. I always thought you prefer a simple life in the park.”

These twin brothers shared the same body. As long as the older brother was awake, the body was his to command. He always thought Chong had a problem with this arrangement.

Chong lowered his eyes and denied.” I have no problem remaining this way.”

He stole a glance at Jiao and mustered up the courage to say what he had always been meaning to tell his brother.” I don’t want to be separated from you.”

Two souls shared the same body. As the most intimate brothers in the world, they had been supporting and comforting each other since ancient times.

The idea of separation had never crossed their mind until now. 

Hearing this, Jiao sighed, seeming relieved. He smiled.” Then we wouldn’t separate.”

Perhaps he didn’t expect his older brother would agree quickly. Chong widened his eyes in surprise.

Jiao stroked him.” If you want something, just ask me.”

Chong nodded.

After this brief episode between the twins ended, Jiao turned to face other people present here.” Sorry for dragging your guys into this.” 

He especially thanked Ying Qiao.” You have helped me again. Thanks a lot.”

Ying Qiao raised his eyebrows and said with an air of superiority.” I must say you are not a qualified head of family. Maybe you need to read some cub-rearing books?”


He asked humbly.”What do you recommend?”

Ying Qiao brought out his phone and asked him to add him on WeChat.” Please add me as your friend. I will send the book list to you.”

They happily exchanged friend requests, but Jiang Lan was confused, not expecting cub-rearing would require such extensive knowledge on the subject.

Looking at Suan Ni and Jiao Tu, he asked hesitantly.”What book? I will buy one.”

The expression on Ying Qiao’s face suddenly changed. He said in a serious voice.” You have always been a very good brother, I don’t think you need to read them.”

The little monster was a cub himself. He started working to support his younger brothers at such a tender age. He had done a terrific job.

What’s more, he was raising the little monster now. By extension, he was also raising his younger brothers.

So the little monster didn’t need to bother himself with these books.

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