We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

As expected, the queue area of the Xiang Liu Wheel was crowded. Since it was already late afternoon, the queue was closed. Luckily when they showed their VIP passes to the employee there, they were escorted directly to the front of the line.

But because the ride was too intense, Suan Ni wasn’t allowed. He meowed in anger.

Jiang Lan couldn’t help laughing while trying to comfort him.” When you can transform into a human form, we will take this ride again.”

Tilting his head, Suan Ni appeared to be thoughtful at what Jiang Lan said. He calmed down for the moment.

He held his paw up for a high five with Jiang Lan to seal the deal. Jiang Lan’s palm touched his little paw and then stroked his head.” Spend more time on your cultivation and less time on games. After the transformation, you can experience almost everything.”

Suan Ni sat upright in a serious manner, meowing to indicate his agreement.

He had complete faith in Jiang Lan’s empty promise, even though neither of them had any idea when he could achieve human transformation.

Since Suan Ni couldn’t take the ride, Zhang Tianxing left behind to be with him. After gazing at Suan Ni with a hesitating look, he finally advised.” I don’t think you should hurry to achieve human transformation.”

Suan Ni turned to him in confusion.” Meow?”

Zhang Tianxing’s heart was melted by his look.” I think you will be fine remaining what you are now.”

Look at this little ear, little soft paw and tail. How cute!

Jiang Lan, Ying Qiao and Jiao Tu took their seats in the boat. After the employee checked their safety harness, the nine heads of Xiang Liu began to rotate…..

Shrilling screams came from the air. In the control room, hearing the screams, Xiang Liu, the operator of this ride, smiles in satisfaction. He enjoyed the horror of those screaming tourists.

In the corner of the control room, Jiao Chong squatted there like a mushroom. He appeared in dismay.

After savouring the horror of those tourists, Xiang Liu finally turned to mind the pitiful mushroom.” What on earth do you want?”

Jiao Chong shrunk in the corner.” I wanted to get that necklace back. That’s a gift from my older brother.”

Xiang Liu tousled his hair irritably and put on a nasty look.” I have suggested taking it back by force, but you refused. Do you expect her to return it voluntarily? She was insane, you know it.”

Jiao Chong.” My brother is not here, without his backing, I am terrified of her. The last time I went to her place, she wanted to undress me.”

As he was speaking, he appeared on the verge of crying.

“….What the hell….”

Xiang Liu stared at him incredulously. Then he said critically.” Who is a monster between your two? You are Ping Feng Mountain God, act like one. How come a human woman dares to take advantage of you?”

Jiao Chong’s cheeks were flushed red, and he stammered.”……but she was so strong….”

Xiang Liu was speechless……

He jumped to his feet, then sat down.” Then what are we supposed to do? How about we wake up your old brother? He will know what to do with her.”

Jiao Chong trembled. His voice grew fainter.” I don’t dare to tell him these.”

Jiao Chong was known to the world as a monster with one body and two heads. But only the people who knew him personally were aware that Jiao Chong were actually twin brothers who shared the same body. The older brother was named”Jiao”, and the younger one was called”Chong”. 

These two brothers not only shared the same body but also were emotionally attached to each other. In public, they took pride in being called” Jiao Chong”. Thus, the legends had it that they were one person.

The older brother was assertive and wise. But the younger brother Chong was weak, so he was content to let the older brother handle everything for him in public life.

The Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park was the brainchild of the older brother, who oversaw the founding of this park and pulled many strings to get the job done. After that, the older brother was responsible for running the park while the younger brother remained on the sideline, working as an employee at the Jiao Chong Honey Jar.

Dressed in a costume, he could never grow tired of watching tourists enjoying the ride.

A Life like this was supposed to be pleasant if only that girl who was determined to marry him would leave him alone.

This situation could be traced back to an event ten years ago.

Jiao Chong was the Ping Feng Mountain God. After entering the modern era, the humans living at the foot of the mountain no longer clung to their old worship of Mountain God.  Realizing they had little use to the humans, the Jiao Chong brothers decided to leave the mountain and wander around the country.  In the end, they took residence in Jiang City.

One day, a wave of homesickness swept over them after many years away from home. The Jiao Chong brothers decided to come back for a visit.

But their visit coincided with a spiritual ceremony during which a villager would offer to marry a young girl to the cave god. This girl was no more than sixteen years old. Dressed in the bride’s clothing and wearing a headpiece of gold,  this girl was carried to the cave to be offered to the cave god as a bride at a tender age.

The so-called “cave god” was actually the fruit of the imagination of those superstitious villagers from a long time ago.

They believed a cave god dwelt in the mountain cave, and those girls who were favoured by the cave god after passing through the cave were called flowery cave girls.

Most of the flowery cave girls were between sixteen and twenty-four and were reclusive, preferring to retain their virginity. With pink cheeks and bright eyes, they had a charming aroma emanating from their bodies. They didn’t involve themselves with the affairs of ordinary people, and marriage and child rearing were out of the question for them. They stuck to a simple way of life, hoping to become the bride of the cave god on an auspicious day.

On that day, their families would dress her in bride’s clothing and accompanied her to the cave with her dowries amid a great fanfare of marriage music.

After that, the flowery cave girl would live in the cave, and most of them would perish within a few years.

As Ping Feng Mountain God, Jiao Chong knew the legends of cave gods to be pure fabrications. Not willing to witness a life die in vain, they cast a small spell making those villagers carry the girl back.

This was supposed to be an act of kindness. But they didn’t expect that at this time, it was not the villagers who forced the marriage ceremony on the girl. Quite the other way around, it was the girl herself who insisted on marrying the cave god.

This girl’s name was Fang Qiushui. After being brought back to the village, she became convinced that the cave god rejected her on account of her tender age. The cave god would come to marry her on a white stallion after she came of age. Furthermore, she somehow caught a glimpse of Jiao Chong hiding in the dark, believing that it was the god who would marry her in the future.

After returning to the village, she refrained from talking to any man, acting as the wife of the cave god.

Jiao Chong was still unaware of this after saving her life.

They remained in the Ping Feng Mountain for several years. During this time, the older brother considered starting a business after witnessing the poverty of the little monsters living in the mountains. After returning to Jiang City, the two brothers put their ideas in motion, preparing to launch the Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park. After the amusement park was formally inaugurated, Jiao deployed a series of marketing schemes to spread the amusement park’s name. The popularity of the park peaked as a result.

After the park’s rise to fame, the two brothers went on to amass a fortune. Jiao shifted his focus to a new project: how to separate the soul from the body. This project arose out of the need to give his younger brother the freedom to live the life he wanted, relieving him of the burden of having to be with him all the time to handle the complicated business.

That’s why they returned to Ping Feng Mountain two months ago. 

Jiao attempted to distil his divine soul from the body and inject the soul into a sacred wood he had been nourishing. But the process of merging didn’t go well, and Jiao sustained a minor injury. So he sealed off his divine consciousness and went into hibernation to recuperate.

At the same time, the younger brother ran into Fang Qiushui while he was leaving the mountain.

Fang Qiushui instantly recognized him as the god many years ago and assumed he was here to marry her. So she brought him to the village and started to prepare for a marriage ceremony.

Her family just thought she had finally come back to her senses and was now willing to marry an ordinary man, so they wholeheartedly supported her plan.

After realizing belatedly what was happening, Jiao Chong was shocked and escaped while the whole village was preparing for marriage.

But the girl had already extracted some information from him. He dropped the bee necklace he always carried in person in a hurry to escape. With the clues he left behind, the girl could finally track him down in Jiang City.

Today was actually not the first time the girl came to look for him. This was the fourth attempt made by the girl to bring him around.

Despite Xiang Liu’s assurance that a human woman is nothing to be afraid of, Jiao Chong thought otherwise. For him, this girl was a formidable existence.

Seeing Jiao Chong’s timid looks, Xiang Liu finally lost his patience. He walked over to lift him to his feet and smacked his other head violently.” If you don’t wake up soon, your younger brother will be eaten whole by this woman!”

Then he slapped his cheeks repeatedly until the face turned red.

The younger brother Chong was on the verge of crying.” Don’t hit him, he was hurt.”

Xiang Liu dismissed him.” I wouldn’t be able to hurt him even if I use my tail.”

This was followed by more slaps.

The slumbering Jiao opened his eyes slowly. Glancing at his crying brother, he asked.” Why are you crying?”

Then he turned to Xiang Liu and touched his face without smiling.” You hit me?”

Xiang Liu chuckled.” You shouldn’t blame me for hitting you. A human woman was bullying your brother and he didn’t even dare to tell you about this. I have no choice but to bring you back.”

These two brothers shared the same body, with Jiao in a dominating position. Chong would never consider resisting his wish. That’s why the older brother had no trouble reading his mind and memories.

After finishing reading his memories, Jiao’s face grew grim.” Why didn’t you tell me?”

Chong sank his head, and his voice lowered to a whisper.” I want to figure it out myself. You are still recuperating.”

Jiao furrowed his brows.” My wound is not that serious.”

Then he sighed.”If you can’t deal with a problem like this, how can I leave you to fend for yourself after I succeed in injecting my soul to another body?”

Chong moved his lips and was unable to say a word.

Jiao said.” First, let’s retrieve the bee necklace from Fang Qiushui.”

This necklace was a cherished item for them both, made by Jiao when they turned a thousand years old.

Hearing this, Chong’s spirit seemed revived. He nodded.”Yes! We have to get that back.”

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