We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

Jiang Lan agreed to meet Ying Qiao at five o’clock at the park entrance. Right now, it was already half-past four, so instead of going to the other attractions, they chose to take a break in a rest area located near the entrance.

Every rest area in the park offers a monster-themed experience. They stayed in a mushroom house with employees dressed in fluffy cute bunny monster costumes, which featured a pair of furry ears pointing straight up. These ears looked so real, shaking gently while the employees were walking back and forth.

Jiao Tu’s eyes were glued to the bunny ears. After a while, he whispered to Jiang Lan.” That bunny ears are real!”

With his cheeks flushed with excitement, Jiao Tu held ice cream and roasted sausages Jiang Lan bought for him in both hands. He just took a bite off the pink mushroom-shaped ice cream. With a little ice cream on the corner of his lips, he appeared like a curious and cheerful child. His shyness had already vanished without a trace.

Jiang Lan stroked his hair. Pointing to several “little bunnies” dressed in child-sized costumes, who were at that moment running around, helping the big bunny monster sell ice creams, Jiang Lan said.”They are real little bunnies.”

The height of these little children barely reached the knees of an adult. Dressed in furry costumes, they had bunny ears pointing straight up and a short round tail behind. Jiang Lan speculated that they must be the children of that big bunny monster.

As little as they appeared to be, these little bunnies could speak clearly and even managed to calculate the sum of tourists’ purchases. When the big bunny monster couldn’t handle the volume of the business alone, they would step in to help receive customers. With their childish voices and cute costumes, the scene of their attending tourists attracted more tourists here to watch and order refreshments.

Someone was teasing the little bunny.” Your costume looks so heavy, are you tired?”

The little bunny shook his head and ears and declared in his child’s voice.” No, I am fine.”

Some tourists were concerned that these heavy costumes were too heavy a load for these children to carry, asking them to take off their head costumes to take a break. But the little bunnies said in a serious tone.” Today is Children’s day. Because of that, our parents allowed us to dress up to have a good time here. We don’t have enough fun yet.”

Those tourists were amused. Even Jiao Tu laughed with them.

While eating ice cream, he seemed to be thinking. After he finished the ice cream, he declared.” I am not afraid of the monsters here.”

In the Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park, ancient high monsters like Jiao Chong and Xiang Liu worked side by side with little monsters like fox monsters and bunny monsters. They had one thing in common, that was their friendly attitude to all the tourists. Jiao Tu had already fallen in love with this place after a brief stay here.

Jiang Lan said.” One day is not enough to cover every attraction in this big park; I will take you here on the weekend.”

Jiao Tu’s eyes brightened up at this offer. If he was in his original form, he would definitely rub Jiang Lan’s palm with his little horns.

Sitting opposite them, Suan Ni meowed to express his enthusiasm for this offer. He patted his black pepper flavoured roasted sausage to indicate his wish to eat this again on his next trip here.

While they were enjoying themselves here, Ying Qiao arrived at the park.

Cheng Hua was already ahead of him. After giving him the passes and car key, he didn’t leave right away.” I have brought five passes here; more than enough for all of you here.”

He hinted at his wish to join them in the park.

But Ying Qiao seemed not to pick up the hint. After giving him a pass from the stack of tickets, Ying Qiao waved him off like trying to drive away a fly.” OK, now you can go.”

With the pass in hand, Cheng Hua……

You heartless……

After entering the park, He found them quickly, appearing conspicuous in the crowd.

Around a mushroom-shaped table sat three of them. On Jiang Lan’s left sat his little cousin, on his right sat his little brother while a stranger sat opposite him.

Ying Qiao thought the stranger must happen to share a table with them. But then he saw Jiang Lan talking with him.

But that stranger put on a straight face, seeming not to bother talking with Jiang Lan.

Ying Qiao furrowed his eyebrow.

With broad strides, he walked towards them and greeted Jiang Lan with a smile.” Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Jiang Lan waved this off. Then he asked.” Aren’t you supposed to be on a business trip with Boss Cheng to the Capital City?”

Ying Qiao had a flawless smile and answer.” We have already finished our business there and just returned.”

Hearing this, Jiang Lan didn’t seem approving.” You must be exhausted. You need a rest.”

“But I want to spend Children’s Day with you.”

Ying Qiao gazed at Jiang Lan with a smile in his eyes. His seething anger and anxiety were long gone, replaced by peaceful happiness.

He thought to himself: the Little Monster could really bring me joy.

Jiang Lan was surprised, not expecting Ying Qiao to be interested in this childish holiday despite his business elite look. But considering many adults like to celebrate Children’s Day nowadays, Jiang Lan thought it was natural Ying Qiao would take an interest.

He asked him.” Have you had your dinner? Most of the food here is street food. Should we look for a proper restaurant?”

“I have my dinner on the flight.” Ying Qiao shook his head. Then he turned to Zhang Tianxing.” May I ask who this gentleman is?”

Suddenly it occurred to Jiang Lan that he forgot to introduce Zhang Tianxing. He hurried to say.” My colleague Zhang Tianxing. I have mentioned him to you before.”

Now Ying Qiao knew who this stranger was. But the look in his eyes wasn’t friendly.

This stranger turned out to be that Daoist Monk from the Dragon and Tiger Mountain.

Ying Qiao’s smile perfectly masked his hostility within. But he still tucked his hands in his pants pockets, not bothering to shake his hands.” I am Ying Qiao. Thank you for looking out for Jiang Lan all this time in the office.”

Zhang Tianxing’s gaze stayed on him, and he nodded slightly.” Zhang Tianxing.”

This is how they first greeted each other.

Ying Qiao turned to Jiang Lan with the remaining four passes.” My boss has shares in this amusement park. Hearing we will come here, he offered me four passes.”

Throwing a side glance at Zhang Tianxing, Ying Qiao thought he would just bring three passes if he knew he was here.

My loss, your gain.

Jiang Lan was delighted at the sight of four VIP passes.” Then we must try the Xiang Liu Wheel, which was ranked the best ride in Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park. Even with the fast pass, the line would be at least one hour long. I just thought we couldn’t make it today.”

In the centre of the park, there stood a gigantic Xiang Liu Wheel.

Xiang Liu Monster had the body of a snake and nine heads. This gigantic wheel has nine heads; each head holds in the mouth a small boat designed to fit four adults. After the ride begins, the nine heads will swing wildly with the boats…. When the boat reaches the top, the mouth will unleash a mist of water to add to the thrill of the ride.

At one time, this ride was rated the most terrifying ride in the country. Only the bravest tourist would attempt it.

Its fame spread far and wide, enticing the most daring tourists from all over the country to come here to enjoy the rush of adrenaline.

Jiang Lan wanted to try it. After all, the experience of taking an amusement ride was different from what an ordinary monster flight could offer.

Ying Qiao had never rejected a proposal from Jiang Lan. Nodding, he said.” We better hurry, this ride will close soon.” Then they walked towards the centre of the park.

Ying Qiao and Jiao Tu walked alongside Jiang Lan while Zhang Tianxing trailed behind with Suan Ni in his arms.

Throwing a side glance at Zhang Tianxing, Ying Qiao seemed to ask casually.” Why did your colleague come with you? He doesn’t need to work?”

Jiang Lan scratched his head, thinking how to explain this.

If he said the cool guy was a cat person, insisting on tagging along to be with Suan Ni, Ying Qiao would raise the point that Suan Ni was actually a lion cub.

Jiang Lan felt the more he explained, the more flaws would appear in his explanation.

So he decided on a vague answer.” He just wants to come here to enjoy the park.”

Scanning the nearby park employees, Ying Qiao again said casually.” A Daoist monk is an unwelcome presence[1]TL’s note: Human cultivators used to be the monster’s mortal enemy, as mentioned in previous chapters. in the Ocean and Mountain Amusement Park. What if he frightens the monster employees here?”

Jiang Lan appeared hesitant.” I don’t think it will come to this….”

That bunny monster just appeared very relaxed around Zhang Tianxing.

Ying Qiao didn’t contradict him. Instead, he said.” If you want to visit this park again, remember to call me.”

Jiang Lan’s focus instantly shifted to a new discovery. He suspected Ying Qiao must love this amusement park. But he was too ashamed to admit it, so he asked him to come along as a cover.

He nodded empathetically.” OK.”

Ying Qiao smiled in satisfaction, thinking the Daoist Cow Nose[2]牛鼻子, a derogatory term for Daoist Priest had better returned to where he belongs.

When he was back in the company, he would ask Cheng Hua to contact Jiao Chong, asking him to put a notice at the park gate forbidding the entrance of any Daoist Monk.

The Park centre was a little far from where they were. Jiang Lan took a shortcut according to a tip he found on the internet. This route would cut through a small wood, leading directly to the ride. Themed Woods dotted the park area with many monster statues shaped to charm small children. Every monster statue would be accompanied by a detailed description. Besides these, some rare monster statues would randomly appear in the woods. The discovery of these rare statues would be rewarded with a stamp on the pass. 

While walking, they were on the lookout for these rare statues.

Jiang Lan had found a rare nine tail fox statue. An employee should be posted in its vicinity who was in charge of stamping tourist’s passes.

Jiang Lan found an employee who didn’t appear very professional. At that moment, this employee dozed off with his three tails.

His head costume was already removed. He was snoring while his real fox head was half concealed by his costume.

Jiang Lan squatted down to poke his soft fox ear. But he was not responding.

Jiang Lan then called him close to his ears, but that employee remained asleep.

Finally, Jiang Lan had no choice but to find the stamp and awarded himself a stamp. Then he picked up the head costume and covered his fox head. After that, they proceeded to the Xiang Liu Wheel.

After passing the nine tail fox statue, there would be a pavilion ahead. Continuing walking around three hundred meters after the pavilion, they would reach the Xiang Liu Wheel area.

Jiang Lan also found a familiar figure in the pavilion.

The girl who just accused a park employee of turning his back on her love.

But at that moment, she sat in the pavilion with a calm and gentle posture. With flushed cheeks and brightened eyes, she looked like a girl bathed in the glow of love, appearing utterly different from her sad and despairing looks she had in front of the crowd.

That red string bee necklace was wrapped around her fingertip, gently swaying.

This scene struck Jiang Lan as odd. But he didn’t pause when passing the pavilion.

He didn’t like to meddle in other people’s private affairs.


1 TL’s note: Human cultivators used to be the monster’s mortal enemy, as mentioned in previous chapters.
2 牛鼻子, a derogatory term for Daoist Priest
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