Good Luck
Good Luck Chapter 2.2

Why fear when Lord Fu is helping her!

Steadying her resolve, Feng Yuanyuan got up to cook as usual.

Old Man Li stepped out, looking at her as if she were the twenty taels of silver he was about to obtain. However, with tasks still pending at the Purple Cloud Temple, any thoughts he had would have to wait until the work was done.

The twenty taels of silver was just a stroke of luck, a once-in-a-lifetime windfall. The reputation of the bricklayer, which was relied upon for a livelihood, could not be tarnished.

“I’m leaving. Take good care of the house and don’t go anywhere.”

“I know, Grandpa. Come back soon.”

Feng Yuanyuan saw Old Man Li off, patiently waited for half an hour to ensure he wouldn’t return, and then went back inside to get the silver bracelet. She headed alone to Stone Bridge Lane.

If she encountered neighbors, she simply said she was going out to play, and no one suspected anything.

For a six or seven-year-old child, apart from the daughters of prominent families, going out to play was quite ordinary. The Li family was located to the west of the city, while Stone Bridge Lane was to the east, quite a distance away. No one around knew Feng Yuanyuan.

She appeared well-behaved, and from an old lady, she had learned the location of master Mei’s  house.

Observing through the crack in the door, the courtyard looked neat and orderly, like the residence of someone leading a proper life.

Feng Yuanyuan nervously tried knocking on the door.

After three knocks, she felt a bit anxious. Peering through the crack again, she saw a tall man walking out from the main hall—his appearance identical to the Master Mei  in her dream!

Master Mei  took large strides and quickly arrived in front of Feng Yuanyuan.

Feng Yuanyuan had to tilt her head upward to see his face clearly.

Facing this formidable man, Master Mei  frowned and coldly asked, “What do you want with me?”

Feng Yuanyuan felt very uneasy, but being alone, she had no choice but to take a risk, believing that those dreams were meant to help her out of trouble.

Forcing herself to stay calm, Feng Yuanyuan first squeezed through the narrow door that Master Mei  had opened, then quickly pulled out the hidden silver bracelet and handed it to him, saying, “I want to hire you to do something for me.”

Master Mei raised an eyebrow. Many people sought his services, but a child this small was a first.

Arms crossed, Master Mei casually leaned against the door frame and asked, “What do you need?”

Feng Yuanyuan: “I want to go to Peach Creek in Cangshan. Can you escort me there?”

Cangshan was about a hundred miles away from the county, reachable by a mule cart in three or four days. It wasn’t considered a difficult journey, and the silver bracelet would suffice as payment.

Master Mei: “Why do you want to go there? Do your family members know?”

His gaze was sharp, and Feng Yuanyuan dared not meet his eyes. Her hands trembled slightly as she lowered her head and said, “I have no parents. My father entrusted me to an old man before he died. Now that old man has forgotten his duty and wants to secretly sell me to a brothel. I can only escape. There are distant relatives of mine in Peach Creek, and I want to seek refuge with them.”

After hearing this, Master Mei’s relaxed brows furrowed again, “Where is the old man now?”

Feng Yuanyuan: “He’s at the Purple Cloud Pavilion fixing houses. He’ll return to the city in the evening.”

Master Mei: “Did you steal the bracelet from him?”

Feng Yuanyuan quickly shook her head, explaining the origin of the bracelet in detail.

After a moment of silence, Master Mei asked, “Has anyone seen you coming to me?”

Feng Yuanyuan: “No, I haven’t told anyone.”

Master Mei stared at her for a while, then suddenly snatched the silver bracelet from her hand.

Feng Yuanyuan’s heart tightened.

Master Mei glanced outside the door, whispered instructions, “Now go back home. Take the most valuable things with you and hide them close to your body. Don’t bring a bundle with you. Then, say you’re going to Purple Cloud Pavilion to find the old man and then leave the city. Once outside the city, follow the official road, and after two miles, there’s a fork in the road. Climb a tree and wait for me when there’s no one around. Remember, if you’re spotted, I will return the bracelet to you, as if we’ve never met.”

He had said almost the exact same words in her dream! Feng Yuanyuan nodded excitedly.

Master Mei raised his lips slightly, his big hand patting her head playfully, teasing, “Aren’t you afraid I might be greedy for your bracelet and not fulfill the task, or perhaps I’ll sell you to a brothel?”

Of course, Feng Yuanyuan was afraid, but she had no choice but to take the risk.

“I trust you,” she said, looking into the man’s eyes, trying hard to appear fearless.

Master Mei smiled and, in the next moment, pushed Feng Yuanyuan out of the door.

She was stunned for a moment before reacting. Then, as if nothing had happened, she returned to Li’s house.

Unable to bring a bundle, Feng Yuanyuan changed into the set of clothes with hidden pockets. She placed five palm-sized pancakes in an oiled paper bag, carrying it in her hands.

Standing in front of Li’s door for a while, Feng Yuanyuan ultimately didn’t go in.

The old man loafed around every day, and he had almost no savings. It wasn’t worth her becoming a thief again.

With Grandma Li gone, and the old man with no children to support him in his old age, still able to work for a few more years before becoming toothless and feeble, who could he rely on?

Feng Yuanyuan could almost envision the old man’s impoverished and miserable twilight years.

Closing the door, Feng Yuanyuan walked away without a hint of nostalgia.

“Yuan Yuan is out again?”

“Yeah, going to Ziyun Temple to find my grandpa.”

“Ziyun Temple is so far, do you have something urgent?”

“No, just want to play in the temple.”

With casual responses to the neighbors’ inquiries, Feng Yuanyuan smoothly arrived at the city gate. The city guards remembered her and, upon hearing that she was going to find her grandfather, readily allowed her to pass.

Following the official road, Feng Yuanyuan, accustomed to daily chores of washing and cooking, didn’t find the two-mile journey too challenging.

Arriving at the crossroads mentioned by Master Mei, she indeed found trees on both sides of the road. Among them, one was as thick as a person’s embrace, with lush branches and leaves.

Feng Yuanyuan looked around and deliberately waited until there was no one nearby. Then, she agilely climbed up the tree.

Hiding her figure, Feng Yuanyuan anxiously looked toward the city gate.

A small sparrow flew over, chirped twice, and flew away.

After an unknown amount of time, Feng Yuanyuan saw a mule cart approaching slowly.

When the cart reached the crossroads, Master Mei, the driver, looked up directly towards where Feng Yuanyuan was hiding.

Although Master Mei  looked fierce, when their eyes met, Feng Yuanyuan couldn’t help but smile genuinely, as bright as a flower blooming in the shade.

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