Good Luck
Good Luck Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3

Master Mei’s mule cart was ordinary, likely having been in use for many years. The large black mule pulling the cart was robust and glossy.

Sitting at the front of the cart, Master Mei  watched Feng Yuanyuan climb down the tree and run over, smiling as if she had seen her own father.

The cart’s deck was high, but Master Mei sat steadily, making no move to help.

Feng Yuanyuan didn’t need help either. She jumped up with her hands supporting the cart board, swiftly climbed into the cart, and quickly dropped the three-sided curtain, afraid of being seen.

” Master Mei , should I close the door?”

Looking at Master Mei’s broad back, Feng Yuanyuan asked uncertainly.

Master Mei  cracked the whip without looking back, “Close it, and open it when we’re far away.”

On this road, they might encounter people from the county, perhaps even neighbors of Feng Yuanyuan and Old Man Li. It was better not to invite trouble unnecessarily.

Feng Yuanyuan was even more afraid of being tracked down by Old Man Li. She promptly closed the door with a decisive “bang.”

The mule cart continued its steady journey forward. Feng Yuanyuan, sitting inside, breathed heavily, scanning every corner of the cart. Her pounding heart gradually calmed down.

“There’s water inside. If you’re thirsty, drink it yourself. At noon, I’ll find a place to rest and have lunch,” Master Mei  reminded her indifferently.

Feng Yuanyuan had been in a state of nervous sweating for the past two hours. Feeling thirsty, she retrieved a water bag from a small cupboard and took several gulps.

Once she had rested enough, Feng Yuanyuan leaned towards the left side of the cart, observing the outside through the gap in the curtain.

Having just left the city, there were mainly fields along the official road, with rolling hills in the distance covered by lush green forests.

Farmers working in the fields raised their heads, seemingly curious about the passing mule cart. Feng Yuanyuan quickly retracted her head, afraid to look around recklessly.

“Who are your distant relatives in Cangshan?” Master Mei suddenly started a conversation with her.

Recalling the cold and beautiful woman from her dream, Feng Yuanyuan lied, “I have a cousin.”

Master Mei asked, “Have you ever met them?”

Feng Yuanyuan replied, “They live too far away, we’ve only exchanged letters.”

Master Mei warned, “Relatives that distant may not treat you sincerely. Aren’t you afraid of jumping out of the tiger’s mouth and into the wolf’s den?”

With the uncomfortable presence of the hidden biscuits, Feng Yuanyuan took them out and placed them on the cupboard, saying, “If that’s the case, then it’s my fate. I can only accept it.”

There were undoubtedly many kind-hearted people willing to adopt orphans, but finding them aimlessly might lead to her demise before finding a safe haven. Feng Yuanyuan was too young to think of a foolproof plan. Since she had dreamt of a celestial being guiding her, she was willing to give it a try.

A seven-year-old girl spoke with such an air of maturity. Master Mei chuckled and changed the subject, “How did you know about me?”

Feng Yuanyuan continued her fabrication, “Your reputation is quite widespread. I overheard people talking about you when I was at the teahouse.”

Master Mei asked, “Did they mention if I’ve killed anyone?”

Feng Yuanyuan’s expression changed.

Seeing her reaction, Master Mei seemed to understand and mocked himself, “I keep my promises, but I’m not a good person. I don’t care if anyone in Cangshan is there to receive you. Just get off when we arrive, and your life or death afterward has nothing to do with me.”

Feng Yuanyuan didn’t know what to say.

Master Mei gave her some instructions, such as what to say if they encountered soldiers questioning them. He even fabricated a story for Feng Yuanyuan to memorize, ensuring she wouldn’t accidentally reveal any inconsistencies under scrutiny.

After the instructions, Master Mei fell silent again.

Physically and mentally exhausted, with nothing to do inside the cart, Feng Yuanyuan lay down on the bed and unknowingly fell asleep.

Around noon, the mule cart passed through a small town. Master Mei bought six meat buns from a roadside stall. It wasn’t until they were a couple of miles out of town that he stopped the cart under the shade of a tree, turned around, and opened the cart door.

Feng Yuanyuan was sound asleep on the bed, her head resting on her arm, with her fair cheek squished and chubby.

Her eyebrows were delicate like a crescent moon, and her long eyelashes suggested a natural beauty at such a young age.

Master Mei picked up the oil-paper-wrapped buns, opened them, and, facing the cart, began to eat heartily.

He didn’t make an effort to be quiet, and the hearty chewing sounds woke up the sleeping little girl.

Feng Yuanyuan opened her eyes and saw Master Mei. She was momentarily stunned, but her gaze quickly regained clarity.

Master Mei turned his head, meeting her dewy apricot eyes. Her eyes, like clear springs, were the finishing touch of a painting, concealing an underlying uneasiness as she looked at him with a sense of dependence.

Without revealing any emotions, Master Mei turned his eyes away, handing her another oil-paper-wrapped bun, saying, “Eat.”

Feng Yuanyuan smiled and reached out to take it.

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