Good Luck
Good Luck Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4

On the second evening of the journey, the two finally left the jurisdiction of Heyang County, and Feng Yuanyuan no longer had to worry about Old Man Li catching up.

That night, Master Mei took her to stay at an inn.

Feng Yuanyuan obediently followed Master Mei and heard him ask for two rooms. The innkeeper glanced at Feng Yuanyuan but didn’t inquire further.

Master Mei first escorted Feng Yuanyuan to her room.

With only the two of them, Feng Yuanyuan asked nervously, “Do I need to pay for the room too?”

It cost thirty wen for one night, which was too expensive!

Master Mei, looking at her slightly wrinkled brows, casually asked, “Do you have the money?”

Feng Yuanyuan pinched her small money pouch at her waist and said embarrassedly, “I only have twenty wen. How about canceling this room, and I’ll sleep on your side?”

Master Mei, tired from driving all day, didn’t want to tease her further, “I’ll cover it. Consider it part of your silver bracelet.”

Feng Yuanyuan breathed a sigh of relief. Then, out of curiosity, she asked, “Why not let me sleep on the floor? It’s summer now, and it’s not a big deal. You even calculate expenses for buying meat buns, so why not save on the room charge?”

Master Mei could see that Feng Yuanyuan didn’t understand the taboos between men and women.

Rules like not sharing the same bed for boys and girls at the age of seven were customs observed in wealthy and scholarly families. Poor families might have several family members sleeping together, and such distinctions were less relevant.

Sleeping in the same room, Master Mei patted Feng Yuanyuan’s head and advised her, “Most men aren’t good people. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t share a bed with any man; it’s easy to get taken advantage of.”

Feng Yuanyuan seemed to understand.

Master Mei asked her to bolt the door and left.

The inn attendant brought bathing water, and Master Mei stood in the corridor, waiting until Feng Yuanyuan turned off the lights and went to sleep before entering his own room.

On the third day, they continued their journey.

By the fourth day, around midday, Master  Mei stored the mule cart at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. He inquired about the direction of peach creek from the locals and accompanied Feng Yuanyuan into the mountains.

“Does your cousin live up in the mountains?”

Entering the mountains where there was no sign of human activity, Master Mei frowned and asked.

Feng Yuanyuan could only make up a story, “My cousin goes fishing in Peach Creek every day.”

Master Mei: …

Why does this sound so unreliable?

But the little girl insisted on going to Peach Creek, and Master Mei had to keep his promise to escort his employer to the destination.

Peach Creek was a meandering stream flowing down from the mountainside, and in one of the valleys surrounded by lush trees, there was a clear pond formed by the accumulation of mountain rocks.

In her dream, Feng Yuanyuan encountered the beautiful woman by the pond.

Finally finding this familiar pond, Feng Yuanyuan became more confident. She turned to Master Mei and said, “This is it! My cousin likes to fish here!”

Master Mei found it strange that she was so sure, even if her cousin had written the location in a letter. Feng Yuanyuan had never seen it with her own eyes. How could she be so certain?

Standing at a higher vantage point, Master Mei looked around. All he could see were picturesque mountains and waters, with no signs of human presence.

“What if your cousin didn’t come into the mountains today? What would you do?” Master Mei asked.

Feng Yuanyuan lowered her head and said to the shimmering water surface, “I’ll wait here, wait until she comes.”

Master Mei replied, “What if she’s sick and doesn’t come for ten days or half a month?”

Feng Yuanyuan clenched her fingers and said, “Then I’ll keep waiting.”

Her childlike words made Master Mei smile.

He wanted to take responsibility for this child’s safety, but she didn’t have a specific destination, and he, a wandering man, was not in a position to adopt her.

“There are wild wolves and poisonous snakes in the mountains.”

Feng Yuanyuan’s small face turned pale.

“People may also come into the mountains, and if they find only you, a child, they might abduct you and sell you to a brothel.”

Feng Yuanyuan’s slender arms and legs trembled slightly.

Master Mei: “Will you Come down the mountain with me?”

Feng Yuanyuan looked at him, then at the sky, and shook her head.

Master Mei snorted coldly and turned to leave.

He walked away with large, confident strides, and Feng Yuanyuan believed that he was indeed leaving.

Reflecting on these days of being together, Feng Yuanyuan felt reluctant to part ways.

Standing on the smooth mountain rocks, facing the initially intimidating but later comforting sturdy figure, she shouted loudly, ” Master Mei, thank you!”

Although Master Mei  wanted to charge her for the meat buns, Feng Yuanyuan knew that Master Mei was a very good person, the second-best person to her after Grandma Li.

Master Mei paused, gritted his teeth, and turned back, saying, “Come over!”

Seeing this, Feng Yuanyuan giggled, slid down the rocks, and hid behind them, acting as if she was afraid Master Mei would forcibly take her down the mountain.

Master Mei chuckled, “Alright, you stay here. Shout as much as you want when it gets dark, but it won’t make a difference!”

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