Good Luck
Good Luck Chapter 4.2

Feng Yuanyuan remained unmoved.

Master Mei couldn’t waste time entertaining her antics. After these days of getting along, he vaguely felt that this clever child wasn’t one to act recklessly without reason.

She chose to stay here, and there must be another reason for it.

Master Mei reached for his waist where a dagger was sheathed.

He took off the dagger and its sheath together, tossing them towards Feng Yuanyuan behind the rocks.

The dagger landed in the grass near the rocks, and Feng Yuanyuan picked it up, looking at Mei Ye with confusion.

Master Mei only gave her one last glance before turning away.

Feng Yuanyuan crouched on the rocks taller than her, peering at him until the trees completely concealed his figure.

In an instant, the mountain fell into silence, with only the murmuring sound of the stream.

Feng Yuanyuan looked at the dagger in her hand.

The sheath was dull and worn, but the blade of the dagger was exceptionally sharp.

A dagger like this was probably more expensive than Grandma Li’s silver bracelet?

Master Mei  had surely incurred a loss by taking this deal from her.


As the night fell, birds returned to the mountain from a distance, disappearing into the branches and leaves.

Feng Yuanyuan sat on the gradually cooling rocks, vigilantly scanning her surroundings.

In her dream, she did encounter the cold and beautiful woman at Peach Creek, but the dream did not tell her how long she had to wait. It only showed Peach Creek and the scene where the cold and beautiful woman spoke to her.

However, in the dream, the sunlight was bright, undoubtedly indicating daytime.

Perhaps she had to wait for a few more days?

Wait, just wait. The beauty chosen by Lord Fortune must be a great person.

Master Mei left a bag of dry rations for her, and there was clear water in the pond if she got thirsty.

After filling her stomach, while the sun was still setting, Feng Yuanyuan gathered a pile of dry leaves to spread on the smooth stone surface. She then opened the bundle and took out the clothes given by the woman, covering herself.

Fortunately, it was summer, so the long night wouldn’t be too cold.

Feng Yuanyuan had a constitution that didn’t attract mosquitoes, and she had one less worry about camping in the mountains.

She lay back, listening to the murmuring water and gazing at the densely packed stars in the night sky.

As the night grew pitch dark, and some rustling sounds in the woods became more pronounced, Feng Yuanyuan, initially afraid of encountering wolves or snakes, gradually fell asleep.

Whether it was Lord Fu sending a dream or her own fervent hope, she dreamed of Old Man Li. On that evening, Old Man Li returned home and couldn’t find her. Thinking she might have gone to the Purple Cloud Monastery, he went to look for her without even eating.

However, the old man had a hard time on the night road. He misstepped going up the mountain, tumbled down seven or eight somersaults before finally stopping, dizzy and disoriented, crying and shouting for half the night.

Feng Yuanyuan woke up with a smile.

When it dawned, the fear entwined with wolves, snakes, and ghosts had disappeared. Feng Yuanyuan squatted by the riverbank to wash her face and had a bit more dry rations.

The early morning in the mountains was quiet, but Feng Yuanyuan worried that as the sun rose, some people might enter the mountains for hunting or sightseeing.

She couldn’t guarantee that the first person she encountered would be the beauty from her dream, nor could she be sure that these people were all kind-hearted.

She packed the bundle and carried it on her back. Feng Yuanyuan found a large tree nearby, climbed it skillfully, and used the branches and leaves to conceal herself.

On the first day, no one entered the mountain.

On the second day, three groups of people came to Peach Creek to admire the scenery, and Feng Yuanyuan hid well without being noticed.

On the third day, a light drizzle started. Feng Yuanyuan hid under the densest tree she could find, barely avoiding getting completely soaked.

On the fourth day, the sky was covered with dark clouds. As night fell, Feng Yuanyuan, by the clear stream, swallowed the last bite of dry rations.

She lay alone on the rocks, gazing at the stars, her eyes no longer as determined as they were on the first night.

If the cold beauty didn’t appear, where should she go?

She still had sixty copper coins. Although Master Mei asked her for money, he actually covered every meal for her.

By now, Master Mei must have returned to Heyang County, right? Would he accept her as a maid to tend the fire for him?

Feng Yuanyuan fell asleep in a restless state of mind and woke up with hunger gnawing at her stomach.

Those dry rations only kept her alive, and she couldn’t fill her stomach with every meal.

There were no big fish to eat in the pond. Feng Yuanyuan searched for some wild vegetables and fruits in the woods, had a makeshift meal, and then hid back in the tree.

Hungry and bored, she dozed off.

When her left arm felt numb, just as Feng Yuanyuan was about to change her position, a surprised voice reached her ears, “Princess, look over there! There’s a pond!”


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