He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 120.1

Chapter 120.1 – Capsize

Qin Chen was lamenting that the two of them were taking the subway for the first time. After Xu Jian heard this, he looked at the cameraman in front of him and the fans and passersby who were holding their mobile phones to take pictures. In full view of the crowd, he couldn’t feel the romantic atmosphere at all.

Seeing that he didn’t understand the situation, Qin Chen gritted his teeth with hatred—


Together with Qin Chen, he took the subway safely to the second game location. During this period, Xu Jian used the mobile phone distributed by the program team to call Cao Tian to ask about the situation there. Cao Tian said that he was unfortunately attacked by Ling Fei and Xue Yi, and was nearly killed.

Fortunately, Kong Zhaoze came out at a critical moment, and the two urgently formed an alliance to deal with the Star Team together. Only then did they get into the car of enthusiastic passersby and were on their way to the game point.

Looking at Qin Chen beside him, Xu Jian was puzzled, “Why would the Moon Team help you ah?”

Cao Tian said, “Because if he doesn’t help me, I’ll be a goner. In this way, you and I would have been plundered by the Star Team, which isn’t good for them.” 

“Kong Zhaoze saved me just to check and balance and reduce the chance of the Star Team winning the championship.”

Xu Jian suddenly realized that if they lost to the Star Team, the Star Team could consume Qin Chen and his team by taking time.

After dropping off and walking for a few minutes, Qin Chen and Xu Jian finally reached the next game point, where Kong Zhaoze and Cao Tian had been waiting for a long time.

“The Star Team hasn’t arrived yet or have they already started to complete the game?”

Cao Tian: “They’re not yet here. I heard the director say that they triggered the hidden mission and are now completing other games.”

Unexpectedly, the program group also set up hidden tasks, Xu Jian thought it was quite complicated.

The Sun Team and Moon Team have arrived. The director said to the four people, 

“In this round of the game, each team needs two people to participate. Before you start, the first two pairs will draw a lot first.”

Following the line of defense of the director’s fingers, Xu Jian, Qin Chen, and the others turned their heads to look and saw a wooden table tightly covered with red cloth not far away. It has more than a dozen red lines hanging down from the wooden table and dragging it all the way to the ground.

Director: “There are different props tied under each red line, each of you choose a line. The one on the other end of the line is the props you must use to complete the task later.”

After speaking, the director looked at Xu Jian and Cao Tian with a malicious smile.

“No rock, paper, scissors anymore. Your team won the last round, so you guys draw first.”

Everyone had no opinion. Cao Tian was the first to step forward and draw the rope. Xu Jian stood by and watched, asking Qin Chen without turning his head, “Brother Chen, what do you think is under the table?”

Qin Chen narrowed his eyes and looked, and finally replied, “The director team wants to see us make a fool of ourselves the most. I guess it won’t be a good thing.”

Kong Zhaoze nodded in agreement, “Yes, although this is the first time you have come to our show, you have already mastered the essence.”

That is, the program team will never play by the rules.

Cao Tian drew a ping-pong paddle, took it and waved it, and then breathed a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, it’s not something messy.”

Then it was Xu Jian’s turn. After careful selection, Xu Jian finally chose one of the dozen red lines. However, when the line was drawn, he was dumbfounded when he saw the real thing: “?”

Kong Zhaoze was happy, pointed to the thing in Xu Jian’s hand, and laughed wildly, saying that no matter what game he played next, the thing he drew would be of no use.

As a teammate, Cao Tian also couldn’t help but laugh when he saw it. Only Qin Chen had a conscience. He walked up to Xu Jian and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him, “It’s okay, what if the game later is to scratch the soles of your feet?”

Looking at the feather less than ten centimeters long in his hand, and then looking at Qin Chen, Xu Jian fell silent after meeting his unabashed smile.

Qin Chen definitely did it on purpose!

The informed program team didn’t hold back laughing when they saw the fluttering feathers on Xu Jian’s hands which made Xu Jian feel that he would definitely be cold in the next game.

With a sigh, Xu Jian walked back to Cao Tian dejectedly and glanced enviously at the ping-pong paddle in his hand. “The next one depends on you.”

Qin Chen walked to the edge of the red line, chose one neatly, and pulled it out to see that there was a pan tied to the other end of the line.

After seeing this, Cao Tian raised his voice and joked, “Qin Chen, are you going to prepare a fried egg?

Walking back with the pan with a general expression, Qin Chen said, “I really fried eggs for breakfast in my house.”

At the same time, Qin Chen glanced at Xu Jian from the corner of his eyes.

After meeting Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian: “…”

Regardless of boasting or blackening, Qin Chen’s cooking skills are limited to frying two eggs.

Cao Tian was surprised, “You really know how to fry eggs? Amazing.”

Qin Chen was very calm, “Buy a good pan, you can also.”

Cao Tian quickly waved his hand, “No, no, I can’t. I’m a kitchen killer. If I fry an egg, I’ll also fry[1]Blow up. I tried to keep the dialogue flowing smoothly. the kitchen.”

After speaking, Cao Tian turned his head and asked Xu Jian, “Xu Jian, can you cook?”

Suddenly cued, Xu Jian was taken aback. Qin Chen helped him answer just as he was about to answer, “He can cook rice porridge, simple millet porridge, and mung bean porridge.”

Cao Tian: “… Does porridge count as a dish?”

Xu Jian justified his name and looked at Qin Chen, “I can still fry simple dishes, okay?”

“That’s true.” Qin Chen nodded, then looked at Cao Tian, “He made a good tomato and egg soup.”

Xu Jian immediately added later, “There are also fried vegetables.”

Qin Chen continued to nod his head, “Oh yes, the stir-fried vegetables are also delicious.”

Xu Jian: “I also know how to stew pork ribs with lotus root!”

Qin Chen dismantled, “Didn’t you overturn the car last time you did it? The soup is all dry.”

Xu Jian’s face flushed, “I said it was an accident.”

Qin Chen stated facts, “You just did it once and overturned the car again.”

Looking at the two people who started to talk face-to-face, Cao Tian: “? ? ?”

Hello, can you still notice me? There’s another person here.


1 Blow up. I tried to keep the dialogue flowing smoothly.

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