He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 17

Hi~ Jie Jie (yep changed my name so it’s more convenient) here! I decided to pick this up because I really liked this novel when I was reading it back then. I was able to ask the translator (bokutowl) if it’s okay to continue the translation, they said yes because they’re actually waiting for someone to pick this up. It’s a fun read with a few misunderstandings that aren’t over the top and it’s also filled with fluff!

I used the same format as before, italicized texts for inner monologues and bolded texts if they were written in English in the raws.

For those who have yet to read this, you can check the other chapters.

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Chapter 17 – Stupid Cat

Xu Jian felt that his brain gradually turned into a cat after he became a cat, so he even stupidly raised his tail for Qin Chen to see.

He blamed himself for showing off so much that he forgot for a moment that he wasn’t wearing clothes.

Qin Chen didn’t know that Milk’s body is of an adult male soul and didn’t think it was important to look at the cat’s ass, so he did not feel the shame of Xu Jian who wanted to find a crack to turn in, and he enjoyed his lunch leisurely.

Looking at Qin Chen as if nothing had happened, Xu Jian was so angry ah, he chewed the food in his mouth as if it was someone’s finger.

It was obvious that he took the initiative to send the door, but Xu Jian is now indignantly accusing Qin Chen in his heart ——

The rogue is shameless, looking at other people’s butts without shame!

Qin Chen who was being chanted at felt his ears burning and raised his hand to touch his earlobe, thinking:

My ears are burning, could it be that someone is thinking about me?

If Xu Jian knew what was going on in Qin Chen’s mind at this time, he would have jumped up and meowed at him:

Who’s thinking about you? I’ve never seen you so narcissistic!


Qin Chen’s scene starts tomorrow so he has half a day’s rest. After lunch, Qin Chen carried Xu Jian to the bathroom, pointing to the toilet, and said to him:

“I didn’t bring the litter box. You have to poop in here these days, okay?”

As soon as the words fell, Qin Chen felt that it would be too difficult for Xu Jian, a cat, to learn how to use a toilet, so he settled for the second-best:

“It’s fine if it’s not on the toilet, at least in the bathroom. You can’t poop anywhere in the room.”

Xu Jian naturally wanted to solve a cat problem on the toilet. He looked up at Qin Chen and said:

He is 24 years old; of course, he knows not to do these things anywhere.

He wants face.

However, Qin Chen didn’t really expect Milk to understand his words, so he thought in his mind that if there was a situation of pooping anywhere, he would buy a litter box and put it in the hotel room.

When coming to an unfamiliar environment, Qin Chen thought Xu Jian would be anxious, but he found that the other party was lying comfortably on the sofa and didn’t show a bit of discomfort.

He even straightened up and used his paws to pull the LCD TV, and then turned his head to look at him:

“Meow wu~”

Once he saw Xu Jian’s action of pulling the TV, Qin Chen knew that he wanted to watch TV.

After this time of getting along, Qin Chen can now barely understand the meaning of some of Xu Jian’s actions.

After all, it’s easy to understand when it straightened up and hold the edge of the TV with its paws, and then turn its head, a pair of big eyes looking straight at you, and meowed at you.

When he helped Xu Jian turn on the TV, Qin Chen casually found him a cartoon; he lowered his head and jumped on the sofa again, and then said to the fluff ball:

“Milk, will your TV addiction become too big? Can you understand it?”

Qin Chen knows that some owners will also put videos for their pets to watch TV but it’s an occasional thing. After so many years of cloud-sucking cats,[1]Cloud sucking cats: cloud = internet; sucking = liking it so much/appreciating. Basically, he liked watching cats on the internet a lot.he hasn’t seen any cat hold the TV and not let go, and then ask the poop scooping officer to play the TV for them.

Xu Jian was watching 《Black Cat Detective》, and after hearing Qin Chen’s words, he gave him an extremely perfunctory meow.

Since turning into a cat, Xu Jian’s entertainment activities have been reduced a lot. He can’t go online in front of Qin Chen, so he can only watch TV to pass the time.

Hearing this milky meow, Qin Chen lifted his hand and touched Xu Jian’s fluffy body, and smiled softly:

“With that meow, I don’t know if you understood my words just now, and you were answering me.”

Speaking of this, Qin Chen’s rubbing the cat’s movement slowly stopped ——

Milk’s reactions in many cases were indeed very much like the reaction he made after he understood what he said.

For example, during lunch just now, when Milk finally bared his teeth and meowed at him, it was very much like the annoyance of finding out that he was being watched naked……

After staring at Xu Jian lying on the sofa for a few seconds and seeing his sweeping tail on the pillow, Qin Chen shook his head and laughed in his heart at his own brain hole that was too big.

Milk is just smart and human-like, he even seriously thought about the possibility of him becoming a spirit.[2]Like a demon or something of a supernatural.

Qin Chen is a firm materialist who doesn’t believe in chaotic forces and deities.

Xu Jian doesn’t know that Qin Chen already suspected that he was a spirit of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, fully immersed in the 《Black Cat Detective》, thinking ——

A bad ear? Look how angry he is ah!


Early the next morning, Xu Jian who was sleeping soundly in the bed was dug out from the bed by Qin Chen, and his body was suddenly suspended. He looked at Qin Chen with half-squinted eyes, “Meow?”

Xu Jian: What are you doing?

Qin Chen kissed him on the forehead, smiling and speaking, “Get up and go to work.”

Xu Jian’s big cat eyes were full of doubts, “Meow?”

What does your going to work have to do with me, a kitten? Although I can also act I’m only a cat now, ah?

Thinking of this, Xu Jian raised his paw and touched Qin Chen’s face that was close at hand, then withdrew the meat pad and thought:

There is no fever ah. Why are you talking nonsense early in the morning?

And Qin Chen doesn’t explain much to a cat, carrying him to go outside. Xu Jian watched helplessly as the warm bed was getting farther and farther away from him……

At an angle where Qin Chen couldn’t see, Xu Jian waved his cat’s paw at the bed ——

Farewell, my beautiful sleep time.

After getting into the crew’s car, Xu Jian learned from the conversation between Qin Chen and Xiao Nan that Qin Chen wasn’t comfortable leaving him alone at the hotel, so he had to take him to the set.

Xu Jian had long wanted to find the opportunity to watch Qin Chen acting up close. After hearing Qin Chen’s words, the little villain in his heart geared up. [3]fig. to rub one’s fist and wipe one’s palm (idiom); to roll up one’s sleeves for battle.


It is not surprising for animals to appear on the set. If the plot requires it, some TV and movies will especially hire animal actors, but it is rare for actors to bring pets to the set.

Especially when the person who brought the pet was Qin Chen.

Seeing the beautiful white cat in Qin Chen’s arms, everyone’s head was hung with a big question mark ——

What’s the situation now?

Everyone is curious but because of Qin Chen’s ‘notoriety’ of being ‘cold and difficult to get along with’ on the outside, no one had the guts to come up and ask.

Pan Min went to explain the situation to the director, who pondered for a few seconds and finally said:

“It’s just a cat. It’s no big deal, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the filming.”

With the director’s permission, Xu Jian stayed with good reason.

The whole set has a lot of staff and actors coupled with all kinds of filming machines and equipment, the scene seems a bit messy.

Currently, it’s not only Qin Chen and the crew who are taking scenes in the Film and Television base. In order to prevent Xu Jian from running away and getting lost, Qin Chen thought about it and brought him a leash.

Before Qin Chen went to put on makeup and change clothes, Xiao Nan originally wanted to take the cat in his arms but Xu Jian jumped out of Qin Chen’s arms as soon as he saw her outstretched hand, and then swiftly jumped on the lounge chair prepared by the drama party for Qin Chen.

Sitting cleverly and half-heartedly on a chair, Xu Jian tilted his face to look at Qin Chen and Xiao Nan:


No need to hold, I’ll just sit here by myself.

Forget Qin Chen, they’re all man. Xu Jian feels that it doesn’t matter if Qin Chen held him but Xiao Nan is different.

So, Xu Jian doesn’t want to let Xiao Nan hold him.

Xiao Nan was stunned by Xu Jian’s series of actions. She slowly turned her head to look at her boss:

“Brother Chen…… Am I disliked by Milk again?”

Qin Chen who was disliked by animals felt inexplicably refreshed when he saw others being disliked for the first time. After meeting Xiao Nan’s gaze, Qin Chen nodded affirmatively with a serious look on his face:

“Should be.”

Xiao Nan: “……”

Xu Jian meowed two more times, he meant:

It’s not disliked, it’s just a single man and a woman…… a single cat and a woman, the impact is not very good.

Pan Min who was on the side came back after speaking on the phone. After listening to Xiao Nan talk about what happened just now, she stared at Xu Jian for a long time. Just when Xu Jian was about to lose his fur by her stare, Pan Min turned her head to look at Qin Chen:

“Milk seems to only be close to you. Do the Heavens see you, a plush control but can’t touch a cat hair for many years, too pitiful so they sent him to comfort you?”

Qin Chen heard her and looked at Xu Jian. He hooked the corner of his mouth and replied, “Maybe.”

Xu Jian silently complained about Pan Min’s words in his heart:

In order to comfort Qin Chen, I turned into a cat? Then what did I do wrong? Why punish me like this?

If it’s really for Qin Chen’s sake, then Qin Chen himself should be turned into a cat, that way he can relieve himself anytime and anywhere, which is more convenient.

After Qin Chen went to the dressing room to put on makeup and change clothes, the crowd that had been watching for a while finally dared to come over to see the cat:

“Wow, the cat’s eyes are so beautiful. It’s actually blue.”

“Is this Teacher Qin’s cat? So cute ah.”

“I didn’t expect Teacher Qin Chen to like cats.”


Gradually, more and more people came to suck[4]to look appreciatively at the cat, in this context. the cat, even the assistant director ran over to squeeze in the crowd to see Xu Jian, and nodded in affirmation before leaving:

“The face does look good, but it’s a little thinner.”

Hearing the director’s words, Xu Jian subconsciously raised his paw and touched his belly, blinking in confusion ——

Thin? Why does he feel like he gained weight?

Under Qin Chen’s effort to feed, Xu Jian’s body became round with flesh. He has gained more than two jin [5]500g, so more than two jin = more than 1kg. in the last half month.

One time he ate six small dried fish in a row, he touched his abdomen, worrying in his heart:

If he continues to get fat according to the way things are going, won’t he also be a plump fat man when he becomes a human later, will he? Are his four-pack abs still there?

But Xu Jian only dwelled on for a few seconds then he thought about it—

I don’t know if I can still become a person or not, so it’s simply unfounded to worry about whether I will be very round after I want to become human.

After convincing himself of this, Xu Jian raised his paws into the bag and went to pick up his seventh dried yellow croaker this afternoon.

“The hair looks so soft and comfortable ah, can I touch it?”

Just when Xu Jian was wandering, a gentle female voice pulled his thoughts back.

Looking at the woman squatting in front of him, Xu Jian only felt that she looked familiar, but for a moment, he couldn’t remember what her name was.

Xu Jian didn’t recognize the person who spoke but Xiao Nan next to him knows her —— Tan Xiao, the second female lead of the drama.

After hearing Tan Xiao’s words, Xiao Nan smiled somewhat awkwardly.

“Yes, you can but Milk is shy with strangers. He doesn’t allow anyone to touch him except for Brother Chen. Even if I want to hold him, I’m disliked by him.”

After hearing Xiao Nan’s words, Tan Xiao smiled faintly, raised her hand eagerly, and spoke:

“It’s okay. I’ll just touch it……”

However, as soon as Tan Xiao’s hand reached over, Xu Jian who had the same thoughts as Xiao Nan turned his head and avoided her hand.

Xu Jian: “Meow wu~”

No touching.

Xu Jian probably counted it in his heart, now there are seven or eight people around him. Even if this person touches him, it will add up to several times. There are so many people in the crew, if he let Tan Xiao touch, what if others come and join in the fun?

Then, when he would go back after staying in Xin Cheng for more than ten days, he’d be so bald that his uncle doesn’t even recognize him.

No, he turned into a cat, and now his uncle doesn’t even know him……

The rejected Tan Xiao smiled foolishly for a second then laughed away unconcernedly, “It turns out it won’t really allow you to touch it ah.”

The rest of the people were also a little disappointed. The crew finally have a cat but they could only watch it and could not play with it.

What a pity.

Perhaps because Xu Jian is also Qin Chen’s cat, with Qin Chen the film emperor’s aura added, everyone is somewhat curious about him and wants to see what the movie star’s cat is like.

The majority of them can’t help but sigh after seeing Xu Jian —— what a beautiful cat ah.

Xu Jian looked at the people surrounding him who kept saying that he was cute, good-looking, and wanted to play with. For a moment, he felt like a monkey in a zoo for everyone to watch.

About half an hour later, the people surrounding Xu Jian had changed several waves, and Qin Chen finally came out of the dressing room.

I don’t know who saw Qin Chen walking this way, pressed their voice to whisper a reminder, “Teacher Qin is here.”

The crowd that was chattering around Xu Jian was quiet for two seconds, and then quickly dispersed in all directions.

Xu Jian’s field of vision instantly opened up. He blinked blankly and before he could react, the people were gone.

After the crowd dispersed, Xiao Nan also breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the person who came. She smiled and spoke:

“Brother Chen, you can figure it out. Everyone is coveting your cat. Fortunately, I desperately protected it so Milk hasn’t lost a single hair.”

Listening to Xiao Nan’s words, Xu Jian turned his head. Qin Chen’s slender and upright posture slammed into his eyes ——

Qin Chen changed into a dark blue suit with a long dark blue trench coat, the shirt was buttoned to the top, the tie of the same color was tied meticulously, and the simple cufflinks shone faintly with his steps.

Because of the needs of the role, Qin Chen’s hair was lifted, revealing his good-looking full forehead, and a pair of thin-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose……

Looking at Qin Chen who was walking with his lips tightly pressed, Xu Jian was in a trance for a moment, and a few words in his mind were brushing the screen:

Sven scum,[6]scum of the literati; polished scoundrels; ruffians in scholars’ gowns [idiom] Ascetic male god, great human killer, fan harvester……

Qin Chen approached and looked at a dumbfounded Xu Jian. He bent over and propped his left hand on his knee, snapped his right hand with his fingers at the top of his head near the cat’s ears:

“Color[7]can mean perverted/lustful.cat, come to your senses.”

Qin Chen, filled with smiling and teasing fell into Xu Jian’s ears who have been staring straight at him (Qin Chen) with both eyes, quivered all over.

The two cat’s ears trembled. Xu Jian blinked and looked up at him after he returned to his senses, “Meow?”

Color cat? Where is the colored cat?

Xu Jian doesn’t have self-consciousness and did not feel that he was the colored cat in Qin Chen’s mouth.

Xiao Nan covered her mouth and laughed, “Brother Chen, Milk saw you and went stupid, it’s almost drooling.”

Xu Jian jerked his head to look at Xiao Nan, pulling his voice, “Meow wu, meow……”

I’m not, I’m not, don’t talk nonsense!

Xiao Nan misinterpreted Xu Jian’s three continuous denials and laughed again, saying:

“Look, Milk instantly felt refreshed after seeing Brother Chen. A moment ago, it didn’t say a word on how they coerced him, didn’t give face, and was too cold.”

Pan Min who was looking at her phone interrupted without looking up, “Milk is following its master.”

Qin Chen also has this bad temper, a look that no one wants to take care of. 

Qin Chen raised his eyebrows and rubbed Xu Jian’s cat head with satisfaction, saying with a smile:

“Naturally, my cat follows me.”

Xu Jian: “……”

Is he now jumping into the Yellow River and can’t be cleaned?

He didn’t look at Qin Chen and drooled!



The author has something to say:

Jian Cat while wiping his drool said: I did not drool.

Qin poop scooping officer: Okay, okay. If you say you didn’t then you didn’t 【handing tissues】.

Jie Jie: This is how Qin Chen’s style must’ve been based on how he was described:

181012 뮤직뱅크 출근길 #NCT127⁠ ⁠ #NCT #태용 #TAEYOUNG | Nct ...

Photo not mine but I didn’t have the link. It was sent by our Editor~ I’ll edit it once she’s able to send it.


1 Cloud sucking cats: cloud = internet; sucking = liking it so much/appreciating. Basically, he liked watching cats on the internet a lot.
2 Like a demon or something of a supernatural.
3 fig. to rub one’s fist and wipe one’s palm (idiom); to roll up one’s sleeves for battle.
4 to look appreciatively at the cat, in this context.
5 500g, so more than two jin = more than 1kg.
6 scum of the literati; polished scoundrels; ruffians in scholars’ gowns [idiom]
7 can mean perverted/lustful.

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